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REVLON Photoready Perfecting Primer, 0.91 Fluid Ounce

REVLON photoready perfecting prime is a revolutionary, lightweight primer that helps soften skin and diffuses light to help minimize flaws and even out skin texture. It creates a perfect canvas so that your foundation will glide on more evenly and smoothly. Can be worn alone or under foundation.

Key features

  • Photo chromatic pigments bend and reflect light to minimize flaws
  • Lightweight gel with pink tint smoothes and softens skin by reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines
  • Oil free, talc free, fragrance free and paraben free

Honest reviews


Oily skin, large pores, LUV!!

I purchased ths @my local drugstore (but plan on purchasing a 2nd one here frm Amazon soon) & I am VERY skeptical w/ primers bc of how oily my skin gets &how; large the pores on &around; my nose are but i got ths anyway (mostly just bc I had a $2 off any revlon face product Lol) ℑ in LOVE!I have dept store primers (ex. LauraGeller, Clinique &Mally;, as well as other drugstore primers (Loreal, CoverGirl, HardCandy) &Out; of the bunch i rotated them around &around; &had; simaliar issues w/all, covered &made; my skin look gr8 for the 1st hour or 2, but by the end of day, my makeup melts off, especially in my oily T-zone area :(UNTIL I TRIED THIS!! I wanted 2use it several times b4 letting myself fall completely in love w/it &after; a few wks. of use the verdict is in: i luv it! I never expected 2find a `miracle` product that made my makeup last SO long (i even tried SLEEPING w/a full face of makeup overtop this primer!) ⫬ only does my ?akeup NOT melt off after an hour, it keeps me matte &completely; hides my pores as well 🙂 I couldnt be happier w/a $10-$12 product!!

Mari Cima, CA

Good basic primer

This is day one wearing it, but I like it alot so far. If you have sensitive skin and can’t use alot of the silicone based primers, give this one a try. My skin is still broken out after trying the Monistat anti- chafe gel as a primer (a horrible disaster, by the way- worst breakouts of my life), and I assumed I was one of these women who just can’t wear primer.This product feels more like a lightweight moisturizer than a silicone- heavy gel. The pump is handy and sanitary and the packaging looks more high end than your basic drugstore cosmetic wares. It goes on smooth, blends easily, and smooths and mattifies skin. Foundation glides right over it, and the finish is flawlessly smooth.I put on my makeup at 6 am and work 9- 12 hr days. By the end of the day, my makeup is still fresh- although I do blot oil a couple times a day with blotting papers and reapply powder on my oiliest areas. But…it really helps keep the foundation & powder in place. And for the price and amount of product you get, it really is economical, especially if you use Smashbox primer or another high end product.

Samantha Georgetown, GA

Worst primer I have ever tried

This primer creates the most awful texture when smoothed onto the skin. It ENLARGED my pores and just gave my skin a dead, awfully-textured finish.Wore it for a full day to class from 8am-5pm and by 9am the primer had separated itself from my skin and it literally looked like it was floating on top of my skin.I sweat walking to class and have very oily skin to begin with so it should have softened up little bit after an hour or so, but no- it got worse and worse. Not to mention, the quality and price don’t match up. It is anywhere from $10-$14 depending on where you get it from (almost as much as a decent brand name primer) and has the worst quality I’ve ever experienced.

Luella Francisco, IN

great product!

This product is so smooth, like a lotion. It goes on very easily and soaks into your skin fast so you dont need to wait for it to dry. It looks great even just by its self. It helps my foundation glide on so nice. It doesnt even need a setting power to be applied on top, but i do anyway. Usually my face gets oily and my power needs to be applied several times throughout the day. With this product my face stays matte all through the day! I love this product and would be purchasing this product again!

Lois Pleasant Hill, LA

Love it!

This is one of the best primer I have ever tried. It smothers your skin in an amazing way. It completely diminish the look of big porous. It’s better than a lot of other expensive primer at there.I am a big fan of this product now and is so inexpensive.You use only a tiny bit at the time.

Judith Bisbee, ND


Thought I would give it a try… but it did not work so well with my mineral makeup. Emphasized my pores, my makeup was spotchy, and after 3 days wearing it I got big breakouts. I will just spend the $50 for the Hourglass Primer…

Shelley North Georgetown, OH

MUST BUY!!!!!!

This stuff goes on like a dream and makes your skin look FABULOUS! I am so happy that I discovered this line from Revlon, and will purchase again and again. If you are looking for a primer that will give your face a fresh and healthy look that will last all day, you’ve got to try Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer. When you catch yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and realize that you look as though you just put on fresh make-up, you know that you are using a great primer!

Stacie Wind Gap, PA

Even the skin tone. Great for oily skin.

This is my first primer. My skin doesn’t feel oily after applying this primer. It evens my skin tone very well. So far so good !

James Champlin, MN


Feels very similar to smash box primer and fills in those little wrinkles. Also makes my skin feel great and makeup go on a lot smoother. I also notice myself needing less foundation with this product. 1-2pumps is all you need for your whole face. I’m sold!

Kari Key Largo, FL

Lurveeee it

Love this primer. My eyeshadow stays on all day long and it creates a beautiful canvas for my eyelids so I smooth and easy application can occur. I love revlon

Sandy Cope, SC


This stuff was a bit tacky on my skin. My makeup did grab hold to it, but by lunch time my makeup had separated from it and my makeup looked spackled over my face. Then at night, it was ridiculously difficult to wash off! I had to scrub my face to get it all off. To top it off, it caused me to break out! Not worth it. I stopped using it.

Stacy Sinclair, ME

Turned flaky after two hours

I quite liked my first application of this product. It should have been a little creamier and easier to apply, but the overall result was reasonably good. However, after a couple of hours of wearing, it started to flake off and looked like dandruff on my black top. Don’t bother with this!

Victoria Raywick, KY


I’ll admit, I’m a Sephora junkie! So when I read that this Primer can hold it’s own against Smashbox, or other brand name products, I was skeptical. However, now that I’ve tried it, I’m hooked! I’ll still stick to Sephora for other things, but I think I’ve found my Primer! It doesn’t sit in fine lines like others I’ve tried, and it makes you look awesome in photos!

Fannie Anasco, PR

Great primer

I’ve tried several primers and this is my favorite. Takes the shine off, smooths out tiny lines and does a decent job with hiding small pours. It evens out my skin tone and many days I just wear this with a little blush and mascara. I put in on after moisturizing with a high end moisturizer on my 66 year old skin.

Misty Egan, LA

Love this primer!

Another Revlon product that I very much love. I love Revlon products and this one is another great product at an affordable price, as usual. It leaves my skin smooth and it does indeed help my makeup last longer and look prettier. It might be a bit too drying for those with dry skin, which is not my case and therefore this product is perfect for me and is my favorite alternative to the more expensive high end brands.

Antionette Holland, MA

I love this product!

I love all the Revlon Photoready products and this product is one of my favorites. It smooth’s out all wrinkles and blemishes and makes my foundation appear flawless. LOVE IT!

Ofelia Saint Paul, IN

Not good!

This is a bad primer. I don’t know if I got an old product, but when I used it, the liquid clumped all over my face. It looks like a coagulated mess on my face. I would go elsewhere for a primer.

Lourdes Miami, NM


I would give this primer 10 stars if I could. This is the first primer I have ever used and I LOVE IT. I have oily brown skin( I am from Brazil) and one thing I was always very disappointed about makeup is that it would ALWAYS melt on my eye lids withing less than 1 hour. I started using waterproof eye liner to try to have it last a little longer with not much success. So I decided to try a primer and I just didn’t want to pay a lot for it and purchased the REVLON at a drugstore. WHAT A SUCCESS!!!! BINGO! My make up lasts over 12 hours a day. I am not kidding.I am not doing anything different except for using this primer on my face. After 12 hours my entire face looks just as good as when I first applied the makeup. I use the cheapest makeup form drugstores I can find and it will still be amazing after all day wearing it. I even use regular eyeliner and it will be just perfect! This product is very very light when you apply and makes my skin feel like silk. Just awesome!Thank you REVLON

Brooke Port Heiden, AK

Works well!

I used this after my moisturizer and sunscreen, it didn’t ball up like most do! I needed a replacement for my Smashbox primer, which is amazing but way more expensive. It makes everything very soft and my Makeup Forever HD foundation stays put for much longer with this primer than without.

Kristen Fredericksburg, IN

Smooth, clean primer that can save you $$$

For the price, this is a great primer. Often, I use it alone without any foundation or powder because it leaves my skin looking so smooth and even. Best of all, it saves me lots of $$$ because using this as a primer, I can spend less money on pigmented products like eyeshadows and blushes because there’s no longer any need for the ultra-high-end products. The less expensive pigmented products look fantastic as long as this is applied underneath.

Annmarie Squaw Lake, MN

Lovin it

I love the way this feels on my skin and the price for this is awesome! Most primers are super expensive and only have a little amount of product but this is cheap and has so much product. Really loving this thing 🙂

Geraldine Schroon Lake, NY

Good Primer

This primer is average. It helps control oil but it makes my makeup a little chalky. It’s worth a try but it takes trial and error to get it right for you.

Janell Fort Thomas, AZ

Love it

Wonderful primer that goes on smooth and helps keep makeup looking fresh throughout the day. A little bit of this product goes a long way in keeping skin looking great.

Vicky King, NC

Say Goodbye to Expensive Primers

This is great stuff, was using ARBONNE face primer, read about this primer in O magazine. Bought mine from walmart, a bought the same price. I am 54 have combination skin with some scaring from acne and showing some damage from sun exposure. I exfoliate in morning use a serum then add my new perfecting primer, add very little light foundation. This keeps my makeup as nice by late afternoon as it was when I applied it. And at 54 the less you have to put powder on your face to reduce shine the better, fine lines can find any reason to show. SO not having to re apply anything is fantastic. And it is hot in IL. Great product for 10 dollars and if you have a clear complexion, you can just use this and skip foundation. I use a cheap foundation Nude brand so it’s not the expensive foundation that makes it work.

Frieda Park Hall, MD

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

When compairing face primers, I search for quality and price. I originally purchased the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer from a local Rite Aide on sale. I tried it, it has a light hint of color that blends into your skin, once it is evenly applied. I am light skinned, so it blended very well, giving a natural look. I used Revlon Mineral loose powder over the primer and it gave me a very beautiful and flawless finish. I used Revlon products, because it does what the product indicates, However if you have a different brand it may work just as well with the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer. Keep in mind, this review is based on my personal experience i have had with this particular product! Everyones skin type is different, and what works well for one, may not be the same for someone else. Overall, I would recommed this product to anyone because it holds true to what it says it can do. It gives that flawless and photoready look that most women want. It is inexensive on Amazon, so you can’t go wrong. Compaired to higher end face primers on the market, it’s a great value and great results.

Olive Ohio City, OH

Revlon Primer.

I have tried several primers and loved one I can no longer get due to high price and so searched on here for one to take its place. I work part time and can’t afford some of the more expensive brands, so I ran across this and decided to give it a try and have to say I am happy I did. I have been using it for about two weeks and while the weather is still cool, this primer has kept my makeup intact all day. You don’t need to use a lot, just a little goes a long way. It does not feel greasy so far, although again, the weather is still fairly cool. My job makes me sweat however, but even so, my makeup stays on well and I have to blot my face a lot less than I did when I used other brands. My face is dry in winter but this does not make it worse, and it gets somewhat oily in the summer, which I have yet to try. Thus far I am pleased with this product and will probably buy again.

Esperanza Ridgeland, MS


I have used many other Revlon Photoready products and loved them. I was trying to swap out some of my products for ones with better ratings on the EWG Skin Deep database, but which didn’t break the bank. This definitely does the trick! I have fairly oily skin and this helps my makeup stay in place longer and keeps my skin from becoming oily. it has almost no smell whatsoever and is lightweight, but not watery or thin feeling. It’s a great value!

Nadine Senecaville, OH