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Revlon Moisturestay Quick Heat Paraffin Bath, RVSP3501

Revlon’s moisture stay quick heat paraffin bath is useful in symptomatic relief of pain caused by arthritis, bursitis and chronic joint inflammation. it provides thermal relief using a full range of heat comfort levels. the heat softened wax removes dry surface skin and smoothes and softens skin on hands, elbows and feet. for faster relief and results the bath gently melts wax in 60 minutes and the indicator light gently glows when the unit is operating. included is 3 pounds of wax, 2 thermal mitts and 30 glove liners.

Key features

  • Provides thermal pain relief
  • Offers full range of heat comfort levels
  • Paraffin wax smoothes and softens skin
  • Melts wax in 60 minutes
  • Includes 3 lbs. of wax, 2 thermal mitts, and 30 glove liners

Honest reviews


Treats my early arthritis

Early arthritis runs in my family, but words can’t really express how devastated I was to find my fingers stiff and aching at 35. It was physically painful, occupationally problematic as my typing slowed down (my job involves a lot of digital communication), and just completely depressing to feel old and like my body was falling apart and was never going to be “whole” again.I remember that my mother used to use a paraffin bath (she had it early too), so I bought this.Yes, it took forever for the wax to heat up. Easily 5+ hours.But as I type this, my fingers don’t ache, for the first time in months. I forgot what it was like to have flexibility in my fingers and no typing ache. That’s all that matters. I fee this huge sigh of relief to be ache free and know that it’s not a lost cause. I can do this – I can dip my hands in wax for 10-15 minutes once or twice a day. That won’t kill me. I can do it while I watch TV or relax when I get home. It’s manageable.I feel like commenting on the melting time (slow) or the scent (NICE!!! – rain actually smells like post-rain outdoors) or the effect on skin (Smooth! This is an oily wax and my skin feels soft and moisturized) or the heating unit (plastic, but doesn’t feel as cheap as it could be, and it’s substantial enough) is so tangential to the fact that my fingers don’t ache. But I just included my thoughts on the other things regardless.I’m glad I bought this. I fully expect it to last a long time, but even if I had to replace it every week, I would. If it cost a $1000 I’d pay it. If you’ve got those achy fingers and hands, you know that a day of freedom from that is kind of priceless.

Deirdre Jonancy, KY

Soothing pain relief

After recent hand surgery, deep into hand therapy, I purchased this paraffin bath to provide some pain relief (ok’d by my surgeon and OTR). Previous hand therapists had used paraffin baths as a routine part of hand therapy, and I had always liked it.As others may have noted, the Revlon Paraffin Bath is a bit of a bother to set up – but since I’d done my share of jam-making as a child, I melted the paraffin on the stove for the first time (do NOT do this unless you know what you are doing! paraffin is very flammable!).I thought the temperature was too hot at Revlon’s setting of 125 degrees, but I checked online, and this is standard for paraffin baths. To make the wax feel cooler, I ended up wearing a bag over each hand before dipping, and another after dipping, as well as the mitt. In this way I am able to reuse the paraffin – it is encased between the bags, which protect my hands from the full temperature.The heat treatments are wonderfully comforting, reducing pain and inflammation, as well as increasing tolerance for exercise. I like smoothing onEgyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream Facial Treatment, 4 Ouncefor a wonderful hand spa treatment!

Tammi Hamilton, VA

It works, but if you have long feet, it’s a TIGHT FIT!

I wear size 11 to 11 1/2 women’s shoes. It is impossible to put my foot in the wax without my toes scraping the end. I have to kind of dip my heels then my toes. It’s a pain in the rear, but it works.With all paraffin wax baths, you have to deal with melting time, etc. I don’t mind the time issues with this product, it just comes with the territory.One downside of the well is the plastic guard that sets atop of the heating element. If you get a finger/toe past the guard, it’s scorching hot. I think the holes should be a bit smaller to protect the skin.Overall, the price is right and it works. I would recommend it, but if you have the money, get the professional kind!One issue I had with packaging is that the directions were enclosed in a plastic wrap, open at one end. I don’t know if it had been returned or if the manufacturer poorly planned this, but the oils from the paraffin bars leaked into the bag and ruined the directions. I could BARELY read them. The packaging of the paraffin bars is atrocious. Revlon should be ashamed of their half-hearted attempt to package the wax. It truly made the whole product oily. Not appealing when you open the box.

Nita Newtonsville, OH

Best gift i ever bought for myself

My step mom has one of these an i remember always using it when i would visit my dad. her is professional and this one works just as well. i absolutely love it. It takes about 3 hours to fully melt the wax to use. the wax is pretty hot when you dip your hand in. i turned it to the lowest setting to let the wax cool down and after a while it actually hardened up to hard to use. i use the cool setting when i keep the machine on for a couple days so that way when i want to use it i just turn it to hot. this was the best bday gift ive ever gotten myself and i highly recommend it!

Lara Edina, MO

Perfect for paraffin wax

This is the perfect machine for paraffin wax. It’s easy to use and melts the wax in the timely manner as it’s supposed to. I highly recommend.

Leann Tolar, TX

Hot wax for hands/feet

This is the second one of these I have purchased….need I say more?Ok…I will…honestly this is such a nice splurge for anyone…male orfemale. If you have dry skin its REALLY nice as it helps block IN themoisture, leaving such a silky feeling. I bought my Daughter one alsoand she loves hers also. I also purchased a deep cookie sheet just abit larger than the base of this…after reading a few reviews aboutleaks I decided to do something preventive, but so far no leaks withmine or my daughters, guess it was cheap insurance anyway! A niceMother’s Day gift or birthday gift for that someone special.

Jamie Pilot Station, AK

This is great.

I liked the product very much but the instructions were unclear about what to do with the plastic grate and I had to find out online. I also think the warming temperature is a bit too hot but I still can use it.

Cheri Aneth, UT

Nice product

This is a nice product but the length of time that it takes to melt the paraffin is a VERY LONG TIME! I actually have to leave it for several hours to get the full melt.

Bernice Huntington, WV

It’s a good product, but with limitaions.

Not sure how I feel about it. It really does take 2 hours to melt the wax (as stated in the instructions), which requires pre-planning. And after I turn the dial down so it can cool off a bit, if I have to wait for the right temperature FOR ME, a film is already forming on the top (i.e. the wax is starting to solidify a bit), which is not good, because then you have pieces hanging from your hands/feet. So I have to stir it to prevent that from happening, or I just suck it up and dip my hands into the hot wax.I wear size 8 women’s shoes, and my foot fits perfectly. So if you are a size 10-11-12… not sure this unit is for you.I’ve had paraffin bath done on my hands before at a salon, and definately the wax it came with is not the same quality. I ordered different kind to try something else. It jus didn’t seem to soften my skin as much as the one at the salon.And I’m also able to put my size 8 feet into the mitts, that are supposed to be for the hands only. And they fit well in the plastic bags provided. Again, if you size 10 and above… you won’t be able to do that, I don’t think.With the 3 lbs of wax that the unit came with, I think you can do your hands and feet twice, before you have to add more wax, because the level would be too low.For the price, I can’t complain, I don’t regret my purchase. I just hope the new wax will be better quality. So I would ask at a salon where you’ve had it done, what kind do they use and order that.

Stacey Bon Aqua, TN

Want Soft Feet and Hands???

I got tired of paying a good chuck of change to have my feet done at the spa so this is one of the items I bought to help get the same treatment at home. I have a regimen that I use along with this and my feet are so soft and look great. I also use it for my hands. It takes a while to heat the paraffin but I just plug it in after I wake up and it’s ready to use in about an hour or so. I highly recommend this paraffin bath.

Audrey Sandwich, IL

Good product, but…

As another reviewer said, there is a lot to consider when it comes to heating up and cooling down temperatures. But when you get used to that, the product really does soften your hands.

Zelma Broadus, MT