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Revlon RV480 Professional Ceramic Universal Finger Diffuser

Revlon RV480 Professional Universal Finger Diffuser has a ceramic disk inside, so it’s better for your hair. It is universal, so it fits most standard hair dryers. This product has high, even heat distribution for shinier, healthier looking hair. There is even a large drying surface.

Key features

  • Ceramic disk inside
  • Universal design
  • High, even heat
  • Helps your hair look shinier and healthier
  • Large drying surface

Honest reviews


Works exactly as described and fits all blow dryers

This is the best diffuser I have ever used, and the price is a real bargain. I could not believe the head of curls I ended up with using this thing.To the people who claim this “pops off” the blow dryer — you have to push it on really hard until it clicks in place — then it stays.Also, you can only use this on a low setting; it states that in the instructions; and anyway, when you are working with curls you would never use a high setting –it destroys the curls, diffuser or no diffuser. Not sure why someone would be using a diffuser if not on curly hair? Not good technique, IMHO.This clearly fits on all blow dryers; again, you have to push hard until it clicks.I felt like I should write an accurate review of this product; because really, it’s quite good and it is a great price.

Becky Scranton, ND

Serves its purpose but could be better

I have a BabyBliss blowdryer with a narrow nozzle and this diffuser flies off of it constantly. I guess it serves its purpose but I wish it stayed on the blowdryer a little better.

Lisa Huntley, MN

Works well but I had to duct tape it on

I have a Revlon blow dryer, which was supposedly compatible with this product; however, it would not stay on the dryer and it kept falling off. I eventually duct taped it onto the blow dryer in order to use it. It works well, though–it cut down my drying time by a lot, and it made my wavy hair shiny, defined, and relatively frizz free.

Sheila Huntingdon Valley, PA

Works Great!

It popped right on my hair-dryer and has only fallen off once (but has been used dozens of times at this point so that’s pretty good). It really does work way better than just hair drying alone with my massive curly hair. It doesn’t leave frizziness behind and I swear it adds more volume and drys faster!

Savannah Elm Creek, NE


This one was purchased as a gift. I think it is getting good use by its new owners. Personally I loved the quality of the product upon receipt.

Patty Bethera, SC

Can’t use it.

It said universal, so I thought it would go with my Hot Tools blow dryer, but it didn’t fit 🙁

Catherine Klondike, TX

Its cool

I really want a diffuser because i have wavy hair and i wanted to add some more texture and volume to it to make the curls more defined . So i bought this product because i have a Revlon hair dyer and i thought it would fit on the end of it. Well…. it didnt so i got some tape and tapped it on there but i wish every time i wanted to use it i wouldnt have to tape it on.

Jeannette Brownstown, IN

Works great!

Diffuser works great, fits on my hair dryer, and so far, I haven’t seen any problems. I’m not sure that the ceramic piece makes a difference, but oh well!

Jasmin Dixon, NM

didn’t fit on my blow dryer

I’m sure this would work great but I’m yet to use it since it didn’t fit on my blow dryer.

Lynne High Rolls Mountain Park, NM

Pops off a narrow hair dryer nozzle

I have a Babyliss Pro hair dryer, and it has a slightly narrow nozzle. I have to shove it on all the way and it still sometimes pops off. If your hair dryer is a little bigger, it would probably work better. Overall though, it works fine as a diffuser.

Angelica Mount Crawford, VA

Good product

It works well, but it is not the best product. I would prefer if it was bigger, cause I have long hair.

Earline Renfro Valley, KY

Not quite universal

While it seems like this diffuser is nice, I had no way of finding out since it won’t fit my Sedu Revolution dryer. It will squeeze onto the base of my hair dryer, but then slides back off; there is no way to keep it in place. I hate to give this a low rating since I haven’t even used the actual product, but since it’s supposed to be universal and doesn’t fit my dryer, I thought I would warn anyone else who has the same dryer so that you are also not out the price of this diffuser.I will be taking my hair dryer into a beauty supply shop to see if I can find a diffuser that will work for it. I should have done this in the first place, but was hoping that this Revlon one would work.

Charlotte Sequoia National Park, CA

Hair diffuser

I have had diffusers that fits onto the dryer head before, and this one works great, but it keeps popping off when I use it. For that reason I gave it three stars, but the price was pretty good.

Hattie Armington, IL

It is not Universal

I read nearly all the review before buying this diffuser. I figured it would be either a hit or miss. It was a miss for me. I have 2 Revlon hair dryers and it fit neither one.But, I’m a pretty creative girl and since I dont use it very often I jimmy rigged it to fit my dryer.The diffuser comes with a rubber band type device wrapped around a few plastic claws. The best way to explain this contraption is: Take your hand and position it like you’re grabbing something, then imagine a giant rubber band around your fingers. (Use your imagination, here) That is what the inside of this diffuser looks like. It says its universal because the claws can stretch to fit pretty much any hair dryer. The problem is the claws have no grip and will not stay on a large dryer and are too big for a smaller dryer.My solution for this was to take a bunch of little wire ties and fasten the diffuser and the metal part of the mouth of my dryer together. This solution is super flimsy, but it actually does the trick of keeping the diffuser on for the 10 minutes it takes to dry my roots.You’re probably thinking, it’s not that serious… why go through all that for a $5 diffuser. And you’re absolutely right. It’s really not that serious. I wish I wouldnt have bought it, I wish I would have just walked to Rite Aid and picked up a $15 hair dryer with the diffuser already in the box. But to return it to Amazon… even more of a hassle.

Irma Plymouth, OH

no go

I dont know how this would fit on ANY dryer…are you kidding me? My dryer is TINY as it is, this has got to be for one of those MINI hair dryers and that’s it.

Jade Tipton, IA

Fits but keeps slipping off

It does fit my “Revlon Ceramic 1875 Ionic Ceramic” Blow dryer.At first, I thought it was not going to fit and was about to return it.You just have to push it little harder and it will fit.However, this diffuser keeps slipping off while in use.If you use your blow dryer for more than 2-3 minutes, be aware of flying diffuser…

Ada Bird City, KS