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REVLON PhotoReady Mascara NWP, Blackest Black, 0.34 Fluid Ounce

Magnify and multiply the look of your lashes. PhotoReady 3D Mascara from Revlon creates bigger, bolder volume with a rounded lash-finding brush that coats every lash. Starting with one product and expanding to a prestigious cosmetic industry, Revlon has been providing customers with products that make women look and feel glamorous. Revlon is the #1 longwear brand at the forefront of trends and fashion across the globe.

Key features

  • Magnifies look of lashes
  • Round tip lash finding brush
  • Non-waterproof

Honest reviews


Too runny.

When I first tried this mascara I was very impressed, I used it over my existing mascara as a second coat. But once I tried it by itself I was less impressed. The formula is very runny so I suppose I’ll have to wait a little bit until it dries up a tad. It didn’t clump, per say, but when the formula makes your lashes that wet they do tend to stick together. The brush is amazing and has the dome tip at the end of it. I look forward to seeing if it works better once it dries up a little bit more.

Dianne Franklin Grove, IL

Where are the good reviews coming from? This stuff is AWFUL.

This mascara flakes as soon as you put it on! Tons of tiny little black flakes all over! And it does NOT deliver lush, full lashes at all. It just makes your lashes look spiky. If you wanna look like you have spikes instead of eyelashes, this is the mascara for you. Also, I knew it was waterproof when I got it, but even waterproof mascara comes off easily with just plain hot water and a washcloth. This stuff does not come off, even with soap on your cloth. I guess I should invest in a good mascara remover. In any case, this mascara is horrible. Complete waste of money. I tossed it in my trash after one application and only retrieved it long enough to find out the brand and write this review. Now it is going back in the trash where it belongs.

Ana Denmark, SC

Was not crazy about this mascara

This is probably my least favorite mascara that I have tried in a few months. I bought it primarily to add some drama to my night time look for going out and was not very impressed. The brush was a good shape and style, but the formula just did not do it for me. It took about 8 good coats before I really felt like I had any on. Ended up using the whole tube but even still did not give the dramatic results I was hoping for

Bianca Warsaw, VA

Great All-in-One Mascara

I finally tried this mascara after reading so many great reviews about and because I love Revlon’s products. I really can’t complain about this mascara, and with its affordable price plus being Revlon (a brand which I love) I would purchase this again.Why I love it:*No clumping.*No flaking. No smudging. No racoon eyes.*Adds volume and makes lash line look full and lush.*Gives tremendous lenght, taking my lashes almost up to my eyelashes.*Holds a curl all day.*Color is very black and very matte.*Defines and separates lashes (this is a HUGE plus for me).*The brush: I especially like the bristle-ended tip; I use it to go back through my lashes after applying the mascara to help further separate my lashes. It’s also great for reaching the corner of your eyes and applying the mascara to your bottom lashes.*Doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.*Dries quickly, but still gives you time to layer it if you need to.*Doesn’t feel heavy on my lashes; they still feel soft and look natural.*Stays on all day but easy to take off at night.Overall, I like this mascara and I’d reccommend it to others to try. It’s a great all-in-one mascara: it makes lashes super long, super voluminous, and super defined. It provides a great dark black color that my ligtht blonde lashes love! The price is comparable to other major drugstore brands (around $6 or $7 at Walmart) and I feel satisfied enough that I would purchase this again. I also think that this would be great for people who want the effect of similar products by other brands (for example the Falsies or Collossal by Maybelline, which are just as great as this one) but want a cruelty-free brand because Revlon doesn’t test on animals.**Edit: After using this product on a regular basis for a few weeks, I have the product starting to clump near the entrance of the bottle, causing some parts of the mascara to clump on the brush when I remove it from the tube. This hasn’t transferred to my lashes, but I feel like I have to be extra careful when applying it so that the semi-big glob of mascara does not transfer. If it does, I think the formula is wet enough to comb through it. This makes me love the mascara less and makes it seem messier than others I have, but I would still recommend you try it for yourself.

Aurelia Lakefield, MN

Not bad

This is ok but I would not purchase it again. It is a little clumpy but not bad. The brush is ok but not great. It didn’t do anything magical to my lashes but they look decent with it on. I like that it washes off well too.

Cynthia Creston, IA

Great mascara

There’s really not much more than "great" that can be said for a mascara that manages to have a soft yet modern brush structure (no sharp spiky plastic here, nor any old fashioned brush bristles), the thoughtful fringes of brush at the tip of the wand (for capturing the pesky corner lashes), and a formulation in the mascara itself that allows for easy lengthening and volumizing definition in just a few sweeps. I never get clumps with this mascara, nor does it ever irritate my sensitive, contact-lens wearing eyes. Plus, it washes off easily with soap & water or a light makeup remover. So, it does it all! Plus, it’s very budget friendly. I highly recommend it.

Terrie Stephenville, TX

I love this mascara

This mascara is amazing. Although the brush is a little large for my eyes, I love the length it offers and I love how the brush separates my eye lashes. It gives my eye lashes a natural appearance. It also lasts a very long time. It doesn’t smudge or causes clumps. I will definitely repurchase this mascara sometime soon.

Theresa Sharps Chapel, TN

Great Product

I loved this product because it had a great applicator and made my short eyelashes longer. Unfortunately, I am allergic to something in it as it made my eyes itch. If it weren’t for that I would continue to buy this. I don’t understand why all mascara manufacturers are not using this kind of applicator. It separates the lashes and applies the mascara evenly. The brush applicators apply mascara in clumps and are much more difficult to use.

Bertie Garrett, PA

the worst

it is so flaky and hard to apply – it took 2 days to finally get my lashes clean even with makeup remover..i threw this out after the first day..

Janis Fayetteville, NC

very good mascara

I like this product. There is no clumping and it can last long but it’s not waterproof. I was worried about quality /the price was much less than the local store price/, but it was fine. Very satisfied with those mascara.

Myra Scottsboro, AL

Finally, a Decent Mascara

I could tell this mascara was going to be good because when I pulled the brush out of the tube, it wasn’t messy and loaded with gobs and clumps of product like many mascaras. A little goes a long way. Even with a lightly covered wand, I only needed one coat for dramatic lashes.I also like the blacked brown color because it looks natural, yet is still on the darker side.This mascara has a very stiff "wiry" feeling wand, which may make application uncomfortable for those who prefer a flexible brush. Personally, I didn’t mind it.I would definitely recommend this one to those who prefer dramatic, long, non-clumpy lashes.

Catalina Delano, TN

Great mascara

This is one of my favorite mascara I’ve been using for the past 4-6 months. It makes my lashes look long and I don’t get any clumps or smudging at all. I use a lot of Revlon cosmetics and really love this mascara!

Leanna Windsor, OH

Love love love

Revlon’s mascaras used to be all hard tar, and I preferred softer mascaras that wash off easily, so I avoided them. I had read reviews about the Photo-Ready mascara that sparked my interest, so I tried it. This is my new favorite! The consistency is soft and flexible, washes off easily and never clumps. As my first tube is 3 months old and ready to be replaced, it has not become thick, sticky and clumpy; it’s stayed pretty fresh since I started using it. I have many times had a tube of mascara that either dried out (my old favorite Covergirl mascaras that have become less per container) or got sticky and provided worse results as it aged (Almay Get up & Grow is a bad culprit.) I am impressed. The Photo-Ready’s brush is soft silicone like I prefer, and the tip is nice and rounded to grab tiny lashes. It does deposit very sparingly so you have to to build up the amount you want to wear. My lashes are defined, have volume and feel light. Revlon finally made the perfect mascara. They better make this one forever!UPDATE> I accidentally bought a new tube in waterproof. The consistency is about equivalent to Revlon’s regular old mascaras, but of course waterproof. I had to use eye makeup remover in addition to my Neutrogena towelettes. Removing it takes a lot of elbow grease but it’s not impossible to remove…at least the formula isn’t waxy. I also used my L’Oreal lash boosting serum as a primer; this aids in removal and kept my lashes from falling out. It was really annoying and sticky and I threw it out after a month.

Tammi Glencliff, NH

Best mascara yet

I’ve bought several bottles of this and will continue to! It has nice, even coverage, without clumps or making you look like a streetwalker. Washes off easily at night.

Socorro Cornville, AZ

absolutely FABULOUS!!!!

I bought this after reading the rave reviews, and I agree 100%!!! Awesome, dark, doesn’t fade, doesn’t lose pigment, doesnt flake, doesn’t clump (which is HUGE)!!!! Not to mention how incredibly well it accentuates my lashes! LOVE IT!!!

Louella Martinsville, IN


I’ve used Revlon products since the 70’s, especially their mascara and eyeliner. (In the 60’s- I only used Yardley- how I miss those perfect eye products!) For the past couple decades, I have found Revlon’s many different types of mascara to be really bad- dull color, flaky, clumpy, dry and thin. I turned to L’Oreal and found their new telescopic explosion mascara to be much better than anything Revlon has made for over the past 10 years or more. L’Oreal’s applicator wand has the new teensy round flexi-globe brush that covers your lashes quite well, but the teensy size brush does take time to cover your lashes.As I was looking through the different new mascara’s, I noticed this new Revlon PhotoReady mascara. I saw the wand has a really finely detailed long brush end with the actual end rounded like L’Oreal’s globe ended brush. I had to try this new brush, as it looked perfect, but I also hoped the mascara itself was improved from their dry, clumpy, dull color mascara from the past. From the minute I put this new Revlon PhotoReady mascara on, I was thrilled. The applicator has the best brush I have ever used! This finely bristled brush with it’s rounded end doesn’t miss a lash. The mascara is super smooth, yet thick, with no clumps or flaking. The color (I chose blackest black) is really nice and dark.I like my mascara dark and smooth to make long, lush lashes to stand out from my eye liner. Revlon’s new PhotoReady is exactly that. After decades of bad mascara, Revlon has finally made a PERFECT mascara. I love that they use a nice thick wax in their formula for a super smooth, dark look. When it came to washing this mascara off, it was so easy to remove with just soap and water. I do not use the waterproof type, and this doesn’t smudge or run. I am absolutely thrilled to have my old Revlon mascara back on my lashes- especially one that goes on this perfect! Thank you Revlon for bringing back a mascara that wears and looks absolutely gorgeous with the longest, smoothest lashes ever!

Deana Wahiawa, HI