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Revlon Rose Gold Professional Curling Iron, 1 Inch

Introducing the all new Revlon rose gold professional curling iron. Rose gold technology is a combination of gold and copper that gives you the ultimate styling surface to create longer lasting styles. Gold and copper are great conductors of heat resulting in instant recovery and fast heat up. Features: High heat up to 400 F, 30 heat settings, 30 second fast heat up, professional swivel cord.

Key features

  • Rose gold technology gives you the ultimate styling surface to create longer-lasting styles
  • 1 inch barrel will give you smooth, loose medium curls
  • High heat up to 400 F
  • Instant heat recovery
  • Professional swivel cord

Honest reviews


Fast and hot

After going through several other curling irons, I find this the most effective. It has a number of advantages but a downside too. I’m not experienced with the use of these things and expect I’ll like it even better with practice, but I was able to get nice long lasting curls even on my first try.My hair is short and thin and I need all the lift and fluffiness I can get. I also have shoulder issues and can’t hold my arms up at length. Because this iron get really hot, it sets the curl fast which I appreciate. It also heats up really fast, another advantage. I like the fact that the cord doesn’t get in the way due to its ability to rotate as you move the wand around and I like the wand rest that lets me put it down without worry about burning my vanity surface. It really is hot enough to use in 30 seconds (or less) and I can go from one curl to another immediately without waiting.All is good for setting curls when my hair is first washed and dried, but not quite as good a day or so later if I want to pump up the volume again, because I use hair spray to hold my style and the sprayed hair then wants to stick to the barrel. Not sure if this is a problem with all curling irons, but I haven’t noticed it before. Perhaps because this one gets so hot, and/or because of the barrel material it’s more of an issue. Might even be the type of hair spray I use. Bottom line though the heat seems to melt the spray sort of so my hair sticks during further uses.That may not be an issue for others, especially if you wash your hair every day or don’t need to reset your style between washings and I didn’t even take a star off for it, because in all other ways I’ve found this wand much superior to others and the one I’ll continue to use regardless of this drawback. It’s something to be aware of though.

Inez Thompson, IA

Great Curling Iron!!

The best thing about this curling iron is the copper/gold barrel. The combination makes it an excellent heat conductor and you can tell the first time you turn it on. It heats up SO FAST, and that’s the second best thing about it. It also recovers from one curl to the next even quicker than it heats up. There are thirty heat settings. I’ve really only used it on the hottest setting, so I can’t attest for the lower settings, but I’m sure they work just fine. I really need this curling iron with a 2" barrel, but this 1" barrel works in the meantime 🙂 So excited about this iron, if you’re in the market for a new 1" – grab this one. Worth the money!

Angel Apalachin, NY

More cons than pros

Got this for my wife to try and here are the pros and cons she listed:Pros: The iron heats quickly and has temperature options. I have very thin hair and the clamp fits tightly onto the barrel holding my hair securely!Cons: Because the hair is held so tightly, you need to be VERY careful of the initial placement. I did not always get the ends of my hair under the clamp and had to reposition the iron as I could not slide it with the clamp down. Also, the clamp sometimes left a ridge in my hair if I didn’t start to roll it immediately. That is: If I clamped it shut and had to reposition it, I already had a ridge on the upper part of my hair from the tightness of the clamp and barrel. I am trying to adjust to this issue. But I think that if it holds my baby fine hair so tightly, those with normal or thick hair might have an even bigger problem with that.

Clarice Neelyton, PA

Spectacular for wiry or hard-to-curl hair

This curling iron by Revlon looks like most any other curling iron except that the barrel is a coppery color. It turns out that it’s a combination of copper and gold. Copper is an exceptional heat conductor and you can tell the first time you use it.The iron has a ivory colored, pearlescent plastic barrel and tip. It has an on/off switch and a temperature knob that offers 30 heat settings. There is also a power indicator light and a kick stand that swivels out of the way when not in use. The power cord also has a swivel base so you can put the hot iron down on a surface and it will stay in one place.I especially like that the clamp holds your hair securely on the barrel. I’ve had other irons where the clamp is a little loose and my hair slips out too easily.The packaging says it is a 1″ barrel but the product page says 1 1/4″. I measured and this is definitely a 1″ curling iron. Revlon does make this in a 1 1/4″ size so that may be where the confusion lies.Revlon says it has a 30 second heat up time and they’re right. It heats up faster than any other iron I’ve ever used. It also recovers heat very quickly when you move from one section of hair to the next.This thing gets HOT! At a 30 heat setting, Revlon says it is 400 degrees. I used an IR thermometer to measure it and I measured 403 degrees. This is excellent for hair like mine, which is wiry and not easy to curl. My hair curled very quickly and, because I left each curl alone until it cooled completely, my curls stayed all day. Since I live in a very humid climate, that’s saying something.If your hair is heat damaged already, be careful not to leave each curl on the iron too long. Because it gets so hot, it doesn’t require much time to curl each strand.I hope Revlon decides to make this iron in a 1 3/4″ or a 2″ barrel size because that is my preferred size, but I’m thrilled with how well this works.

Lolita Alba, TX

Heats up a lot faster than my old Revlon curling iron

I had another Revlon curling iron for many years that I used and loved. I stopped using it because it was a 2 inch barrel size and I had cut my long hair to a shorter shoulder length. So now I’m using this 1 inch barrel size and I found this version works just as well if not even better than my old one.It heats up so much faster than my other Revlon iron. It heats up just as fast as some of my flat irons. This surprised me because I’ve never had a curling iron that got this hot this fast. I was use to flat irons with the super fast heat up times, but was accustomed to curling irons taking much longer.At the base of the iron where the power cable attaches, it is connected with a swivel cord. So while I’m curling my hair, the power cable turns with the iron. The cable doesn’t get tangled as easily.The handle and the tip are easy to hold and keep heat away from my fingers while I’m using the iron. There is plenty of heat protection in the thumb piece on the handle of the iron too.There is a temperature adjustment nob on the side of the iron, but I’m one who just turns it up to its highest setting and leaves it there. I’m able to curl the ends of my hair well with this and the curls hold all day. And if this iron lasts even half as long as my old Revlon curling iron did, I’ll be more than pleased.

Doretha Bucklin, MO

No boing. Plenty of bounce. Rediscovering the power of doing my hair.

I have not been using any heated tools on my hair for a very long time due to my schedule and pesky arthritis.Recently, I tested out a set curlers and was very pleased with the extra bounce they gave my very thick, very heavy, long hair. I did, though, want a bit more active control as I’ve always found curlers, especially the little clamshell ones I recently purchased, to have less of an intuitive feel and the results can be a bit choppy and require additional tools to make one look truly put together.I tried the Revlon Rose Gold Professional Curling Iron and was impressed with the amount of heat settings and the swivel cord, but having nothing but my middle school adventures with the crimping and curling irons of the 1980’s to compare it to, I kept an open mind and set to work.I am happy with the Rose Gold Professional. It didn’t snag my hair and my hair released from the barrel as though it was non-stick. The iron heats up wicked fast. 1" is perfect for me and my thick hair. It gives me enough lift at the roots and takes my natural waves and slight curl, to a less motley and more consistent and polished look. If I focus on a tiny bit of hair, and hold the iron perpendicular to the floor, I can get the boingy curls going but that would take forever (with my copious hair) and for boingy I’d probably go with the rollers and use this to fix any stubborn pieces afterward. The barrel and the clip, without wrapping, also made my bangs clean up beautifully.I won’t use heat on my hair on a daily, or even weekly basis.I will happily bust out this curling iron for special occasions and professional events requiring a more polished look.

Bernadette Dubberly, LA

It’s All Good

I requested this item for my wife in order to score a few points. My only request to her when I handed her the curling iron was that she give me some feedback so that I can post a review. Well, she has used this curling iron and has declared it to be great. She says it is one of the best, if not the best, curling irons she has ever owned (and I can testify that she has had many). The feature that impressed her the most is the knob that controls the heat. She really likes that. This is a curling iron that she highly recommends.

Luz Spreckels, CA

Works great for a great price

My teenage daughters love this curling iron. They say it heats up quickly, and the curls hold. There are 30 heat settings, so you can pick the one that is just right for your hair. They also love the swivel cord – makes it easier to twirl and hold in your hand. They both say it’s a great buy for the money – no complaints from a teen, what more can you ask for?

Kelli Buffalo, SD

Pretty good curling iron

I’m the type of person who has to have tons of product in my hair to get it to curl, so I usually don’t use this big of a cylinder when curling my hair because the big curls tend to fall out too soon. However, I wanted to try a different look and so got this Revlon Rose Gold.The iron seems good quality and wasn’t as heavy as some other big curl iron’s I’ve used. The surface is smooth (of course) as it is with new irons before you get them all mucked up with product. It seemed to heat up quickly and work fast, but the part I didn’t like was the temperature gauge. I tried it on the low setting and it worked fine, I tried it on higher and it seemed okay, but the higher I went, it seemed to work less? I’ve rarely used the temp gauge on a curling iron before, so maybe I just don’t know how to work it, but I would think the hotter it got, the better it would work?The curls I ended up with were nice and worked for the look I was going for, but I think I will rarely use this as the curl is too big for me. I don’t see a smaller one in this same Rose Gold brand, so I will stick with my own irons for now.

Maureen Shadyside, OH

Making Waves

This curling iron does heat up fast. I haven’t used one for a while; I’ve used straightening irons for some time just to build the look of body in my fine hair. I remember when curling irons had to sit and preheat like an oven. This is much better.I confess I don’t get dramatic results, but that is largely due to my lack of skill and aforementioned fine hair. But I do get a bit of wave that holds all day, as long as I don’t mess with my hair until it’s cool.This curling iron has a decent length cord, and all attributes for a curling iron are as expected. Forget the rose gold bit. That’s marketing. It has adjustable heat setting. This is the one feature I’d like to see improved. It’s an old-fashioned analog dial that goes from low to high. I’d prefer being able to set the temperature, even if it is from a limited number of presets. I know I don’t want to use 400 degrees on my hair, but what temperature is low? I can tell you it’s still pretty hot to the touch, but have no idea what the actual temperature is.This is a good choice for a curling iron. It will work as well as any expensive curling iron with the same features.

Lillian Hebbronville, TX

… gold technology ” does much but make it look pretty but it is a good easy to use curling …

I dont know that the "rose gold technology " does much but make it look pretty but it is a good easy to use curlingiron. The curls are just right in diameter for me. This does heat up very quickly which is a plus .

Adrienne Leola, PA

Works great…

This is a wonderful curling iron. It heats up quickly and curls my hair nicely. It has quite a few heat settings, only some of which I have used, and is overall a very nice curling iron.

Marla Downieville, CA

Heats Fast and Holds A Curl

I have fine, straight hair that doesn’t like to hold a curl so I’ve spent years envying women with adorable ringlets and beach waves. After trying all sorts of styling gadgets and rollers, I’d given up and cut my hair to a bob that hits the top of my shoulders. It’s convenient but BORING. When the opportunity to try this curling iron came up, I figured I’d give it a shot but probably wind up passing it on to my daughter (who has nice, thick hair that holds a curl like a dream). Well, sorry kid, but I love this thing!This curling iron heats up quickly and gets very hot — something important for hair with my texture which needs to be exposed to heat for as short a time as possible or it fries, and yet that heat needs to be high enough to lock in that curl. This curling iron delivers exactly the amount of heat I need, and the curls last all day.With the help of some videos I found on YouTube I was able to give myself a bouncy set of ringlets in just under half an hour. They stayed bouncy without frizzing, and without being too tight, all day long. The next morning, I had that beachy wave I’ve envied for years. Hooray! That half-hour is a bit more time than I want to spend on a daily basis, but it’s nice to know that I’ve got a styling tool that will give me a special style when I want it.

Bonita Clarksburg, MD

Quality At A Good Price

Heats quickly, love the swivel cord and the adjustable heating element. Price is great, quality is there. Winner for us!

Roxie Meeteetse, WY

works very well

I took this curling iron with me to a destination wedding in Mexico. After a week the sun, salt water and pool water had frizzed my hair despite conditioner and protective hair product. Thanks goodness it worked well on my thick hair and probably saved the wedding photos.

Fran Higgins Lake, MI

heats in 30 seconds, does the job right

I love this curling iron. It heats up in to 400 degrees in 30 seconds which I thought was just a gimmick by Revlon, but its true! Its that fast! This is great in the morning when you just don’t have time to spare.The 1″ iron is a go to for anyone with medium or shorter length hair, or for that soft Veronica Lake-type wave.Here’s how I get Veronica Lake style hair with this curling iron:1. Find a good deep side part. Veronica Lake always had a nice heavy side part which is what made this look so sexy. This wave is not quite as powerful when done with a middle part. Once you find your side part, clip the top half of the heavier side up.2. Start with curling the section right above your ear. 1″ iron may seem small to you but it’s the best way to get this look in my opinion. With this hair style, it’s important to let the hair get as hot as you can without burning it. You be the judge, as everyone’s hair is different. Tip: sometimes instead of leaving it on longer, I unravel it and do it again– “twice baked”!now do the EXACT same thing on the hair next to it. Wrap curl the hair forward towards your face. You want to make sure you’re seeing a perfect curl pattern. If not, curl that piece again!Do the next piece.And the next one just the same.Now switch sides and repeat. Do one curl after the other in the exact same pattern. You’ll start to notice a sort of Shirley Temple curl happening. That’s good. Your hair should look like noodles and this is the ONLY time I will say that’s okay :)3. Once the curls are in place, spray with a firm holding hairspray. I like to spray after so the hairspray sits on top of the hair instead of cooking it into the hair which can make it heavier. My favorite for this style is the WarrenTricomi Superhold hairspray because it has an insanely firm hold when you put it on which allows it to set better, but then after you brush it it’s completely soft again. Allow that to set for 5 minutes in a cool, dry room.4. After everything cools, take the fine side of your comb and start combing through the curls. As you comb around the entire head, the curl pattern will start to join together.5. Keep combing and combing and combing. (Apply a little more hairspray or re-curl a curl if/when necessary.)6. If you’ve curled all your sections the exact same way right next to each other, you’ll start to see a perfect pattern form as you’re combing.7. Take your 1″ barrel curling iron and curl any straight stray ends under.8. Give it one last veil of hairspray and you’re set!If the instructions seem confusing, basically just curl your hair in sections do they look like shirley temple hair, and then brush your hair so the curls join together and form a wavy pattern. Bam! Veronica Lake hair 🙂

Christina Silver Creek, GA

Long lasting curls? Really? What am I doing wrong?

My initial impressions of this iron were favorable. It looks nice and the clamp and swivel cord made curling my hair an easy and smooth endeavor. Sadly, my enchantment with this iron ended once I finished curling my hair and discovered that all of the curls I had just spent the last half hour carefully crafting had faded away. My hair ended up sort of wavy and by the end of the day it looked as though it had never been curled at all.I thought for sure I had done something wrong. So I tried again a few days later. I tried turing up the temperature to the highest setting (I normally curl my hair on low-med), and tried holding it in longer. No difference. At this point I began to wonder if there was something wrong with my hair. So a few days later I gave it one last chance. I tried a curling iron comparison. I curled part of my hair with this iron, part with aGoody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron, and the rest with aRemington Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand. I put them all on similar heat settings (couldn’t get it exact due to difference in the heat controls). The wand preformed the best, giving me quick and long lasting curls (I had to brush them out the next morning). The wave iron produced weaker curls, but ones that stayed in. But the Revlon Gold iron left me with limp strands of hair that I ended up re-curling with the wand iron. I didn’t use any styling products this time (used hair spray the first two times), and only applied a heat protector to half the hair before curling (I also used it the first two times).My conclusion is that I hate this iron. But I still feel like I must be doing something wrong since there are so many reviewers happy with the long lasting effect of this iron. But I feel like a curling iron shouldn’t really have a steep learning curve. With my wand iron I was able to produce nice curls right out of the packaging without any curling expertise. 2 stars for the iron design and ease of use and another star to give it the benefit of the doubt in case my dislike is simply caused by user error.

Fay Chartley, MA

A review from my wife.

My wife like this curling iron a lot. Her favorite feature is how quickly it heats up. Within 1 minute after turning it on, it is up to temperature and ready to use. She also reports that it works just as well as other brands and models she has used in the past. For the price, she would purchase this curling iron again.

Vonda Delphos, OH

Heats up quickly

This curling iron heats up quickly and with the swivel cord is exceptionally easy to use. (I’m beginning to wonder why I even own a curling iron that doesn’t have a swivel cord.) It advertises that it heats up to 400 degrees, however, the settings aren’t actually in degrees. I will never understand why manufacturers do this. It heats up to 400 degrees but we won’t tell you what the temperature of any settings are other than the highest setting :p Of course, I guess I could do the math but who wants to do math when they’re doing their hair?Anyways, that’s just my pet peeve. The curling iron works well and better than other curling irons I own. I don’t know if it’s because this curling iron is new or if it’s the special combination of copper and gold, but it works well on my hard to curl hair and gives my hair a nice wave that lasts for about half the day. (I know, you’re probably thinking well that’s no good, but trust me, it is. Curls usually fall flat on me in two hour or less unless I dump an entire can of hairspray on my head.)I’ve used many Revlon products and beauty tools before and never been disappointed and this curling iron is no exception.

Elisa Palo Cedro, CA