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Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, 0.5 Ounce

Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat sets in 30 seconds* to a hard lustrous finish. Patented formula protects polish from nicks and chips

Key features

  • UV Absorber
  • Patented plasticizers and acrylic polymer
  • Patented high gloss formula

Honest reviews


Awful product

I must agree with the first reviewer of this product. It does not dry quickly at all. It also does not come of easily. After cleaning, it leaves weird rubbery films on my nails each time I use it. I would stay away too hadn’t I known.

Sallie Elizabeth, NJ

Base coat really works

This base coat really helps in keeping a manicure looking good for at least a week. It doesn’t seem to matter what actual nail polish I use on top as long as I use this product.

Rosalyn Allen, OK

My go to Base Coat

I’ve been using this for a few years now and have found that if I combined it with the quick dry topcoat I’m able to achieve a manicure that’ll last two weeks. That for me is an amazing thing. I have a life where a normal manicure couldn’t last very long. I do wear gloves when doing the dishes or heavy-duty cleaning (this is more to keep my hands from drying out). It’s quite thin in consistency which is nice. You’ll notice that it’s kind of sticky if you let it dry and don’t put another lacquer over it, but this is so that everything will hold really tight. I recommend letting it dry for about a minute to maybe three before applying the next layer, this allows the lacquer to really dry and cling tightly to your nail. This is the cheapest I found it for. But just a little warning Amazon does not use bubblewrap, so you might run into problems if they do not packing carefully enough (bottles are glass they can break), if this happens just e-mail the customer service they’re really wonderful about fixing it.

Roslyn Gilboa, WV


This is the best base coat. I have a big problem with chipping nails but ever since I purchased this I haven’t had a problem. I have had the same nail polish on my nails for a week so far and not a single chip. I highly recommend.

Geneva Ashley, MI

Not sure what others were using but I love this base coat

It does dry fast for me. It is rubbery, as mentioned, but base coats like that makes manicures last longer. I do have to use a thinner over time as I get through the bottle. I start using a few drops of thinner when I am about half way through the bottle. I never get yellowing or staining on my nails and I use a lot of nail polish including dark colors. I wear polish everyday changing my manicure every 3-4 days. This base coats is great and I hope they never change the formula. I love this product. I highly disagree with the other reviewers.

Cynthia Flomot, TX