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Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive 0.17 fl oz

2 Ethylhexyl Acrylate, Water, Methyl Methacrylate, Isobutyl Acrylate, Methacrylic Acid

Key features

  • Ultra Thin Brush
  • Dries Clear
  • Mess-Free Application
  • Waterproof & Latex-Free

Honest reviews


Multiple problems

I’ve just started wearing false eyelashes, and it’s been hit or miss on the finding the right lashes. Now I’m having issues finding the right adhesive too. I got the Revlon Precision Lash adhesive after reading how is it is latex-free, and while I don’t have a latex issue, I figure it can’t be a bad thing.I like the brush applicator idea – however, the idea doesn’t work. The adhesive doesn’t brush on, it drags on from the brush, and not smoothly but in fits and starts and blobs. There’s no control.The container and brush handle and brush itself quickly get gooped up with dried adhesive, even though I quickly close it tight after using.The adhesive itself is a thin consistency, so I find it’s not enough to stick to your skin. I have to go over the lash again and again to add enough adhesive.Lastly and most importantly – the adhesive doesn’t last through the day. Within hours the edges of the lashes are popping up, no matter how little or how much adhesive I tried. It’s the adhesive itself. Not that sticky I guess.I would not mess with this one again. Maybe all adhesives are similarly problematic, I don’t know, but I will continue to review them as I try them.

Nellie Peru, NY

Perfect Solution for Lashes

Let me just say I love the look of false lashes. I have teeny tiny onces so on big events lashes are a must have. What I don’t love are peeling corners globs of white stuff stuck to my eyes, my bottom lashes getting all stuck together and glue drying too slowly. This was the answer!-It has an easy application wand instead of a squeeze tube-It comes out white but dries clear-Does not have a funky smell- Dries quicklyAll in all a great product!

Katie Glen Gardner, NJ

Best Easy and Great for amature.

Honestly I suck at applying lash adhesive glue to falsies but these…well if you are in a hurry and new at this, then this will get the job done. I was curious to wear some cheap falsies and damn I look good. This product held my falsies on all day until I want to take them off. I just tear it off my lids and it doesn’t even hurt! No harm no foul. This is one of the best product ever!

Cathy Catharpin, VA

Simply the best lash glue and only one I’ll use

only lash glue i rely on. lasts all day, removes easily, dries totally clear, requires very little product to work. best ever.

Katheryn Holyrood, KS

Best lash adhesive

Love this best ever easy to use I had got this at alco for 4 dollars or 5 but its worth it i slept with it n it was still on like when I put them on the first time I would tell every one to get this will buy agin

Estelle Three Bridges, NJ

This is absolutely the favorite lash glue of all time!

I love this last glue. It works excellent. I have tried many brands, but always return to this one. Thank you. 🙂

Bernadine Decorah, IA

lash adhesive

I read the previous reviews about this product and it is pretty much all that I read upfront about this product. But it is OKAY.

Rena Amelia, LA

worst I’ve ever used

This is by far the worst lash adhesive I have ever used…. I bought it, cause my store was out of my regular brand and never again.. I’m really good with lashes, but this made even me struggle… it stays wet forever and once it’s tacky it sticks to everything but your skin/ lashes. My eyes were watering all day and I had to keep checking a mirror to make sure my lashes had not come loose.. this is a terrible product.

Alexis Holmen, WI

Best lash adhesive, hands down

I’ve tried many different eyelash adhesives, and I love this one best. I will repurchase this over and over again, for sure.Here is why:
• The most important thing is the BRUSH. That doesn’t exist in most lash adhesive, and it’s a darn shame. It makes application so simple, so precise, so fast, no mess. It’s an absolute game-changer.
• It holds up! Like, really! Your lashes won’t just accidentally start falling or drooping in the middle of the day. No way. Not with this thing.
• It’s so simple! Even though many eyelashes (LikeArdell Fashion Lashes Pair – 110 Demi Lashes (Pack of 4), for instance) come with their own instructions on how to apply the lashes, some (LikeRed Cherry #43 False Eyelashes (Pack of 6 Pairs), for example) don’t come with any instructions. Well, Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive comes with its own instructions, and it matches any lashes you’re using. It explains how to apply it in the best way possible, so your lashes would get that strong hold you wish for.
• Removal is a breeze! Sure, it’s not going to fall off of your eyes, and that’s absolutely great, but removal isn’t all about tearing out lashes and hurting yourself in the process. You just pull it slightly and there you go! Lash off, and you’re ready for reuse.
• It’s quick, it’s not messy. I said that, but it’s worthy to repeat that, ok?One recommendation, though: if you are going to reuse your lashes (you probably should, for the sake of your bank account and all), since it’s a brush, you should probably clean the lash first, just so bacteria won’t transfer in the bottle and back to your eye every single time. Just a quick swipe. You could also clean out the brush. Also, quick swipe. Nothing crazy :)I highly recommend this, this is the absolute best lash adhesive out there from what I’ve tried.

Jacqueline Branchland, WV

Makes false lashes easy to put on

It is much more easier to put on false lashes with this. And the best thing of all is that the lashes stay in place untill the moment you remove it. I don’t give five stars because it is very difficult to take off, I suggest to use a oil based makeup remover.

Ginger West Point, KY


This stuff works, takes longer to completely dry, easy to wash off you eyelids, not so easy to get of falselashes.

Georgina Ridgeway, MI


My lashes never fall off with this, and I wear them for pro-style wrestling.However the product dries up with half the tube left and becomes unusable. This could be because I’m based in Arizona where it’s really dry though.

Olivia Canjilon, NM

Works great, dries clear

I’m 28 and this was my first time wearing fake eyelashes and I’ve received several compliments. I seem a video on YouTube that recommended this and I also recommend it fit fake lashes. I will order again!

Bonita Packwood, IA

eyelash glues

I seen this product on a Youtube channel. I tried it and it has real sticking power, all day. When you get ready to take your eyelashes off they come off with a gentle finger lifting. I have never had any problems with this glue.

Gladys Victor, ID

Its pretty nice :3

Okay so when you first put this on the lashes the color of the glue is a light blue color and as it dries it turns clear. The reason that I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was because I wish the glue was just a little bit stronger, but this is still a nice glue and it is very easy to apply to the lashes. You just have to wait and let the glue get really tacky before you put the lashes on, that should help them stay on all day.

Kathleen Vineland, NJ

A new must have

New to lashes but this glue was very helpful and amazing… The little brush works great avoiding a mess. Definitely recommend this!

Christina Dewey, IL

Really Tacky

Overall i did like the glue, the problem was the adhesive around the container, it got really messy and tacky. Glue was fine until it got to the stage where the glue was all around the outside of the bottle, where i could barely close it.

Ora Clearwater, FL


This stuff works great. Saw a woman using it in a false eyelashes tutorial. But for whatever reason, may it be I was using cheap lashes, when I put the glue on them it turned blue. But it dries clear so that wasn’t a problem. Doesn’t smell, sticks very nicely. Love the easy application wand. Would buy again.

Peggy Wilson, MI

Doesn’t work, not sticky

I’ve been using falsies for years and I’ve always used DUO, I wanted to try out a wand to make it less messy and this one is bad. It won’t even stick my eyelashes to my eyes… I’ve never had that problem before. It’s similar to the elf lash glue.

Christine Sycamore Valley, OH


This is the first time in my life that false eyelashes have become hassle free! I used to give myself about an extra 15 minutes to get around to fight them but now with this adhesive, it takes only one try and they are on the first time! I can BE CONFIDENT that they are not going to start peeling off on either side throughout the day! other glues have dried hard on your skin which pulls at your delicate eyes, or have caused my eyes to burn when applying. This glue is very good for sensitive skin & eyes! I put the glue first along my lash line, then also along the eyelash – wait 20 or so seconds then apply. Sticks the first time! 🙂 A+++

Theresa Long Island, KS