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REVLON Photoready Color Correcting Primer, 0.91 Fluid Ounce

REVLON photoready perfecting prime is a revolutionary, lightweight primer that helps soften skin and diffuses light to help minimize flaws and even out skin texture. It creates a perfect canvas so that your foundation will glide on more evenly and smoothly. Can be worn alone or under foundation.

Key features

  • Photo chromatic pigments bend and reflect light to minimize flaws
  • Lightweight gel with color correcting pigments that even out skin tone by neutralizing red or sallow areas
  • Oil free, talc free, fragrance free and paraben free

Honest reviews


Fantastic primer!

This primer is awesome! My makeup goes over it perfectly and I love that my complexion looks amazing all day. I don’t use a lot – I feel like a little goes a long way. Issues with flaking/peeling probably happen when you use a lot of the product, but personally, I don’t feel like I need it. I also love that it’s subscribe and save- never have to worry about running out!

Concetta Millerstown, PA

easy to wear

loved it, it brightens the skin, and makes a good look, Makes the skin look dry and fresh. I Recomend

Yesenia Brighton, MA

REVLON Photoready Color Correcting Primer, 0.91 Fluid Ounce

I found the Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer to just be "okay".Does it do the job? Sure. So would I repurchase? No. Why not? Well to put it simply, the product smells exactly how it feels. Awfully waxy! I can’t stand the smell. It’s like plastic or wax or rubber.Also, even with the lid on securely and with daily use, the product hardens up in the nozzle. So essentially you’re wasting 1/4 of the product.Not for me, thanks.

Leona Mount Erie, IL

Ok for normal to oily skin but not dry skin

I found this product to overdry my already dry skin. I got a couple of dry flaky areas when using it and also I thought the color correcting properties gave my skin a pasty look unless I put foundation on over it. I have used Smashbox primer and less expensive Maybelline and don’t have the problems with them that I had with this one.

Maude Gallatin, MO

Pretty good for price

I have been very pleased with this primer. It makes my foundation look smooth and flawless and I’ve been using it for a couple of months. I had a reaction (red bumps everywhere) to a more expensive primer that I tried, but this one has been kind to my skin. I don’t notice a huge benefit to the color correction. I can still notice some redness of my skin, especially around my nose. I cannot use this product on my nose because it doesn’t agree with my concealer and it develops a really weird texture. Like snake skin or something. I think you have to be cautious of what foundation or concealer you use with this product. I’ve been using Revlon or CoverGirl foundations with it and all is well.

Carla Southington, OH


It’s super smooth to apply, it’s not tick. When you apply it it’s transparent and really holds my foundation a little bit longer, lovely!

Dale Hampton, AR

Great Primer

Before I purchased this I was looking for a decently priced primer from a quality brand. When this was revealed I didn’t hesitate to buy; I love Revlon’s cosmetics. This primer is easy to apply and goes onto my face smoothly. I didn’t really notice any reduction in my pore size, but the redness faded significantly after letting the product sink into my skin. I also felt that my foundation went on more smoothly over this primer. This also mattifies my face which is great because I have oily skin, especially in the t-zone area. Wearing this primer keeps my face matte all day (no oil shines through) and makes my makeup last.I’ve been using this primer for months (maybe half a year) and have not noticed any of the problems the low-raters have mentioned (blotchiness; crumbled, balled-up texture; breakouts; etc) and I have sensitive, acne-prone skin.I’m very pleased with this primer and would reccommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, quality primer.

Roberta Bray, OK

Not as good as the perfecting primer

I usually buy the REVLON Photoready perfecting primer. I accidentally purchased the Color Correcting by mistake. I thought I would give it a try anyway.Its still pretty great, feels oft on your skin, but I fell like it is heavier than the perecting primer. i still would recomment it. i have rosey cheeks, and this does tone them down a bit.

Coleen Buffalo, NY

Fantastic Say Goodbye to Expensive Primers

Am in awh, that a cheap product from Revlon works better that my here’s my list Clinique Arboone, Estee Laurer, Lancolmn. This cheap product goes on slightly drying. but blends on so well you could go without foundation. Makeup stays on and in still looking good mode all day, and I have combination skin. If you don’t use a primer and you wear liquid foundation, Then when you buy this product and put foundation over it, you are going to so pleased how your skin is smoothed out. Try it You will like it

Ingrid Sinclair, ME

Need to buy More!!

Wow this is smooth, Goes on neat and so good! I 30 yrs old and my mom is 46 we both love it! we have fair skin tone I am a little bit darker Latin. But It does feel really nice to use.

Earnestine Linden, CA

This might not be the right shade for me

The product itself is fine, it absorbs well and sits under my Photoready foundation smoothly. But I am a natural redhead (now dyed blonde/brown) and already have somewhat of a pinkish complexion. I don’t think that this accentuates that in any significant way, but next order I’m going to try a different shade of primer and see if I’m more enthused with the results.

Frieda Tomah, WI

Smoothing, but a little drying

Its not the best primer I have used, but it does the trick for filling in my pores, the tone of it is slightly too pink but I put foundation right over it so its no big deal.

Rose Stratham, NH

Works great!

This product does exactly what what it says it does. The ‘fine’ lines around my eyes and my laugh lines seemed to nearly dissapear. It evened out my skin tone and made my makeup look more matte, I do have a few dark spots that it really didn’t do anything for – but I did not expect it to. I have combo skin, a little oily in my t-zone and normal everywhere else. I did not experience any of the flaking or balling during the day that some of the reviewers experienced, I did allow the primer to set before appying anything else to my face for about 5 to 7 mins. I love this product, would 100% recomened it to a friend and will certainly purchase this product again!,

Aisha Chicopee, MA


This is the base I always use. And it has always been good to me. I’m prone to breaking out and had a massive allergic reaction to another product years ago–so I’m cautious when I buy my makeup. But for the price point, it’s very good. No issues and I can usually skip foundation when I go out and about with just this and some eyeliner.

Genevieve Gateway, CO


Bought to try – like it.This product goes on very smooth – leaving a perfect base for makeup.My skin appearance seems to be smoother when I use it than when I don’t.I’d recommend putting it on, waiting a few minutes, then applying your foundation makeup.I can’t say it makes the makeup last any longer — seems the same with or without it.Will buy again when I run out — it goes a long way and you don’t need much.

Jerry Milwaukee, WI