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Revlon Nutrifusion Conditioning Curling Iron, 3/4 inch

Revlon is proud to introduce revlon nutrifusion, a line of hair tools that helps reduce damage and leaves the hair shiny and healthy looking by using some of natures purest oils (moringa, macadamia and argan) valued for their nutritive properties. Curling iron comes with 30 heat settings, on/off switch, and tangle free swivel cord

Key features

  • Condition Your Hair While You Style
  • Triple Conditioning System – Moringa, Argan & Macadamia
  • 3/4″ Barrel for medium tight curls
  • Rheostat Dial with 30 Heat Settings
  • On/Off Switch & Tanlge Free Swivel Cord

Honest reviews


It works, but the design is a problem

My family is aggressively left-handed, we’ve had a lot of experience with the right handed world and generally it’s not an issue. But every so often there is a product that is so completely right handed it’s nearly unusable.This curling wand is one of them. The dials and switches on the left hand side instead of centered along the side with the clip are a problem.The dial doesn’t click into place, while it offers a huge number of settings for this price range, it also moves easily. So if you have it at 20, it can suddenly be up to 30 or down to 10 because the dial fits in your palm if you’re left-handed. The power switch also toggles unexpectedly.I was able to "fix" the dial by applying a piece of cloth tape to it to keep it set. But the truth is, I think this would be a problem for right handers too because it’s so loose and your finger tips or thumb might touch it. The power- not sure how to fix that.As far as how it works- it did leave my hair glossy and curled, but having to constantly check the settings made it a slower process than it needed to be. The swivel cord also worked well, and I love the color of this curling iron. I wish it were better designed.

Shana Briggsdale, CO

Leaves Behind Beautiful Curls!

This is a great curling iron that leaves my hair in smooth, beautiful curls in a mere 5-8 seconds. I have medium-long hair, not too thick, not too thin, and the barrel size is right for me.The Revlon Nutrifusion has a dial with heat settings from 1 to 30. Actually, it’s a wheel , and rather than clicking into place, it’s left free to spin. I accidentally bumped it from a 6 to a 10 without realizing it. (So that’s why it got 4 stars–It still curls great!)I’m not quite sure how the conditioning works (I do wish they would explain it somewhere), but I do like the way my hair looks and feels after curling my hair with this curling iron.It curls my hair really well, and I’ll definitely use it on my kids’ hair as well.

Lena Hooksett, NH

You Get What You Pay For

I believe the design for this curling iron jumped straight out of the 1980s, minus the dial for temperature changes. The temperature dial is inconveniently designed and placed. The dial does not lock between setting and is in such a position on the handle that it is easy to accidentally change while curling your hair. I despise the cheap wire stand which most manufacturers have gotten away from due to their shorts lives with normal use. The oil infused metal barrel is a gimic the manufacturers use to attempt to make this product seem unique in a competitive market but doesn’t seem to do anything in my opinion. The barrell is constructed of metal and the rest is a hard plastic. On a positive note this curling iron does heat up quickly, has multiple heating setting, and the cord resists tangling. Not the best product out there but a decent curling iron for a lower price.

Juana Holmes, NY

Good quality curling iron with a few quirks

I have fine, thin hair, and on most days, I use a large-barrel curling iron (1 1/2″) to give my hair a bit of body and wave. On special occasions, however, I sometimes like to fix my hair so that it’s actually curly, and to do this, I need a smaller curling iron. The smaller iron I had was super-old, and I had been looking for the opportunity to replace it.I loved that this Revlon iron heated up extremely quickly: once you plug it in and turn it on, the light flashes, but in less than a minute, the light stopped flashing, indicating that the iron was ready. There is a dial with 30 heat settings, which personally I find pretty ridiculous–I think that for the vast majority of women, 2-3 settings is sufficient. Also (as another reviewer mentioned), the dial does not lock into place, making it too easy to turn during use; however, once I was aware of this issue, I could adjust for it.Otherwise, I found this curling iron easy to use. I like the updated black barrel rather than the older chrome style, which I felt glided more easily through my hair. On the other hand, I don’t think that the supposed “infusion” of oils in the barrel (moringa, macadamia and argan) made any kind of discernable difference. Still, I would recommend this as a good, basic curling iron that heats up quickly and includes an auto-off feature.

Flossie Antoine, AR

Best Curling Iron I’ve Ever Used

I used this curling iron right after letting my hair dry. My hair is thick with grays and thick wavy slash straight because my hair has no idea which to be. I curled strands into tight Shirley Temple curls knowing they would slowly loosen over the day — a hot and humid day and I was walking for at least three hours outside in it. My curls loosened into the wavy look everyone is wearing nowadays and stayed that way for three days. And I used no product in my hair. My hair was shiny and sleek.The curling iron is easy to use, has multiple heating levels and the tip is easy grip that made life so simple. My sister who always burns herself on curling irons used it too and it was the first time she has curled her hair with a curling iron without getting some kind of burn. Seriously, this thing is made for maneuverability.After using this curling iron, it has definitely been bumped up to best hair styling tool I own.

Dawn Drake, ND

It’s ok.

I didn’t notice anything special about this curling iron. The oil infused barrel really didn’t make any difference. To my hair or the curls. However, it is a pretty great curling iron. Heats up fast and has a lot of heat settings! Good for the price. Seems durable enough to last for a while.

Lavonne Turnerville, GA

OK curling iron , but not great

(Review from Car Guy’s wife): So, not sure there is much new to add to the other thoughtful comments here. I, too, like the swivel cord and I like that this iron does heat up quickly enough. Although my hair is thin and straight, I was able to add some decent curls, so there is that. The real gripe I have is it IS easy to mess up the settings; bad design I guess.Pretty enough, but not my first choice.

Lynn Exeter, MO

Not My Favorite

I’ve been using curling irons almost daily for decades. This one is not my favorite.First, the good point:It makes nice smooth, shiny curls. Whether this is due to the “triple oil infusion,” I don’t know. It certainly doesn’t exude any oils.Now, the not so good points:There are 30 heat settings, on a dial. The only problem is it’s a free-spinning wheel (as opposed to “clicking” in place), and it’s placed exactly where you would hold the iron. What this means is for me, EVERY time I made a curl I’d accidentally spin the wheel. There’s no sound to let you know you’ve done this, so sometimes the heat setting would be on 5 and sometimes on 30. I couldn’t find any place to comfortably grip the iron that wouldn’t spin the wheel. I might get a piece of tape to see if I can fix the wheel in place.The barrel is not ceramic, so pulling my hair through the iron made a slight scrape-y sound. It wasn’t smooth.This curling iron is mainly plastic, so it seems cheap. On the other hand, it’s more lightweight than similar irons. This can be a positive or negative, depending on your preference.Overall, it makes nice curls, but the spinning wheel is a design flaw, in my opinion. Having to check the heat setting after every curl is time-consuming and the main reason I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend this curling iron.

Melisa Carrollton, AL

This was ok

I "think" I feel a difference with my hair when I use this. I don’t know if it is the triple oil infusion coming into play but my hair did look nice, and soft!Though I haven’t used a non ceramic curling iron in awhile and had to get used to the feeling of dragging my hair through this. Not a very pleasant experience and almost kind of a deal breaker for me.Also, this thing is really lightweight. For those of use with long thick hair that Is certainly a huge plus.Also, love the swivel cord. Once you go swivel you can never go back.Hmm, design flaw, though. And I see almost everyone else has mentioned it, that it is really easy to mess with the settings. When I do my makeup or my hair I tend to zone out and let my mind wander so it took a few curls drooping on my right away before I noticed that my highest setting was now on a 11 or 8. Not cool.

Marva Harlingen, TX

Good results, but….

Without a doubt, Revlon’s Nutrifusion Triple Oil Infused Curling Iron produced some beautiful curls. The problem is that the design needs improvement. It was quite annoying to constantly have to be fooling around with the settings while working with it because of where they are positioned. Without that significant annoyance, this curler would have a solid five stars.

Maxine O Neals, CA

decent curling iron

Well, I love the colors of this curling iron. I had a difficult time with my ends crimping and fraying though, and while I’m sure some of that could be me, none of my other curling irons give me this issue. So overall, while the curl might look good, I couldn’t stand the crimped ends.

Lora Grant Town, WV

you can easily change the settings as you use it

Heats up fast and dose what it is supposed to but the dial is not very well placed, you can easily change the settings as you use it. Not a bad product but not revolutionary either.

Lakeisha Penns Park, PA

Heats up and curls quickly!

I have 2 little girls. They have long straight hair. They like curls. They don’t like to stand still to have their hair curled. We got the little ones hair curled with this iron in 6 minutes while she ate breakfast and the curls stayed all day. We spent a good 15 minutes on the 5 year olds hair and hers turned out BEAUTIFUL. She spent hours in the afternoon shaking her head to feel the curls fall around her and at bedtime her hair was still nice. I am very pleased with this curling iron. Only four stars though, because of the free spinning settings wheel- hard to keep track of when you are curling hair.Not sure what the oils do, or how. . . but the girls had pretty hair!

Rita Little Deer Isle, ME

Heats up quickly

I don’t understand what the "oil infusion" is about with this curling iron. My hair isn’t any softer using this one than with my other curling iron. But the big + with this is the swivel cord. The cord on my other curling iron twists into a big mess. The Revlon cord stays untangled. Also, there are 30 different heat settings. Overall this is a pretty good curling iron. Maybe I will see some improvement in the condition of my hair after I used it a few times (and let those triple oils do some magic). I will update the post in a few weeks.

Jessie Homestead, MT

Works well, great swivel cord

This is a really nice curling iron. The tangle-free swivel cord may be my favorite feature, as I have never had that on a curling iron before, strangely enough, and it has always been a pain. To be honest, I don’t really understand the "infused oils" thing, or how oils could be infused in metal in a way that would affect my hair, but it does seem to be a gentle, while effective. The color is attractive, as is the cool tip design. The stand is a little awkward and tends to shift onto the barrel – perhaps it could be a little tighter on its hinges so that it tends to stay in the right position, but this is a really minor point. It heats up quickly, has a light to tell you when it’s on and off, with an easy to use power button (as opposed to needing to unplug it to turn it off) and has 30-numbers on the heat setting wheel (not so much 30-distinct heat settings, but a good idea of where you are in the range of options). It’s a nice product. I don’t see what makes it different from most other irons, but I’m glad to have it in my styling tool collection.

Glenna Grissom Arb, IN

A decent iron but don’t buy into the gimmick

First, the pros. This is a pretty decent, inexpensive curling iron. It is made of plastic, and the barrel is metal, so if you’re a big fan of ceramic curling irons, this one probably isn’t for you. It heats up quickly and has 30 heat settings. For the price, it’s a good value.The cons: The heat setting wheel is at a very awkward place on the handle. I kept bumping into it and changing the setting without realizing it. My hair is kind of delicate, so suddenly finding that I was on a high heat setting was pretty annoying.The gimmick: I have no idea what’s supposed to be infused with conditioning oils. Maybe the coating on the barrel? Whatever it is, it does nothing to condition my hair. The barrel doesn’t give off any oils as you use it, and I didn’t notice my hair feeling any softer after using it. Frankly, the oil infused selling point sounds like a gimmick to me, and I wouldn’t recommend this iron based solely on that point.

Helena Grant, FL

Good Iron

This is a decent curling iron, and worth the money. I didn’t see any particular benefit with the oil – in fact, I didn’t even notice it – but otherwise this is a good product. It produces a long lasting curl, and I have no complaints.

Colleen Hutchins, TX

Performs well and the Curls Last!

I must admit that I wasn’t too excited with this curling iron the first time I used it. I didn’t see much difference from my other irons and thought it looked a little cheap, especially because of the wire stand. I’ve probably purchased at least a dozen curling irons in my life and don’t have fond memories of those with a wire stand because they didn’t last. I use one almost daily on my shoulder length, naturally wavy, fine textured, color-treated hair.I’ve been using this curling iron for a few weeks now, sometimes in conjunction with another one with a larger diameter rod, but I’m tending to use this one more. It does give me pretty, shiny curls and seems to add body that lasts. I don’t feel like my hair is frizzed and burned as much as with some other irons, and I usually have it set between 20 – 25, which is near the hottest setting of 30. I do like the infinite setting capabilities of the wheel but it’s easy to accidentally change it when rolling curls. I still don’t care for the wire stand as it sometimes tends to get in the way, but I can live with it for the rest of the good performance and results. It heats quickly and the cord doesn’t seem to tangle or get in the way, which is always appreciated.I’m curious how they infuse the oils into this curling iron and how long it can last. So far, I’m quite pleased with it’s performance and recommend it without reservation. I will update my review if I have any problems as I continue to use it.

Beverly Clam Lake, WI

Curly Q

Not particularly into curly hair but figure what the heck let’s give this a whirl (or a curl lol). As someone else commented, unit seems to be cheaply made and it’s not a pleasant experience to hear your hair dragging through the rod. Also concur as to the poor placement of the heat dial.As for me, the curls did not exactly happen either, and if anything my hair looked like I’d been through an ordeal (or wind tunnel). However, my mop is rather resistant to curling and could have upped the heat for perhaps better results. Never have used a cutling iron before – shocking but true -so that comes into play also.Have used another hair heat appliance manufactured by Helen of Troy for Revlon, and that too was cheaply made AND overpriced.Verdict: pass on this. Poorly designed, cheaply made and over priced.

Gena Valle Crucis, NC

Pros & Cons

This Revlon curling iron is very straightforward, and makes a great, fast curl. Although the handle/temperature design is awkward.Pros
• Nice tight medium curls
• Heats up quickly, and makes smooth fast curls (holding iron for a 3 to 5 count at temp. setting 15 for fine hair)
• Swivel cord, so very easy to use & prevents tangled cord
• Push button on/off switch with timer for safety
• Great choice for temperature settings (1 – 30)
• Good sized plastic tip for easy curl making without getting fingers burned
• Light weightCons
• Temperature setting is on a turn wheel that turns too easily & without precision, plus it’s positioned on the handle exactly where your two fingers wrap around the handle. So I ended up having to readjust the temperature after each curl.
• Easy to scratch the barrel (noticed a small nick after the first use)
• Oil infused metal design isn’t really explained, and it’s hard to determine how it helps.

Lena Filer, ID