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Revlon Perfect Heat 1875W Shine Boosting Hair Dryer

Give yourself shinier, softer hair with less frizz. Ion Technology – This revolutionary technology uses negative ions to reduce the water droplets on your hair allowing for more moisture to be maintained thus less frizz, faster drying and healthier hair. Ceramic technology – Delivers high, even heat distribution and is gentler on the hair during the drying and styling process thus healthier looking hair. Concentrator attachment can be used for more precise drying and styling. Volumizing diffuser attachment will help add volume from the hair roots out. Removable lint filter will allow for easy cleaning, maintenance and extend the life of your hair dryer. Cold shot option releases cool air for setting your style.

Key features

  • Triple Baked Ceramic Disk
  • Tourmaline, Ionic Technology for Silky Smooth Results
  • Ion Generator Switch: ON for polished look, OFF delivers full body
  • 3 Heat / 2 Speed Settings with Cold Shot Button
  • Diffuser & Concentrator Attachments Included

Honest reviews


Superior Performance

I bought this hair dryer after seeing a recommendation in a fashion magazine. It doesn’t disappoint. It dried my very long hair in just a few minutes (compared with five for my older dryer) and the diffuser gives great volume and lift. Highly recommend. Buy this model instead of the more expensive salon models, and spend the extra $$ on more shampoo.

Tricia Trenton, SC

A Satisfied Hair Enthusiast

I gave this dryer a 5 because I am very satisfied with the speed that it dries and how soft and smooth my hair is right afterwards. This is probably not the only dryer that will give these kinds of results and it’s probably not the best. But if you have thick long hair like mine(reaches my waist)this is a handy tool. It is a little heavy but it shouldn’t be a problem if you only need to hold it for 5-10 minutes. The real reason why I chose this ionic dryer is because I love Revlon’s button configuration. The top button lets me adjust the temperature from cool, warm to hot. And the bottom button adjusts the air flow from low, med to high. It lets me control and style my hair how I want to. I get so frustrated when the temperature corresponds to the air flow setting because it won’t let me use hot on low or cool on med…catch my drift? Anyway, nice dryer:)

Mandy Wolf Run, OH

Works for me!

I bought this hair dryer because of the price. It dries my hair nicely. It claims to have ion technology but I think it is a gimmick. My hair dries frizzy with this hair dryer like it did with my previous one that was old and didn’t have ion technology.

Shelly Dunedin, FL

Love it

The best blow dryer ever. 23 Afro American female I use with a long hard comb attachment and this makes blow drying so much easier because I have long thick hair and I hate doing it myself but this definitely helps out when I’m tryna save money but skipping the salon

Dawn Peggy, TX


I would highly recommend this ceramic hair dryer. Excellent workmanship. Indeed, very high quality, and quite handsome. RECOMMENDED. DAME HILDA

Grace Conception Junction, MO

Four years old and still going

I have to admit that this has been used as a spare dryer for the past year, but it is still used twice a month at least. It saw heavy use with waist length hair the three years prior. Even though it now costs almost half of what I paid for it, I still think it is a decent value. My Rusk 1900 watt ceramic dryer blows this dryer away, but it isn’t fair to compare an $80 dryer to something that now costs $15. The amount of heat is pretty good and it gets my hair dry in an acceptable amount of time. The cold air button is really more of a “less hot air” than actual cold air, but I really don’t have a use for cold air, anyway. After all these years, the cord is starting to bend oddly right at the plug, so I don’t think it has a lot of life in it left unless I find a way to replace the cord. But I still think I got my money’s worth.

Shannon Keene, KY

Had it less than 1 year and it doesn’t work

Sometimes you get what you pay for. This is one of those cases. There’s no lint on the back that would cause it to overheat or anything. One day it just started switching to a warm/cool setting even though it was set to hot. As time went on, it just doesn’t even get hot anymore at all, warm at best. I had this less than 1 year and always kept the back cleared of lint so this is just a junk product. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it does come with attachments that similarly priced dryers don’t usually come with, and there’s a removable cover thing on the lint trap in the back that makes it way easier to clean, you can remove it and wash it off in the sink in 2 seconds. But it doesn’t work long so don’t expect much.

Flora Washburn, MO