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Revlon New Complexion One-Step Makeup, SPF 15, Ivory Beige 01, 0.35 Ounce

Give your skin a bright, natural looking finish in one easy step! This creamy formula combines the coverage of a liquid with the finish of a powder for a natural, even finish. Formulated with a special mineral complex to naturally brighten your skin.

Key features

  • Give your Skin a Natural looking finish in one easy step!
  • This Creamy Formula combines the coverage of a liquid With the finish of a Powder For a Natural, even finish.
  • Available in 16 Natural and oil-free* shades, it offers perfect, long-lasting coverage With SPF 15 protection.
  • * No animal, vegetable or mineral oil

Honest reviews


Reliable Revlon

The right color and the right company go hand in hand… what a winner here. Hope they never stop making it.

Vicky Jamestown, VA

Great foundation

I am one of the people who just doesn’t like applying liquid foundation and cannot do it well, but needs more than just the light coverage of powder foundation. The New Complexion cream foundations do exactly that. I have used numerous cream (or liquid-powder) foundations and this is by far the best and at a good price as well!The neat little compact includes a mirror and separate storage space for your sponge, which I love because I hate when my sponges become covered in product, all in the same space as a regular compact. I’ve personally never been one to use compact mirrors, myself, however.But it’s not the package or the sponge which I love, it’s the product. It’s neither too liquid nor is it too stiff, like some products. It’s perfectly creamy and works well with the sponge it comes with.You really needn’t use a lot to have even overall covered but by using more you can obtain a thicker coverage. I find that this makeup blends well with my skin and does a good job of evening out my skin tone, as well, without appearing too much like a mask.You can feel it a little but it somehow just feels right on my skin. Also, I do recommend using a powder over it to reduce shine.Overall, I love this makeup.

Camilla Ozone Park, NY

Great combo face makeup; one flaw

I agree this is a great substitute for my regular time-consuming, finger-dirtying regimen. ZOOM – one step and I have great coverage that lasts for hours. But I thought I could keep one in my vehicle and that’s how I discovered it would melt and run out of the compact at a relatively low temperature, probably not much more than 90 degrees F.So beware of that, at least in warm weather. Otherwise it did exactly what I wanted: no need for separate moisture layer, under-eye concealer, foundation and powder finish – the only extra I need is a quick touch of a quality blusher, and I’m out the door without even that final wipe and wash of make-up covered fingers!I have a reddish complexion inherited from Celtic ancestors, and find the 01 Ivory Beige perfect to tone it down. Be aware that on Amazon, the color representation of the various shades seems mixed up. I have found 01 to be very light, right in keeping with other lightest-shade quality makeup I’ve purchased over the years. I think it could make a truly fair person look like a ghost.

Flossie Endwell, NY

My favorite item in my makeup bag!

This is my absolute favorite! It always looks amazing on my face and makes my skin look clear and smooth.Local drugstores have discontinued this product (and I believe Revlon has as well – but not positive) so I have been stocking up on it every chance that I get.

Brandie Gresham, NE


O produto até é bom, uma pena que comprei a cor errada, muito escura, daí no dá pra avaliar muito bem.

Peggy Enterprise, OR