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Revlon Perfect Heat Jumbo 3 Barrel Waver

Our Revlon Jumbo 3 Barrel Waver creates large loose, natural looking waves. Waver come with Triple Baked Ceramic, Tourmaline & Ionic Technologies for maximum hair conditioning for shiny, healthier looking waves.

Key features

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  • Ceramic, Tourmaline
  • Imported
  • 3 jumbo barrels with ceramic create extra-large, beautiful “S” waves
  • Ceramic technology provides high heat while protecting hair
  • 60-second fast heat-up
  • 25 heat settings
  • Plate locking switch for easy storage
  • Triple Baked Ceramic, Tourmaline & Ionic Technologies for softer shiner curls withouth the frizz.
  • 30 Heat Settings
  • 30 second fast heat up for instant results
  • Lighted On/Off Rocker Switch
  • Plate Locking Switch for easy storage

Honest reviews


Life Changer!

I am a product of a Norwegian mother and a Hungarian father. My people are not known for thick wavy hair. I have super thin, anemic hair. As a child if you put a barrette in it, by the middle of the day the barrette was hanging by a lone hair or it slid to the bottom, or it vanished. I got perms galore, but they never stayed for long. I learned to love my straight hair, which I can wash and run with. I can braid it and bun it and twirl it and with enough product it will stay for a little while.I have owned curler after curler, in fact I just got this oneRemington CI52FO Wrap to Waves Ceramic Hair Stylerand it didn’t work for me. I wanted curly waves, but without having to wear gloves and fear of seriously burning myself and having to work too hard to weave my hair around an appliance that was hard to maneuver.The Revlon Jumbo Waver, is a hair styling tool, for those of us who are lazy…and are prone to accidents. Its so stinking easy! I section my hair with clips, take a chunk and proceed to clamp the hair, moving downward as I go and BAM…waves. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get huge wavy results. EVEN on my thin hair,,this gives me TONS of volume and it stays! even without products!!

Sasha Fairpoint, OH

Tried it, it was TRASH.

Tried it, it was TRASH. It did not create waves or crimps. Created a dead, limpy looking mess on my head!

Alta Lohrville, IA

Love it!

I’ve always wanted one of these but they’re so expensive in stores! I wasn’t sure exactly what I was buying since I was buying this online and had no clue how these work! I got the hang of it quickly and I love the way it makes my hair look! I have log hair so it takes about hair an hour to do all of my hair but it stays all day and even until the next day! I think they look even better as the day goes on as well! I totally recommend this product!!

Megan Atlantic, IA


Very coolBut I have a problemWritten on the device 120vAnd tried it on 110vBut I want to use on 220 v and I am afraid that is burning!

Alice Southold, NY

Maybe for someone else

I have always had this romantic fantasy of having long “beachy” hair, so I ordered the Jumbo Waver and ended up with a frizzy fro. I am no hair expert, I’m clumsy and more than a little bit impatient, so take this with a grain of salt, but for me, after using this awkard thing (and burning myself twice), I ended up with a “non style”, so I brushed it out to make it look more “beachy” and that is how the fro happened. If you’re skilled with these kind of tools perhaps this will work great for you, but for me it was a flop.

Autumn Ruby, AK

2 stars for brand name & reliability minus 3 stars for design

I bought this, used it once or twice and gave it to charity. It is clunky and large, the barrels are not traditional nonstick or chrome but made of a porous-looking material that doesn’t allow your hair to slide like the nonstick, ceramic or chrome ones do. I have fine hair that isn’t real thick and three teen & adult daughters who live at home. We all tried this and didn’t like it or the resulting hairstyle at all and we all have varying degrees of thickness to our hair (all long though). The results were strange looking like you used the old fashioned hot curlers with the metal clips and they left lines in your hair. It says with ceramic on the title but this isn’t like the ceramic curling iron I recently purchased.

Alejandra Whitefield, OK

Lovely Design

I really looked forward to putting waves in my hair with this. The size of the waves would have been so perfect. The problem is that it never got hot enough. It would get warm and I would have VERY mild waves that would completely disappear no more than 90 minutes later. I would even use lots of extra time on each wave–if I used just the standard amount of time I use with any other styling device, it wouldn’t hold at all. I also put hairspray on before I used it which would normally be somewhat dangerous with products that heated up to a normal temp and still it barely workedIt wasn’t just theRevlon RV084C 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver with CeramicI had originally purchased that was defective. I so loved the design that I exchanged it at the store I purchased it for another one. The replacement didn’t warm up either.The ones that gave this 5 stars must have seriously thin hair.

Jo Hamburg, MI

Majorly Disappointed

I bought this barrel waver with high hopes, and really pleased with the price. The reviews gave me the extra boost I needed to buy, but upon receiving this product I was enormously disappointed. Even at the highest heat setting, and allowing it to reach that temperature, this tool did not wave my (very fine) hair, regardless of my testing it on one inch and one and a half inch sections. It did create frizzy, weird kinks that reminded me of wrinkles in fabric. Not at all attractive. I gave it a fair trial, using it to style my whole head before giving up and blow drying my hair straight again. No way I could go out looking like that.The product is also rather heavy, it did not cause me any discomfort but the weight made it twice as unwieldy as it would have been normally. I found myself contorting into odd positions to clamp my hair properly.I’m sending mine back tomorrow.

Stacey Somers Point, NJ

Made my curly hair straight

I wanted a waver to control my curls not straighten my hair. I was going for a wavy tousled look. The waver made my hair straighter and it worked a little bit with gobs of curling mousse. It just wouldn’t hold the wave. I’ll try a few other curling products with then, if it doesn’t work out it is being donated.

Beryl New Middletown, IN

Like this product

This item well give you more of a late 1920’s -1930’s wave look. The others like this give a deeper, less soft V wave. I suggest watching the YouTube video on this. It show what you will get, no mater what kind of products you are using in your hair.

Freida Bell, FL

my faavorite

this is my 4th one of these, and i love them! I have two for salon and two for home incase one breaks or something! They’re my favorite irons!

Karla Belleville, NJ


I found this product to be about average in terms of its ability. it does have alot of heat settings but i found the dial moved when i didnt even touch it, just a flimsy nob. I found the product to be too big in size so it was pretty hard to style the hair by yourself. It gives you a basic crimped look which is good if thats what you like, I was just expecting bigger waves. On a positive note it is super quick my whole head of hair took me about 15 minutes. It gives good volume.

Ida Warrenton, NC

Five Stars

Love it but very very heavy!

Samantha Adrian, GA


Not really suitable for short hair, it is too heavy to handle, extremely easy to burn yourself; but pretty decent for price, and for long hair.

Lessie Farina, IL

does not heat up

I received this on time, however, the waver does not work. The light turns on, but it puts out zero heat. Sadly, i threw away the packaging, so i will be eating this one.

Bessie Buena Vista, VA

wish it was faster

it is ok, only wish it did my hair faster, it takes a a lot of time, i guess it is not hot enough or something, i suggest if you are going out, at least put a side two hours or an hour and half to get those perfect waves.

Marcella Evanston, WY

Best hair styling tool!

As a licensed cosmetologist, I must say this is my favorite tool! It is sturdy! I have gone through three over the past seven years, by my own fault. I put mine through quite a beating and each one has lasted me at least two years. It creates beautiful movement in the hair and is my life-saving go-to tool. I can’t live without it. I just broke my third one the other day and I’m lost without it! I ordered this again yesterday so hopefully it comes soon! My hair misses it!

Ada Fargo, ND

Bigger then I thought

This waver is much bigger then I thought it would be. It is heavy and hard to do my hair with.

Dee Whittier, CA

Works well

I bought this product even though I was worried my hair wouldn’t be long enough for it to look right with waves in it. The product heated up nicely and didn’t seem to get to hot to wear I might burn myself or my hair. I wish it had something on the ends so that I could hold it with both hands while waiting for it to wave my hair. Worked nicely, gave my hair lots of bounce and volume, hopefully will look even better when my hair grows out more.

Etta Lambrook, AR

Creates Awesome Waves

I love this wave iron so much! It creates really nice natural looking waves quickly. I have had mine for about a year now & everyone always wants to borrow it. I have naturally straight long hair & when I use this the waves lasts all day & look great the next morning even & I don’t use any gel or hairspray on my hair. I use it on about the medium setting, its huge & a little awkward to hold sometimes but it doesn’t take long at all to use on your hair so its worth it. Like some of the other reviews said, you have to find something safe to set it down on since it doesn’t have a stand of its own, I actually set mine on a cookie sheet so it doesn’t burn anything. I don’t know how I ever managed without it, it creates such an awesome look.

Candy Bagley, WI

VaVaVoom! (use google to get idea of results)

First off, this may or may not show as an Amazon verified purchase. I ordered, and it was out of stock, so eventually canceled after I found it at my local Target last week. But I do own this.Holy waves! I’ve looked at several wavers over the last few months, and you need to Google pictures of ‘triple barrel waver hairstyles’ and ‘deep waver hairstyles’ to really see the difference — know what look you’re after and save the hassle of buying the wrong type. Also, I watched a video on YouTube (there are many, but I only watched one that had a lot of views) to get a sense of what I would be dealing with. Lastly, there is a difference between the results you get from a regular triple barrel waver and a ‘JUMBO’ waver. Decide how wavy you want your hair. If you want a tight enough wave to resemble curls, a standard size is probably the way to go. If you want looser waves, the kind you typically see on todays television personalities — go with the jumbo size.Ok, so I was educated going into my purchase. Real life was a little different.– Waver is heavy. It’s not so heavy you can’t do it, but your front shoulder muscle is probably going to ache a bit after using this.– Didn’t come with anything to set the hot iron on, so I used a silicone pad from the kitchen. It’s quite big, so the silicone kept it from slipping off the side of a relatively narrow (2″) sink. It gets very hot, so protect your surfaces.And other than that I have nothing negative to say about it.My daughter and I both used the waver (I used a little gel on my wet hair) with a teeny tiny bit of spray on the waves right after the iron was removed. Her waves lasted 48 hours, with some loosening. Mine probably would have lasted much longer had I not showered. Maybe I used the temperature too hot (I used the heat resistance spray) and thin layers so the heat was only applied for a few seconds at a time, but the waves stayed. Having watched that YouTube video, it made it so easy to do a good job right out of the gate. My trial run was perfect.The waves look almost natural to me. So happy for a tool to give me a change-up when needed!

Claire Wilson, AR

Hair with waves

If you’re looking for that beach hair look, then buy this. It does not curl your hair but rather makes it wavy. I got a lot of compliments. It’s easy to use and heats up quickly.

Violet Township Of Washington, NJ

This thing is heavy, and the handle hurts my hand 🙁

Mehhhhh…I’m so sad! I bought mine at Target, not on Amazon, but it’s the same Revlon model. I’m a very petite woman, with tiny hands (I’m 5’0", size 0-3), and this model is too big and heavy for my tiny child-like mittens! :(( I run anywhere from 5-15 miles every week, and am in the best shape of my life…and can barely hold this thing up over my head long enough to wave one row with three measly sections. I’m pretty sure that I could do at least 40-60 actual push-up right now (not girl push-ups on my knees, either), but I wouldn’t have the strength to use this monster to finish waving the rest of my hair. Plus, the square handle hurts some of my fingers. Whaaaaa! :(( I’m eventually going to go hunt down another design that I loved years ago – it has gold barrels.Things I hate about this model:1. It’s heavy – I’ve been using curling irons since before I can remember (my mother was in beauty school when I was a toddler), and I was very nervous about burning myself while using this model.2. I wasn’t impressed with its waving performance, compared to other wavers used in the past.3. The square handle makes the unit awkward and sometimes painful to use.4. It doesn’t have a spring clamp to grip hair securely – you have to hold it shut, or clamp it manually.5. It doesn’t have a well-deseigned balancing system – almost needs its own hot plate, especially if you treasure your counter tops. However, it didn’t burn my counter the 10-15 minutes I used it. I had it on a setting for fine hair (1-5 low).6. There are plastic pieces that repeatedly entangle my hair near the handle while it is under heat, no bueno. This finally happened enough times that I started cursing and gave up styling my hair altogether.I’m not hating on Revlon, I very rarely write terrible reviews…but I think the weight of this model alone presents a significant enough burn hazard to deter any further usage on my part.

Avis Mc Cabe, MT

Almost never use it

My hair is very thick and very long and curly. I have to straighten my hair first and then when I tried to use it, it snags too sometimes. For the most part, I don’t use it at all.I gave it to my daughter, but I have not seen her use it neither. This is good for not so thick hair, so that is why I gave it three stars, or I would have given it two stars, because for people like me, it has really no use to even try to get it largely wavy. If I want my hair to be wavy, I just figured out to put it in a bun on top of my head and let it stay that way for a while.

Margery Warsaw, MO