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Revlon RV2513 Color Swirl Detangling Comb, Colors may vary

The Revlon RV2513 Color Swirl Detangling Comb is specially designed to comb through hair while creating volume. Ideal for long to medium length hair, it can also be used with styling products to create unique hairstyles.

Key features

  • Can be used with styling products to create unique hairstyles
  • Ideal for long to medium length hair
  • Specially designed to comb through hair while creating volume

Honest reviews


Perfect for tangled curly hair

My daughter has thick curly hair which is a chore to comb through every day. I use this comb on her now and she likes it – it didn’t have any weird plastic rough edges that could get caught in her hair as others did. This one was very smooth. The color was nie. My only concern, long term, is that it appears more brittle than other combs and I can foresee a tooth cracking off at some point. We’ve been using it daily for a few months and this hasn’t happened. If it does, I’ll update the review! It doesn’t have any give to it at all like most plastic combs.

Faye Alamogordo, NM

granddaughter loves it

my granddaughter, tenderest head ever existing, loves this comb. instead of screeching with every trip through her curly fine beadhead, she only has a few ows. a vast improvement for all of us.

Amy Ocoee, TN

Great for Curly Hair

As I have curly hair, I’ve been advised not to brush it when dry. It seems to loosen the curl and create frizz. I’ve also been told not to brush it after a shower because wet hair is easy to break. So what do I do? My compromise is to use this detangling comb right before a shower, when my hair is at it’s oiliest, so it’s not dry but of course it’s not wet. This is very easy on my hair, I do not hear horrible little snapping noises when combing at the ends, so I believe it is less damaging. I like it, 5 stars!

Audrey Malden, MA

its alright

I actualy noticed more ripping of my hair with detangeling combs than i have with using a brush. But for people to like the combs better this is a pretty nice cheap one.

Dionne Charlton, MA

A great comb from Revlon!!!

I like this great comb,I use gel and it combs my hair back great,and the price can’t be beat!!! And It’s cool looking to boot!!!

Alison Van Buren, ME

Cool in Pink detangle comb.

This is not a rubber comb. it is clear plastic and cool looking. I like it for wet hair that tends to tangle. Great price. I got it to make the $25 free shipping when I needed to spend just $2 more. I am glad I got it nice item and not in my local store.

Leigh Cleveland, MO

Great comb

I use this comb in the shower to comb out tangles. Works great. Good size and weight to the comb. It’s a sturdy comb and I don’t expect to lose any tines pulling out tough knots. The tines aren’t sharp either, I’ve had some combs that hurt your head because they’re so sharp. This one is nicely rounded and easy to use. Would highly recommend to someone needing a basic comb.

Sadie Saluda, NC

Does the job

This comb does work, although it just does a basic job and I don’t understand the claim that it creates “volume” in the hair. I see these claims advertised on combs and it seems like a gimmick to me. The plastic is somewhat cheap feeling and after a long time of use it did break a little but was still usable. I ended up losing mine though and bought a different brand. Also the design is not very visually appealing.

Sheila Whitney, NE