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Revlon RV2641 Soft Touch Porcupine Cushion Brush, Colors May Vary

The Revlon RV2641 Soft Touch Porcupine Cushion Brush has dual bristles and pin cushions for smoothing and sleekness. This cushion style brush gives a scalp massage effect that is very soothing and healthy for your hair.

Key features

  • Both bristles and pin cushions helps smooth out hair
  • Comfortable all-purpose brushing

Honest reviews



This is the worst POS brush I have ever bought. Even those cheapies that you can get at a local drug store are 10X better.Pros- none!!!!Cons:1) the handle is for the size of a child or hobbit.2) theres weird extra brissles that you cannot tell from pictures. They make my hair frizzy.3) I have long, thick, wavy hair. This brush was a joke. I couldnt get past the first few strokes when I was ready to throw it out the fricken window. It was only brushing the surface hair only.Do NOT wast your money on this crap of a brush. This shouldnt even be considered a brush for humans. It looks like a baby doll brush or a brush you would use on a SMALL dog (but then the handle is still too small and awkward!)…maybe thats what Ill do…Use it for my 10 lb dog so its not a waste of money. Irritated. Last time Im a lazy a$$ and dont just go to the store to buy a brush.

Henrietta Osceola, AR

Great brush and I have only used Mason Pearson brushes until now!

I have always loved the Mason Pearson boar bristle and nylon brushes. They are, however, far too expensive to replace when my 6-year-old and 9-year old daughters keep losing them! I searched high and low for a good alternative. Some didn’t actually brush through my hair, just made it frizz out. Some were too hard on my head and fine hair.These brushes are fantastic- I’d give the brush itself a four star, but because they come in beautiful jewel tones that my daughters were delighted with, I give it a 5 star. When I gave my girls one apiece, they spent the next couple of days hugging and thanking me over them. Seriously, if I knew an inexpensive brush would get me that sort of gratitude, I’d have given them one long ago!The brush has short, brown bristles interspersed with longer white nylon bristles with a little plastic ball at the end so it is gentle. The long bristles really comb
• through
• the hair.Also, my daughters are
• so
• picky about brushes because they are mixed Caucasian and Japanese and very thick but relatively fine hair. They love how these brushes feel when getting their long hair brushed out. I highly recommend these brushes!

Lydia Scranton, IA

About as effective as using my hand to brush my hair

I did not like this brush at all. I have thick hair and it hardly felt like I was brushing it – it’s too soft with little fluffy bristles which impede the brushing action of the longer stronger ones. Since it’s not worth the cost of returning it I’ll give it to my grand daughter and will let you know if its a hit with her as she does get a lot of tangles in her very fine hair.

Sonja Sparks, NE

Absolute Garbabe

I threw this brush away pretty quickly after receiving it. I thought it would be a cheaper version of the #25 Spornette Porcupine brush but just as good. I was wrong. The synthetic bristles were awful. Garbage Garbage Garbage

Karla Floodwood, MN

Great Brush for Kiddie Hair

ONLY brush that I can use on my 5yo and 8yo that does not make them scream in pain. This brush does a great job of navigating through knots and no ouch factor. I now have one in every room of the house. Downside Not easy to clean.

Deloris Ottine, TX

Perfect brush

Love this style of brush with both boar and plastic bristles. Really like the way boar bristles smooth my hair and leave it silky, but have found that boar bristles alone do not work well to detangle, as they can’t reach through the thickness of my hair. This brush is the best of both worlds, and leaves my hair both detangled and silky smooth.I’d originally triedSpornette’s The New Classic Cushion, 4-Ounce. While I really liked the brush itself the construction was lacking, as a gap in the plastic snagged and pulled out my hair. I appreciate this Revlon brush, because it has a smooth one piece construction, and therefore cannot snag my hair as the Spornette brush did.I received a very pretty mauve pink color, and at this price point I’m not sure what more I could ask for in a hair brush. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a “porcupine” style brush.

Dorothea Granby, VT

very cool brush

soft on the scalp, and in between the long bristles there are little ones that help straighten and remove and fuzz or anything in your hair. This a great bush I use on my daughters hair as well as mine. So gentle she does not mind it.

Eva Dundee, MI

Great Brush!

I bought this brush because it combines natural bristles with synthetic ones, in a way that I thought might smooth my hair while combing or untangling it. It works well, but I have more hair volume than the average head, so this brush doesn’t go all the way to my scalp. Since I bought another brush (the Chi paddle brush) that leaves my hair feeling “combed”, I passed this nice brush to my daughter. She has long wavy hair, and more volume than the average head for a girl of her age (she is nine). I love to brush her hair with it, and she loves to use it even more. It smoothes her hair, and gets though it all the way to the scalp, combing and taming little frizzed hairs on her crown.The size of the oval (handle not included) is 13 cms x 7 cms approximately, which is a good size in my opinion (not too big, and not too small, yes, I bet Goldilocks would love this brush, too!). Mine came in a beautiful burgundy color, mate finish. My son had a try with it, and he likes it, so I will order another one for him (I hope they send it another color this time, blue preferably!)You want to try it, or have it already, but have a lot of hair volume, like me? Here is a tip for having this nice brush work for you: take with your free hand a good amount of hair, and brush it from the roots to the ends. Go like that with all the hair, and when done brushing by handfuls, brush them together.

Evangeline Gem, KS

good everyday brush

Soft bristles and close together; doesn’t scratch the scalp or leave markson my thinning scalp.Good every day brush.It is my second purchase of this brush so I would recommend it.

Luella Penokee, KS