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Revlon Perfect Style 1-3/4″ Round Porcupine Brush, RV2931

The Revlon Perfect Style Collection gives you smooth waves and straight styles. Heads for every type and length of hair. Whether you want to show an awesome blow out or a straight style rest assured that these brushes will make you shine and just feel PERFECT! With a comfortable rubberized handle for easy styling Use with Revlon Perfect Heat Appliance for maximum results

Key features

  • IONIC Technology to help dry hair fast while retaining moisture and reducing frizz
  • Ceramic Technology for even heat distribution creating shinier, healthy looking hair
  • 1-3/4″ Barrel Creates Smooth Waves
  • Best for medium to long hair
  • Use with Revlon Perfect Heat Appliance for maximum results

Honest reviews


Works Great!

This brush just looks professional. I love the handle and it doesn’t have a slit that can yank hair out of your head. The round portion gets really hot while styling with a hair dryer and is great for adding volume and hold. I love it!

Mattie Clarksville, VA

Not so great!

I use this for my "styling", with an exception that it does not style my hair. My hair is thick and voluminous. So, if you have thin/fine hair, you can try your luck. It holds my hair though, but does not really style it.

May Reedsville, WI

Great Brush

This brush is top notch because if doesn’t pull hair, isn’t harsh on scalp, and dries hair quickly. I would recommend it for shorter to long hair.

Darla Hempstead, TX

Great round brush

Works well used with blow dryer or on it’s own. Good for medium to long hair. Very useful for keeping hair smooth and for styling. Easy to remove hair from the brush and keep it clean. This is actually my favorite brush ever! Will definitely buy and recommend Revlon brand for brushes to others.

Rhoda Hallsville, MO

Nice round brush

Very hard to find a round brush with a larger barrel that doesn’t pull your hair. Already had this same style brush( purchased several years prior) and thought I should have a backup. As they say timing is everything, last week the original brush fell off the sink and the handle broke off when it hit the floor. Good thing that I had purchased this one.

Ronda Stella, MO

Dries quickly

This brush dries my hair pretty quickly and gives it that blow out look that you get at salons without much extra effort. I desperately needed a round brush upgrade and this one made sense for sure.

Frances Winchester, KS