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Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm, Frenzy, 0.14 Ounces

Just Bitten Lip Stain gives you a beautiful wash of lightweight, kiss-proof lip color that stays ultra-comfortable throughout the day.

Key features

  • Lipstain and balm in one convenient package
  • Hours of kiss-proof wear, color does not smudge or streak
  • Marker applicator provides precise application Translucent stick balm provides instant moisture and soft shine Lightweight fell

Honest reviews


does not stand up to the competition

this product is the same as outlast lipstain and maybelline color sensational in that it is basically a marker for your lips. but it is dry and doesnt go on properly. go for the other brands. sexy, but doesn’t follow through. just like the boy who just broke up with me tonight 🙁

Clarissa Lockhart, TX

The stain is awesome, the balm is useless

I’ve been seeing the ads for this stain for at least a month, and every time I was in Target I looked for it. Finally I found it!I’ve been a fan of stains for years and thankfully now they’re becoming popular, so it’s easy to find one that works for you. I’ve tried Sephora Brand, Urban Decay, Tarte Beauty Queen, and Covergirl. Since stains now come in drugstore brands, I’ll definitely be trying whatever is released. My favorite for awhile was the Urban Decay and Tarte, but the Covergirl was comparable, so I got that in a few colors. I don’t know if I used all the product in it or if they just dried up, but I’ve been struggling to get anything out of my covergirl markers for a few weeks now. Otherwise, I was happy with them.I picked up this Just Bitten Stain in the color Crave and it’s BRIGHT. But I love it. I’m fair with freckled skin and green eyes, and the bright pinks tend to make my eyes look brighter, and overall just perk up my appearance. I can throw JUST stain on and run out the door and not feel makeup naked.You need less product to get the desired look, which is good, but if you want it bold, you can achieve that as well. This is actually a welcome problem to have, as I’ve been going my lips over and over with the Covergirl trying to get enough out of it. I found just dotting it on and quickly smudging my lips together gets this stain the way I like it. It’s got great staying power too.The reason for a one star deduction is what is up with the balm? It’s sticking so far out of the container that when I went to apply it, it just snapped right off. Perfect, broken balm, just what I wanted. What I did get one my lips felt nice, but now I don’t know that I’ll be using it much. This is going to happen to just about anyone, anywhere, during the summer months. I understand the challenge of not making it a twist container since it’s a double ended marker, but there has to be a better solution.

Mitzi White Mills, KY

Passion = Fuchsia

First….to the people that are upset by the balm on the other end: If you are paying attention, you won’t break it off. Open your eyes! The “Balm” is not actually a balm at all, to be rubbed hard over and over on your lips…it instead is more of a “wetting agent”, for lack of a better term. The stain, as all stains are, is very drying and after it sets you must put something “wet” over it so your lips don’t feel taught and dry.Second….The color of passion is FUCHSIA. It is actually nice in that it goes on very light, but if you aren’t careful you will over-apply it and suddenly realize “uh-oh….too dark”. So in other words, it’s buildable and you will need to use a light hand…After two hours my lips are as fluorescent as when I first put it on…and I’ve eaten potato chips and am finishing some hot tea. The trick, of course, is to put it on and let it dry for a couple minutes before you put the balm over it. It has to set up or it never will.Can’t wait to try it again tomorrow, but will put it on much lighter as my lips are way too fuchsia for my light caucasion skin. On a black or other dark skinned or tan woman, though, the fuchsia would be gorgeous.

Diane Fountain, MN

Weird product, tastes terrible

Ok, so this product tastes like rotten oranges, the strip on the back on envelopes and ass. It tastes so bitter when you accidentally lick it you’ll want to gag. It comes off in a few hours in patches. So you’ll have dark red on some parts of your lip and none on others. It’s very weird.

Meredith Pleasant Hill, CA


Good product, well pigmented, long lasting beautiful finish, the balm does just fine in its function of hydration, I give it three stars of punctuation

Jayne Richardsville, VA

Adore this

I have this in Forbidden and Gothic. I have had both for about a year now, and have used them at least once every two weeks since purchasing, and I’m about 2/3 through them. Both true to color. The red has a little more stain power than the brown, but no surprise there.The stain: smells faintly of wax and raspberries, and is the consistency of magic marker. The cap creates a seal that keeps the marker from drying out. The staying power of the stain is pretty high when the balm is applied over it (as intended). If you rub a finger really hard over your lips about 5 minutes after applying just the stain, it will flake off. That’s why there is a balm included.The balm: scentless, flavorless. Probably just petroleum jelly in a stick. I don’t like is the way the balm is packaged. Product sticks out, and there is no twisting function to make it go down, so it’s super easy to nick the balm when taking the cap off or putting the cap back on.The balm serves the purpose of sealing in the stain, and lessening friction against it. This the same concept fighters use when they put vaseline on their faces– to lessen the impact of forces by making things slide. As long as you keep the balm on, the stain will stay. Yeah, that kind of defeats the purpose of a stain, but at least you won’t leave lipstick marks everywhere. These ARE more long lasting than lipsticks, and no rubber cement feeling like long wear lipstick. I do like these for what they are; but I suppose that they are not truly “stains”. The more traditional stains I have used were in tubes with doe-foot applicators (or those clicky pens with the brush tip) and were dark purple or red in color. This whole marker concept is a new idea. Other than not being a traditional stain, I really don’t understand why there are so many negative reviews. Maybe certain colors flake less than others?

Margot Valders, WI

towel lover

I like the stain-no problem with that, but my tube of “forbidden” was empty/dried out after 10 days. This makes the cost of the tube ridiculous. NYC has the same colors and 1/2 the price. I am trying one and will see if it lasts. The revlon tube is designed to look like you can see the level of color remaining, but it’s a fake out.

Tori Albertson, NY

Not worth it

This is my second time purchasing the tint/balm. The balm broke the first time I tried to use it. The tint is spotty and doesn’t apply smoothly. I would not recommend this item as there are other tints out there that are better.

Nell Rainsville, AL

Just a touch of red…

I’m very fair and don’t look good in red lipstick however I was just in a wedding and needed red lips to coordinate with my dress, etc. This a nice transparent stain that is definitely red without being overpowering. It can be layered for a darker, more dramatic look. I have several other colors from Revlon’s Just Bitten line. The color lasts for hours and the pen itself doesn’t run out as quickly as other stains I’ve tried. The gloss is easy to break off if you aren’t careful when removing/replacing cap and during application. Overall, RJB is my favorite lipstain and this color worked perfectly for me.

Kara Portville, NY

something new…

I had never tried a lip stain before and heard how good they are!! Well I do love this product, but have learned to have your lips well moisturized prior to application. Other than that no issues!!

Rosemarie Woodbury, CT

Not the results I had hoped for.

I decided to try lipstain because I don’t like the feel of wearing lipstick. For me it feels too heavy and I don’t like the smudging you can get on your drinking glass and so on.My first impressions were that the colors I got (lust and flame) were just not that pretty going on. Looked kind of dry and flat (which is what the lip balm part is for, to make them more shiny). So after I put the balm on it looked better, but the colors then began to run like lipstick.The colors faded really fast within an hour there was noticeable fade, within 3 hours it was gone. When you use the balm on top of the color it is even faster.The colors when going on tend to have a clumpy appearance on the driest part of your lips, the edges. At least with lipstick it is an even color.So I cannot recommend this product. I don’t know if other brands are better or this is just how lipstain is in general but I won’t be finding out. This stuff is too expensive.

Ila Dulac, LA

Hours of Color? No

I bought this lip stain hoping it would be an alternative to the pasty long wear lipsticks out there. If you’ve tried those you know that they give great color but tend to leave a heavy coating on your lips that cracks and can be hard to remove.This lip stain is a liquid. It ‘writes’ on your lips just like a magic marker might. Picture a child’s washable Crayola marker – that is almost exactly what this product is like.Sadly the stain doesn’t stain. Within 30 minutes the color is gone. Disappointing. I give it points for having a fine tip. It’s nice to use to outline lips for some quick color – like for a photo. But you will need to reapply often.

Beth West Valley, NY

I Think I Found a Replacement for My Lipstick

I purchased Gothic. It’s kind of a dark almost plum color.I always go to Amazon to look at customer reviews before buying things so I was really tentative about buying this, but, now that I have it I can’t see why people are complaining about it – it’s marvelous! I’m going to upload pictures, but, this lipstain made it through a 8 hours and 45 minutes of a job where I am CONSTANTLY talking (tech support) and drinking water to keep my mouth from drying out. It also made its way through a chicken salad sandwich and Cheetos for lunch. There was NO fading and it won’t even rub off if you rub your hand across your lips really hard (I tried). The product was a little drying on my lips but the balm helped a lot with that. It’s actually a lot cheaper online than it is at CVS so I’m going to be buying Flame from Amazon 🙂

Marlene Reading Center, NY

Good color, but

I ordered this Just Bitten Lipstain in Gothic, and I am quite happy with it overall. The color is a darker red and it is absolutely GORGEOUS. It is not as drying as other lipstains. What I am not fond of about this product is, as with other lipstains, it tends to really come out darker in the dryer parts of one’s lips, which makes the application look uneven, and I don’t even have dry lips! The lip balm does not look sturdy and will probably end up breaking off. Also it arrived before the estimated arrival period, awesome!

Ericka Orondo, WA

Cute, But Bright

I ordered the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in passion, and it is very bright pink. I didn’t realize is was so very bright, but that is my fault not the company’s. The lipstain didn’t dry out my lips, and the balm is awesome. My only problem is there is no way to tone it down. It is more for girls night out than going to the grocery store.

Gwen Lothair, MT

Stays on!

This is pretty good stuff. I bought it for a year now. It does stay on. The colors are pretty dark or bright so, be careful in your choice. I’m fair, with red hair and I find ‘forbidden’ to be the best color for me.

Lena Sumiton, AL

It stays on for hours and I really like the color

I received my Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm, Twilight 0.09 ounces. It stays on for hours and I really like the color. I would order again from Revlon Consumer Products Corp.Thank you,MLP

Leila Prince, WV

Like it a lot!!

I love these shades. I’m a 25 year old, Caucasian female.I love wearing bold lipcolor, so I am not bothered by the colors being realistically darker than they look on the packaging.I have this in 3 shades, & am considering a 4th.I always toss the balm when I buy it. Instead, I layer a corresponding lip gloss color of the CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine Lipglosses from Bath & Body Works Over it, because I love how shiny the gloss is, & it makes your lips sooo soft! I layer Bath & Body Works CO Bigelow Magenta Mint gloss over the Revlon Passion color lip stain for a sizzling hot pink pout. These two combined seem to last for a long time, but not as long as I’d hoped. Maybe I just expect too much. I haven’t tested the exact number of hours that it wears, but I will eventually. This is really overpriced in most stores as compared to buying on Amazon. I’ve looked… All-in-all I’d say its great if you’re not hoping to use the balm. I don’t think it is very user-friendly, imho. Just my two cents.

Nelda Anthony, KS

Beware of perfume

There IS a list of ingredients but they are in microscopic print on the inside of a sticker that you can’t access until you’ve peeled off the protective cellophane after purchase. And I, frankly, haven’t expected that particular allergen to be a threat in lipstick. Well, I do now. The perfume (“fragrance”) is fairly strong and definitely an allergen for me.Amazon does list the ingredients but of course I bought this at a drugstore.The shade I got is “Lust” and I like it – it’s a natural-looking darker rust-red – but it doesn’t stay on well. I do like the balm which I had been applying after the stain, but the cap is poorly engineered, so even though I managed not to break the little stick of balm, I have to be ultra-careful how I reinstall the cap in order to not nick the balm.But now I realize what’s giving me the headache and scrambled brain and stuffed-up airways so this, unfortunately, will be consigned to the garbage can. Revlon, you’re losing a long-time customer.

Celia Cosmopolis, WA

Pretty good, just needs a bit more exciting lip balm

The first day I got this I unwrapped the outer plastic wrap while sitting in the car and proceeded to put it on much like lipstick, while looking in the rear-view mirror. Not a good result! The stain pen side is much like a marker and indeed it almost looked like I had a red felt tip pen smeared on my lips. I applied two coats and the look was almost goth with my pale skin and now very dark lips. I applied the lip balm in hopes that it would save the look, but while it did add some shine, that stain was here to stay for a good number of hours. Even eating dinner didn’t help. Worse yet, my lips were a little bit chapped, so some parts absorbed more of the stain than others, and once the lip balm wore off, my lips looked horrendous. But I wasn’t about to give up since I’d read some great reviews about Just Bitten.Day two was different. I first lined my lips with the pointed tip end of the stain pen. Then I filled in the rest of my lips by using the side of the pen. And I only applied one coat! This time the color was much better, still a bit dark for my normal everyday look, but no longer goth. My lips were still a bit chapped but I applied a lot of the lip balm throughout the day and I noticed they felt softer and looked better by day’s end.Day three I finally got the perfect results since my lips were no longer chapped. My only complaint was that I found the lip balm a little bit boring, since it didn’t add a lot of shine and had no flavor. I’d like to see a glossier balm and one with flavor, and then it would be the perfect lip stain product.I do like Just Bitten in Twilight, but with a few caveats. Be forewarned about what shade you pick since I think they go on darker than they appear on the packaging. When in doubt, go lighter as it can be layered for more color or a darker shade. Also, this lip stain is not good if you have chapped lips. Use a good lip balm for a few days prior to using this and get your lips soft and moistened. It looks bad on dry lips and even the lip balm won’t help. Finally, I’d like to see Revlon make the lip balm a bit more exciting. Make it flavored and bump up the shine.

Twila Saint Stephen, SC

My boss used it on paper 0_o

It’s good don’t get me wrong but it bares a lot of similarities to a highlighter in fact I left it on my desk and my boss was in a rush and used it to higlight some paper work needless to say it worked and now I’m thinking I could have bought a non-toxic higlighter for less. The balm is crap more like a vaseline stick

Nola Cedar Key, FL

White Circles

I liked the fact that it is long stay, and after a year from purchasing it the pen hasn’t dried yet. i didn’t like it because as soon as you drink or eat something you will get nasty white circles on the inner part of your mouth. and you have to reapply from time to time to make sure the color is consistent. this color would be beautiful on pale skin.

Natalie Unionville, OH

Love this product and can’t beat this price.

Great product and great service! I have purchased this product previously and love the lasting color. Was delighted to see it at such a good price!

Lakeisha Brookings, OR