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Revlon Lash Curlers, 1 Count

For a dramatic curl, With replacement pad. Creates beautifully upswept lashes easily, expertly. Contoured design fits close to the lash line for maximum curl. Includes two long-lasting curl pads. Can be used on bare or mascara-coated lashes. Precision crafted, fully inspected. Over 45 years of superior quality. Made in Korea, Taiwan or China.

Key features

  • Creates beautiFully upswept Lashes easily, Expertly
  • ContouRed design fits close to the Lash line For maximum curl.
  • Includes two long-lasting curl pads.
  • Can be used on Bare or Mascara-coated Lashes.
  • Superior quality; includes lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee

Honest reviews



top of the line in company and in products for i always like to have some cosmetic products to help bring out my best attributes.

Luella Deep River, CT

Not as pictured

The item I received was for a different curler with a black insert and black grips on the handle. It pinched my eyelid. Would not recommend.

Mona Keslers Cross Lanes, WV


Out of all the eyelash curlers I have tried this one is the one that has been doing a great job. I have big eyes and natural long and full eyelashes so it’s a little hard for me to use just any curler, but this one is a good size and it works perfect for me.

Georgette Marysville, MI


My eyelashes aren’t particularly short, but they do go straight outwards so are very hard to see. The curler is a very good buy for the price and works great and it’s very portable. I use it every day and my eyelashes definitely look better.

Willa Chatfield, TX

Revlon letdown!

I have a Revlon eyelash curler from several years ago that is wonderful and this is not similar. I didn’t need to replace my old curler but wanted 2 curlers (one for my makeup at home and one for travel or purse). I thought this would be similar since it looks like my original Revlon one but it is not at all. The handle for your fingers is very awkward- I’m talking it’s hard for me to use because the handles are so spread out and slide together weirdly. I am a fairly petite woman but I feel this would be a similar problem for most women. The handles themselves are at an awkward angle so it’s weird trying to move the curler to get your eyelashes in it. I literally thought I was going to hurt my eye trying it. Very disappointing – just going to stick to my one curler.The product itself seemed well made and had extra curler pads. I guess that’s nice if you replace them but I never do – I just use baby oil (buy small travel size at Target) to get the mascara off then rinse with hand soap and water. Then I thoroughly dry before using. I have used that method since I first bought my curler MANY years and it cleans the curler pad like it’s new. No need to waste money on replacements and it curls just as great as always.I wouldn’t suggest this curler for anyone. Seems like Revlon tried to improve their curler but it’s been at the expense of making it difficult to use.

Beverly Richmond, KY

Best eyelash curler

First, other reviewers are correct that what is pictured is not what you’ll receive. The shape is different, the handles aren’t the same shape, the pads are silicon rather than the rubber we’re used to, etc. It threw me for a moment… but then I used the curlers. I have used Revlon lash curlers for as long as I can remember and love them. This actually curls my lashes better than all the ones I’ve previously owned so I don’t care that they aren’t what is pictured. I don’t know if it’s the slightly bent shape, the larger head, the silicone pads, or what, but my lashes are completely curled – nice sweep-up effect – and the curl seems to stay much longer. I highly recommend them.

Marie Clyde, NY

old standby!

not all lashcurlers are the same… and definitely will pull out your lashes if you don’t use it correctly! i like that it’s easy to find replacement pads; of course the curler itself if made to last forever too!

Carrie Minden, WV

Does the job.

It does the job, so I have no complaints. I will buy it again, when the current one wears out.

Patti Villa Park, IL