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Revlon Rose Gold Straightener, White, 1 Inch

Revlon pro collection presents our rose gold hair appliance line. Rose gold is a combination of gold and copper which makes the ultimate styling surface to create longer lasting styles. Gold 7 copper are great conductors of heat, resulting in instant heat recovery and fast heat up. Flat iron heat up to 450 f, had auto shut off and dual voltage.

Key features

  • Rose Gold Technology a combination of gold and copper to give the ultimate styling surface to create longer lasting styles.
  • 1″ Plates for smooth, sleek styles
  • Heats up to 450 F
  • 30 second heat up
  • Worldwide dual voltage with auto off

Honest reviews


Love the temperature adjustment!

I don’t usually straighten my hair, but I have helped my daughters do theirs. This Revlon Rose Gold straightener works really well, especially for this price. I did use it myself, and like that it has an on-off switch, as well a temperature-adjusting dial. It worked fairly well on my wavy hair, but I used a lower temperature setting.My 19 year old daughter has been using it and getting great results. She also has wavy hair, but she has more experience with straightening hers. She said it reminded her of her roommate’s CHI straightener. She is very pleased with it, and with the results she gets!

Edythe Mt Baldy, CA

it heats up quickly and does a nice job straightening my hair

This straightener doesn’t strike me as being as durable as my other, however, it heats up quickly and does a nice job straightening my hair. The cord is a good length and it looks like it will withstand the normal wear and tear straighteners receive. It has automatic turn off and heats up very quickly. It’s also relatively compact because of the 1" surface plates.

Maryanne Piti, GU

Works well

This hair straightener heats up quickly and works well. There are several heat settings. It leaves my hair manageable, straight, and smooth. It is a nice product and I would recommend it.

Ann Wilmington, NY

The Copper Plates Are Cool

In comparison to other Revlon straighteners that I’ve owned, this one stands up to my favorites. I like the copper plates and they heat quickly which is a huge plus for me. The iron itself has a sturdy quality and doesn’t feel like it will fall apart and the plates hold hair firmly while in use and don’t have a lot of give, nor do they pull hair or snag. This is a well made unit that works easily. It doesn’t have a digital thermometer, and I really like those, but for straightening, this works great. The dial for the heat setting is easy to use and is a little large which makes it easier if you don’t like tiny dials where you cant see the numbers of the settings (like me). The heating plates themselves are smaller than on the average hair straightener and can make styling more time consuming. You have to be careful that all of your hair is actually on the plate and not put too much hair in the plates where some of it ends up on the setting control unit.All in all, I like this iron for the ease of use and the copper plates are a cool feature. The iron looks really nice and is a sturdy unit. The plates are a bit shorter so it may take longer to use but I don’t think this is a huge hindrance just harder if pressed for time to be careful that you’ve put your hair on the plates correctly if you are used to longer plates.This is a really good tool for hair and I enjoy using it.

Felecia Upper Jay, NY


I chose this straightener for my daughter and she loves it. She has thick hair so it usually takes her quite a bit of time with her old straightener. Revlon Rose Gold Straightener works faster, has several heat settings and the results are long lasting. This is an affordable hair styling product that gives you fantastic results. I would absolutely recommend this.

Terrie Tillson, NY

This works just as well as the high priced ceramic straighteners but doesn’t burn your wallet.

This works just as well as the high priced ceramic straighteners but doesn’t burn your wallet.This device heats up to 450 degrees so it will work on any hair, and if used properly, it shouldn’t burn the hair. However, like any heated device, if you leave it too long in one spot, it can scorch the hair. The trick is to keep the device sliding on the hair—don’t stop in one spot.This straightener works great and is easy to handle. It heats up fast, and the one inch surface makes this a full-size product.

Marta Poncha Springs, CO

Nice experience

Revlon’s Rose Gold 1 inch Straightener has proved to be a welcome addition to my beauty routine. Easy to use, and fast styling. My hair felt very good afterward, not dried out or fragile.

Allie Breezewood, PA