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Revlon PhotoReady Makeup, Nude 004, 1-Fluid Ounce

Liquid makeup designed to provide perfected skin in any light. Formula features pigments that bend, reflect and diffuse light to help erase imperfections on skin. Complete yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous airbrushed finish with SPF 20.Oil free, fragrance free.

Key features

  • Liquid makeup designed to provide perfected skin in any light
  • Formula features pigments that bend, reflect and diffuse light to help erase imperfections on skin
  • Complete yet undetectable coverage
  • Soft, luminous airbrushed finish with SPF 21
  • Oil free, fragrance free

Honest reviews


Not for photos!

The plus: the foundation spreads wonderfully and does not cake; the color is good (I bought the lightest shade).The problems and why I am not using it and will not purchase again: it is shiny! my face looks as if I’m sweating; and it’s definitelt not for being photographed – because of the shine and because it has SPF that comes unnaturally in photos.

Adele Glassport, PA


No dou 5 stars por que achei que deixou a pele um pouco oleosa… mas quando misturo com outra fica uma pele bem trabalhada;)

Joanne Great Mills, MD

Pretty good, esp for the price, but…

… it DOES seem to magnify pores, so I have found that MIXING a primer with this foundation is what makes it the perfect consistency for my older-yet-oily skin with visible pores in the t-zone. I use either Bare Minerals’ Prime Time Brightening Primer […] OR NP Set Pre-Foundation Primer […] in cold months (it has added oil) work WONDERFULLY for my skin. I also switch between Nude 04 in summer, when I have some color, and whatever 03 is- Vanilla?- in winter, when I am paler. Finally, foundation I am happy with! Ooh- and I SET it with ELF’s High-Definition Powder before applying blush, bronzer, etc. Works for me!

Dayna Mercer, MO


Please be advised that you are not purchasing the ACTUAL REVLON PHOTOREADY FOUNDATION pictured above. Instead you will be sent a lipstick named iced/spiced or whatever mocha. I was sourly disappointed as I really needed the foundation which is hard to find in my town. I gave the gosh awful lip color to a friend who appreciated it more than I did. Maybe I should have read the actual description but I must say in all my years using Amazon, this is the 1st time the item I received was not the item pictured, i expect that from ebay…

Shauna Norris, TN

Love It!!

This combined with the colorstay makes my perfect shade! No one can tell I’m wearing foundation when I have this on!

Mable Niles, OH

‘Undetectable Coverage”?!

After watching the commercials, I wanted to try this product right away. I usually like Revlon products but I have had no luck with this PhotoReady foundation. I have dry skin around my cheeks and a little on my forehead so I like buying liquid foundation- so this seemed perfect for me. Well, it’s not. The foundation sucks up any moisture I have left in my skin and dries flaky and gross. It appeared splotchy and was ridiculously hard to get rid of even with makeup remover.I have even tried moisturizing my skin before I apply the product and I get the same results. I don’t know what it is about this make-up but it is NOT for people with dry skin.Overall, not happy with this ‘undetectable coverage’.

Maricela White Cloud, MI

Photoready Makeup

I love this product, great color match, great coverage. Doesn’t clog pores and is very reasonably priced and can be picked up at most any store.

Rachael Sciota, PA

this foundation sucks

This foundation actually made my pores bigger. It made my face dry and it doesn’t give enough coverage. I will not be buying this again.

Mamie Lockwood, NY

Not Too Shabby

I’ve been shopping around looking for an every day foundation and I really like what I found in Revlon’s PhotoReady Foundation. I find that direct application results in a far too heavy coverage that turns cakey. The best method of application is with a stippling brush for a smooth and even finish. Dust with powder and you’re good to go.I like this foundation, the coverage is even but you really need to watch how much you use or you will look like you’re wearing a mask. This stuff goes all day, I recommend it.

Vilma Bakersville, NC

Great Foundation for woman over 40.

I found that this foundation covers fine lines and blemishes. I am over 40 and it helps me hide my fine lines and blemishes.

Kelli Fort Thompson, SD

Great Foundation

This is a really good foundation. Granted, this was my very first foundation (ever), and I was a make up newbie (pretty much still am), this did the job quite well. I was always concerned with buying make up for my skin without the benefit of trying it on first, because then I couldn’t return it. So my older sister picked this one out because she had used Revlon in the past, and this was a good choice. It matched my skin very well, and was actually very light. This is good for full coverage or light coverage – it just depends on how much you need.What I like abouto this make up is that it’s not heavy, so it’s really easy to apply to the skin. The only one I have to compare it to is the MAC liquid foundation that I am using (forgot the name, will insert later), which is thick and worried me because to me it seemed like paste almost, for it was hard to blend onto my whole face and would just stay in that area, which annoyed the heck out of me (I hope I’m explaining that right). The Revlon was so easy to apply on my whole face.What I did not like was that the pump would pump out too much foundation, so I would use it even though I did not need full coverage that is what was there (amateur mistake), so if they could fix that, it would be supreme.Honestly, if I had not dropped this foundation on my bathroom floor (so painful to see, and a huge mess by the way), I would still be using it, but I wanted to try other stuff so I could later on have a definite go to foundation. I’m just glad I had the benefit of having an assistant help me try on and pick my current MAC foundation, unlike with the Revlon.I’m not one to wear make up everyday, so I can say that this lasted a long time. I had quite a lot left before I broke it — maybe half or a little over half left — so I think this is a good one to choose if you don’t want to worry about constant repurchase.

Jessie New Zion, SC

Not for Flash Photography, but Looks Good

I bought this for my friend’s wedding, it was suggested by the bride to all the bridesmaids to get PhotoReady for dry skin or Colorstay for oily skin. The bride has experimented with both beforehand. Between us all we decided that we like the Colorstay for oily skin better, but that PhotoReady does look best on dry skin.I have VERY dry skin so this worked out really well on me. I use a moisturizer and primer first. I used a very small amount and was able to get great coverage. I didn’t even need concealer. I set it with a dusting of powder and that was that. Even after sweating a little the makeup stayed on nicely and didn’t fade out or run. Looks great in pictures, as long as they are not taken with a flash.My one problem is that you cannot get this without SPF. SPF causes sparkles and sometimes a very pale face in flash photos, which does not look so pretty, especially if you have a tan body and a super white face. This is really only good for photos if the photographer is not going to use any flash.

Beth Stacy, MN

Good cover but kinda orange

I like the feel to this but I have to mix it with something lighter or else it looks dark & orange on my skin. It gives a pretty good coverage too as I have acne scars.

Nina Blacklick, OH

I’ve been using this for a while and I like this foundation

I actually mix this color with a lighter shade for my exact match. I also mix in a little vitamin C cream (or sometimes vitamin E cream) as my only moisturizer, and this mix goes on smooth and has good coverage and staying power. I use the lighter shade around my eyes to brighten them up and disguise circles. Then I set with a loose powder. Some people say this foundation has shimmer, but I don’t notice it.

Catalina Greenwood, SC

Liked The Formula But I Got The Wrong Shade

I guess I got the wrong shade. I thought Nude would be a good in between shade. I saw some swatches online and most of the other shades looked too dark, and the Ivory looked too light. Maybe I need to try their Vanilla or Shell to really be certain.I wasn’t too crazy the pump dispenser, I’d rather have a twist off/twist on lid so that I can get into the bottle with a brush and scrap out what I need.It went on smooth and blended out nice, if only it were the right shade.

Brooke Sylvia, KS

Revlon PhotoReady in “Vanilla”

To start off, I’ll describe what kind of skin I have–I’m in my early twenties, I’m pretty pale, with neutral to slightly yellow undertones, but somehow I have red cheeks and get red really easily. It’s also, I believe, combination skin–it’s dry in certain areas (such as my nose & mouth area) and more oily around my forehead and near my hairline.I’ve always had a hard time finding a foundation color that actually matched my skin–being able to hide my redness without making my skin look sallow–but Revlon PhotoReady in 002 Vanilla is almost perfect. It makes my skin very even and I’d say it has medium to full coverage depending on the application. I don’t typically use a powder over it.I’ve had no issues with this product breaking me out, and I do break out really easily. I also have had no issues with making my skin either too dry or too oily. I do wear a moisturizer underneath–L’Oreal Future-e (which I have also reviewed on Amazon). Throughout the day, I feel like this foundation somewhat sinks into my skin (in a good way) to make it look even better by the end of the day. I’ve even slept with this foundation (not a good idea, I know) but still–no breakouts and my skin in the morning looks so pretty (unfortunately I wash it off at that point and start all over again haha).Some people have had issues with this foundation being too sparkly. I’ll be honest–there are sparkles (verrrry teeny though) in the Vanilla color, but I’ve never had anybody comment on it, and it’s only in direct sunlight when it’s even somewhat obvious. If this product had no discernible sparkles, it would probably be perfect (although, maybe it’s the reason it makes photos look great?).

Essie Dixon, KY

Love it for oily skin

I’m 28 with oily-very oily, acne prone, sensitive skin. I love this foundation! I do need to set it with powder but it looks very natural on me and doesn’t aggravate my skin at all. It looks incredible in photos too; I’ve got large pores on my cheeks and this diffuses their appearance and makes my skin look smooth even without a primer. It is somewhat shimmer I guess, but I didn’t notice at all until someone mentioned it in a review and I’d already gone through 2 bottles at that point. I don’t think the shimmer is apparent unless you are up close and in bright, direct sunlight.

Hollie Mason, WI

The Revlon must look good its going on five years…

I would recommend this Photo ready makeup and love this Revlon product I have used this color for about five years

Helga Dairy, OR

nice and inexpensive

I’ve been using this foundation for a few years now, I generally like the way it looks on my face but it has a way of making it into the wrinkles on my forehead if I don’t apply correctly or too much. They really stand out, with out or without primer, bb cream does a better job than primer, and it’s not like my wrinkles are visible without make up, all I have are 3 lines on my forehead, this plus powder make them oh so obvious, thats why the 3 stars. It does do what it says it does as far as the looking good in any light and in pictures and I do keep buying this product, and I will try the other things in the photo ready line. If you have fine lines on your face I don’t think you’ll like this foundation.

Gwen Lower Brule, SD


ok, so this is the best foundation ever created. (from what I’ve tried already) its easy to apply not heavy or dry. I got this in nude and it fits my coloring EXACT. you don’t look like you have make up on at all and its an amazing price. I 100% recommend this !!

Sophia Sherman, MS

Almost Perfect

Love this foundation. I use one shade for coverage then another for highlighting. I have dry skin and the reason I can’t give it the full 5 is because it’s not very moisturizing. I usually just slather on extra moisturizer beforehand and finish with fix+ and that makes it radiant and dewy.It does, indeed, photograph really gorgeously. It’s the only foundation I use and it doesn’t take much for me get the look I desire. And considering Revlon is one of the only drugstore brands to carry my color (Mocha), I am loyal to this foundation.

Cassie Malaga, NJ

i dont like this product

this has too much of a red tone to it! i end up looking like supper orange after wearing it for a whole day!!!

Kaitlyn Pleasant Lake, IN


Makes your face look flawless. If you use the Revlon primer, base and then this power you face looks like you just had a photo shoot!

Nicole Lindenhurst, NY

It’s not ment for dry skin

The reason for wich I rank this a 1 star is because it didn’t say for what skin type it was. I was really disapointed and it also has sparkly things on it that makes your face look shiny. I did not repurchase this product and it was a tone lighter than mine.

Myra Wilmington, DE

Highly recommended

I have been using Lancome Teint Miracle for the past couple of months. I found to be an average foundation. It’s not awful, but it’s not amazing either. I didn’t like that it turned into a greasy mess on my nose, and the staying power wasn’t the greatest either, even with primer. I bought Skin Balancing foundation from the Body Shop (it was on sale for $5 and is usually $22) and also got a sample of Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Makeup. Neither one really worked for me. One foundation that I wanted to try was Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I stumbled across a blog online that said Revlon Photoready Liquid Makeup is a dupe for MUFE HD Invisible Cover.There is a grocery store about 2 blocks from my house that has a small cosmetics section. They carry Revlon and Cover Girl cosmetics. I know a lot of people on this site really like Revlon Colorstay. They have a formula for oily skin. It took me a while to decide between that foundation and the Photo Ready Liquid Foundation. In the end, I decided to try the Photoready foundation.I have to be honest, I’m generally not a big fan of drugstore foundations. Either I’m allergic to something in it, it looks great at first and fades away to nothing after about 3-4 hours, or looks cakey, heavy, and thick. I’ve tried a couple of drugstore foundations that never even made it out of the house they looked so awful. (L’oreal Infallable, the Body Shop foundation I mentioned earlier, and Maybelline Fit Me all fit into this catagory) Also, finding the right shade in drugstore foundations is both challenging and frustrating because there are no testers. The store lights make it hard to choose the correct shade. It can look one way in the bottle and totally different when you put it all. I’ve noticed that drugstore foundations also have a tendancy to oxidize more than high end foundations.I intially purchased the Photoready in shade 06 Medium Beige. It looked like a perfect match when I first applied it, but it did oxidize a little. I didn’t look like an oompa loompa or anything, but it was definitely a little too orange. It wasn’t enough to be embarassing, but it was noticeable. So I went back to the store and did an even exchange for the next shade down, which is natural beige. This seemed to be a much better match for my skin.Here is how I apply it: First, I apply a tiny amount of my Aveeno Baby Daily Moisturizing Lotion and rub it in completely. Then I apply the foundation, and finish it off with a light dusting of loose powder.This stuff is amazing! It doesn’t transfer, it looks natural, and the staying power is great. I’ve had it on almost 9 hours and it still looks great. It has only worn off the tiniest bit on my nose. The coverage is amazing too. It does a good job of covering up the redness and smoothing out the tiny bumps on my face. It dries quickly, but not too quickly. It is easy to blend and is buidable. I usually apply two thin layers and it never looks cakey or heavy. I paid $14.99 for this foundation, but I found it at Target for $10.99 I absolutely love this foundation and hope that it is never discontinued. There are a lot of reviews out there that say this foundation doesn’t work very well on oily skin. But it’s worked great for me. My search for my HG foundation is over!I’ve never actually tried the MUFE HD Invisible Cover, so I can’t really say if it’s similar to that or not. I NEVER thought I would fall in love with a drugstore foundation. Never in a million years. But I have. The MUFE HD costs $45 for 1 oz of product. The Revlon Photoready is $10.99 for 1 oz. I don’t mind paying $45 for a foundation, but why should I when there is a drugstore version that costs about 1/3 the price? It’s a no brainer for me.

Bernadine Eastern, KY

Great for sheer coverage

Great for sheer coverage, feels very light on the skin. It blends very well into your skin and gives a dewy finish.

Dessie Garden Plain, KS

Really Good!

perfectly covers blemishes, acne spots and leaves your skin soft to the touch! excellent product! the tone is perfect for women of color!

Rosemary Fair Haven, NY

its ok!

i really like revlon foundations and their colorstay line alot! this is a lil lite for my complexion but works great as a highlighter with foundation or good for dark undereye circles. i enjoy using very easy to blend and building it up isn’t a problem light weight foundaion

Ella Rosenhayn, NJ

Amazing coverage without feeling like you’re wearing a mask!

I love this foundation! I have dark, acne scars and this is the most reasonably priced foundation that covers them. MAC foundations make me break out and feel too thick but Revlon Photoready offers amazing coverage for half of the price and I don’t feel like I’ve caked on my foundation. This foundation doesn’t even make me break out and I have very sensitive skin. Love it!Update:I still love this foundation. The only con is that if you are planning on taking pictures at night, this isn’t the fouundation you should use because it makes your face look whiter due to the flash.

Colette Rheems, PA

Good overall foundation

It’s a great coverage foundation which gives a matte finish. It does require occasional touch ups.The brush is not too great though.

Lydia Wellston, MI