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Revlon NutrifusionConditioning Curling Iron, 1 inch

Revlon is proud to introduce revlon nutrifusion, a line of hair tools that helps reduce damage and leaves the hair shiny and healthy looking by using some of natures purest oils (moringa, macadamia and argan) valued for their nutritive properties. Curling iron comes with 30 heat settings, on/off switch, and tangle free swivel cord

Key features

  • Condition Your Hair While You Style
  • Triple Conditioning System – Moringa, Argan & Macadamia
  • 1″ Barrel for soft curls and waves
  • Rheostat Dial with 30 Heat Settings
  • On/Off Switch & Tanlge Free Swivel Cord

Honest reviews


Great heat range (1-30), but feels and looks cheap.

First, the bad stuff (but good stuff is coming, too!) Granted, this isn’t an expensive wand, but I’ve owned lots of "drugstore" heat appliances, and many were superior. Overall, this one feels and looks cheap. The plastic quality feels fragile, and also contributes to the awkward weight balance of the thing. There’s no real weight in the handle, but plenty in the iron, so it feels imbalanced (grant you, I’m particular about how my tools feel in my hand; there are just so many good ones, why use one that feels awkward?). The plastic edges are not very tapered, also contributing to a cheap feel. But one of the most annoying and "cheap" things about it is than they chose to put a black (black!) cord on it even though the wand is brown, and the graphics on the wand are also brown. That mis-matching looks awful. (Kickstand also cheaply done; the cord doesn’t swivel, which is frustrating.)That said, the colors would have been nice had they carried the design through to the cord. It’s a pretty blue.The GOOD stuff. This has a fabulous heat range!! Goes from 1-30, so you have great control over temperature. The barrel is nice and smooth and seems to heat evenly. The barrel on this item IS nice, but nothing else about it is.Personally, I now avoid heat (aside from dryers with diffusers) in general (I had to "borrow" my mother’s hair to review this). I would use this curling iron, perhaps, once a year (other heat appliances and wands slightly more often), and have been postponing replacing an old (old!) wand. So, this will suit my needs, and for the most part, it will live in my guest bathroom. I am curious about the "oil infused" technology, but I can’t really say how or if it works. And, while I avoid heat now (trying to baby my natural wave/curl pattern), I used to use them much more often, and I can say, there are better wands.I’ve been happier (and at similar price points) with the many Remington brand appliances I’ve owned, and were I in the market for a new one, would check out that line/brand. If I used heat very often, I would likely consider a more pricey one.I cannot recommend this, and would recommend, if possible, checking it out some place where you can look at it and "feel it in your hand" to better judge for yourself.

Mallory Taneytown, MD

Pretty, shiny curls

I must admit that when I first tried this curling iron I felt that it was too lightweight to be a quality tool. Also, as others have pointed out, the temperature button is located in an awkward place on the handle where it’s very easy to change the temperature without realizing it. However, this curler did a nice job of curling my hair and managed to maintain some shine in my curls. The feature that makes this staying tool different from others that I own is that the barrel is coated with moringa, argan and macadamia oils to protect the hair from heat damage. I must admit that I wonder how long the oils will stay coated on the curling iron, but in the meantime I will continue to use this, as I have received the desired results that I was looking for.

Leticia Gillham, AR

Handle Out of Balance with Curling Iron

I have a small vanity in my bathroom. I have a utility bar on the wall to hang corded products on. When I plug one of my curling irons up, I remove it from the hanger and place it on the vanity, within reach of my brush, comb and hands. The handle weight is out of proportion/balance with the curling end and the iron is continuously falling off the vanity onto the floor. Even when the iron is almost completely on the vanity, if I let go to quickly, it falls in the floor. I’ve almost burned my hand several times reacting to it falling and trying to catch it. I react instinctively and just grab for it forgetting that it’s hot, until I touch it-Then I remember!The second problem is that it will not hold my hair long enough to curl. My hair is not thin or fine. It’s thick and has some body to it. When I take a section of hair and place it in the iron and begin to roll it, my hair just slips right out. No matter how much or how little hair, it just doesn’t hold. I have shoulder length, thick hair. It has some bounce to it but not much curl. I use a curling iron to make a few wayward strands go in the right direction. This curling iron, however, does not work with my hair.I have other Revlon curling irons that work. I also have curling brushes that work. This curling iron, for some reason, just will not work with my hair.

Carla Hanna, WY

Love Medium Curls!

I’ve always used this type of curling iron. It’s so much easier for me to get the curls I want in less amount of time than the wand type. I like the triple oil infused conditioning system. It seems to help reduce hair damage than the plain curling iron. One bad part about this curling iron is the temperature dial. I wished it could be at a different location. Everything else is good so far. If you use one temperature all the time, I recommend taping the dial so it won’t move while you are curling your hair. I use the regular duck tape and it has been working so far. Enjoy your new curly hair!

Lacey Alliance, NE

Easy to use

I like this curling iron. It has a good heat range and curls easily–so that you don’t need to hold it on for very long. The only thing I’m not happy about, and I’m not sure if it’s my fine hair or the iron, but I find the curls don’t stay in very well. I also don’t get this whole oil-infusion thing–seems to be a gimmick. This is just a good basic curling iron.

Alissa Vivian, SD

llight and right

I really like this curling iron. The weight of it is just right – allows me to maneuver without arm fatigue (I have long thick hair, t happens) and the adjustable heat settings allow me to control the curl. I’m not aware of the oil conditioning – my hair doesn’t feel greasy or seem il infused, but it sure looks shiny.

Marilyn Holland, IA

First time curling iron user

Confession, I’ve never used a curling iron before. So I approached using this as an absolute newbie. And I found it incredibly easy to use! I have long, mostly thick hair. I know that my hair CAN hold a curl after getting it professionally done for weddings, proms, etc. But I’ve never done it myself. Doing the front was really easy. I had a bit of trouble in the back, but that’s because I need more practice. It heats up fairly quickly. I found it comfortable to use and had no issues at all. The cord is a bit cumbersome but otherwise it’s a good product.

Carey Icard, NC

ok for the price; ignore the oil claims

It’s pretty much your standard ceramic curling iron, and it has a decent range for heat, which is useful depending on your hair type, or if used with very low settings, for styling synthetic hair, weaves, and wigs. I prefer this model type over the newer kind with the heat glove you have to use to hold your hair against the barrel. I’ve tried the latter kind, and it’s not for me. As for the claims of oil, that’s a bunch of boloney. Sure, it might have a coating of oil on it now, but barring some magical powers whereby the oil is secreted from some hidden pores in the ceramic, it will wear out very soon. Ignore that claim; it’s silly and false. There is no reservoir for this "magical" trinity of oils and no place from which it might be secreted, so don’t take that into account when buying. So that’s it! This is your basic curling iron, and it works fine!

Tamara Five Points, TN

Curls held up all evening

I used this on my very long, down to my lower back hair and it worked out great. i got the curls i was looking for, and without product, they held up an entire evening while i was at a wedding. the clip took a little getting used to, since i normally use a clip less curling iron, but i was able to navigate it well enough once i got the hang of it. it heated up fast and was effective.

Hope Tchula, MS

Travel Iron so you can leave your “good” one home

This curling iron feels flimsy and doesn’t feel weighted properly for putting on the counter. I have a "good" iron that I paid a lot more for, and I’ll keep using that one, while I put this in my travel bag. It does the job, and I do like being able to control the heat settings to the level this lets me, but I’ve also accidently hit the dial and changed the setting while using it. It should make a good travel curling iron so I don’t have to worry about leaving my good one in a hotel.

Sheree Dry Run, PA


I am really enjoying my Revlon curling iron.I have super long, very dry and thick hair. It gets a rough coarse texture to it and I have to use a deep conditioner every time I wash it.I am just amazed at this triple oil infusion conditioning system that it has. it says that the oils they use ae maringa, argan, and macadamia. It says the macademia reduces frizz, the moringa has vitamins and minerals, and the argan bonds to the protein of the hair to help keep it strong.All I know that after using it the first time, I had shiny bouncy curls.I can’t imagine how this oil infusion thing works, nor how long it will keep producing the oils,. I am just happy that my hair came out in better condition.In the past I have used conditioner with a heat cap and I think this works on the same principle. i am very pleased

Young Smyrna Mills, ME

its a basic curling iron with a splash of gimmick

I was curious about this curling iron because of nutrifusion sounded intriguing but there really wasn’t enough information on the product page to tell me how it worked. I thought there must be some way to refill the essential oils because after a few uses the oils impregnated in the iron would either be transferred to my hair and degraded due to the constant high heat.Well there is no way to refill the oils. Since there can only be so much oil impregnated into the metal, any benefits of the oil will be pretty short lived. As for the west of the curling iron? Its not the best design. The temperature adjustment and on/off button are located where you would put your hand so it is easy to switch off the iron or change the heat settings when you use it. The balance is off and the construction feels cheap. It works fine but there are better options out there.

Lawanda Albany, MO

30 Settings

I really liked the curling iron. With its non tangling cord to the 30 heat settings. i like that its one inch . It gives me the tight curls that I need . If you have long hair or short. (like mine is short). It gives the purfect curl. I used the heat setting on 20. I used some oil and hair spray and it gave me a long lasting curl. Great curling iron.

Juliana Ama, LA

Nice basic curling iron!

This curling iron is super cute…I love the colors and design. Besides that, it just seems to be pretty basic to me. I’m not sold on the whole oil infused thing either. The heat range is awesome and gets hot pretty quickly, the swivel cord makes it easy to maneuver and doesn’t tangle easily. Overall it holds a nice bouncy curl.

Ilene Topinabee, MI

Got a compliment on my hair the first time I used it!

I read a previous review before I got this that said this was a really cheap iron and so I didn’t expect too much. I was so pleasantly surprised. Yes, it is lightweight but it is a really great curling iron. I do have a more expensive, heavy-duty iron but I much prefer this one. It heats and grips the hair very smoothly. With my other iron, I almost feel like it is scorching my hair. I don’t have that sense with this one at all and it stills curls even better. It gives my hair so much volume. My mom sees me all the time and boy did she notice when I used this. She commented how great my hair looked as soon as she saw me. It was surprising and appreciated. This is my new go to iron and I highly recommend it. I know some people say you really can’t measure the effect of the oil infusion. However, I think that’s why it is such a smooth curl and not a scorching one.

Margaret Castle Rock, WA

Good as a back-up but not as a primary curling iron…

My wife tried this curling iron and was not overly impressed.PROS:It slides through hair very easily.It provides a decent curl.It has a nicer than most swivel cord.Hair does appear softer and with shine after use, but not significantly.CONS:The kick stand gets in the way and is meant to move as to not be in the way while in use. However, if you forget to put it back up you might inadvertently burn your counter top.Heat dial is difficult to see (numbers are tiny), and slides too easily when in use. Heat setting is specific to type of hair (e.g., 1-6 for fine hair up to 23-30 for coarse, hard to curl hair). You have to be very careful not to move the dial by accident which is quite easy to do.No automatic shut off function for safety.All in all it curls well, but lacks the features that would make it a curling iron you would want to reach for on a daily basis. Its a good back up curling iron at best.

Staci Stone Park, IL

Dial switches temperature too easily

Mostly, I like this curling iron. Lots of temperature settings, swivel cord, works well, nicely smooth so it’s not grabbing my hair and light weight.What I don’t like is the switch placement. The dial and switch are located so if you’re left-handed (both my daughter and I are) the dial is in the palm of your hand. Since the dial moves easily instead of clicking into settings, it winds up changing settings frequently, and occasionally the power switch gets turned off too. It’s pretty frustrating. A little fabric tape fixes the dial switching.

Kim Denmark, SC

Not a quality product

I am not a fan of this product. I feel it is just a shoddy piece of equipment that was not well thought out during the design process. First off, the overall feel of the iron is bad. It is very lightweight and feels insignificant. It needs a little weight to it. Secondly, the temperature dial is located in a terrible place. While I was curling my hair, my fingers were constantly turning the temperature down by accident. The dial is too easy to move and is in a bad location. I also have issues with the "kickstand". It is very small and weak and just feels cheap.As far a performance this curling iron did just and OK job of curling my hair. I have hair that falls between wavy and curly. The iron did a fair job of curling my hair but it didn’t leave the curl as smooth as I would like.

Delia Brighton, IA