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Revlon Just Bitten Kissing Balm Stain, Smitten, 0.1 Ounce

Revlon Just bitten kissing balm stain provides a gorgeous flush of color and the moisturizing comfort of a balm in a portable, self sharpening chubby crayon.

Key features

  • Balm stain provides gorgeous flush of kiss-proof color with the comfortable feel of a balm
  • Ultra moisturizing formula glides on and feels very comfortable
  • Smooth gel formula that is glossy on lips

Honest reviews



i LOVE this color!I think its a go to color!It really does stain your lips, id say after the second coat it really stains them!It makes your lips pop and its a bright pink color :), Cant wait to buy more colors!Make sure to take off the excess with a napkin from your inner lips, because they leave a residue after a while on the inside of your lips.

Terry Bayfield, CO

i am not satisfied

i recently purchased this product. once i opened it i noticed that the color didn’t even match the color it labeled that it would be. i then put it on and i didn’t like the color at all. also it has this weird flavor to it that just makes me want to never wear it again. i got the darkest shade of burgundy and it came out to be a bright red. that was not what i wanted. i am so unsatisfied with the way it looks and drys your lips and smells/tastes. i would not recommend anyone to buy this! i hope this review helped everyone!

Felecia Center City, MN


Its an awesome lip stain, I purchased this product in the color Smitten its a beautiful color that compliments anyone I recommend this lip stain to EVERYONE its a go to lip stain that applies perfectly, the smell does not overwhelm you its actually a nice minty smell that its light and quickly fades. I plan to try out more colors just put in an order for another this week!

Jana Shermans Dale, PA

interesting, color is ok.

I bought this a few weeks ago, and I must say all it really is, is lipstick and plumper.There is hardly any smell at all, maybe a minty kinda smell. But, as for the color, im not real big on this one, its kinda spotty as well. Clumpy, but its ok.

Shannon Port Saint Joe, FL


Smells great – lasts long – goes on incredibly smooth. Perfect lip stain… but it’s more like a lip balm with lasting color.

Mara Santa Cruz, CA

Very flattering on a pale complexion

I love Smitten on my skin tone, which is fair with yellow undertones. It’s very vibrant, very pink, and romantic. However, it’s not as opaque as other Just Bitten shades, so I would love to know how this fares on darker complexions.

Kristin Rockville, MN

pretty color

This is a good lip stain it lasts a long time. I am fair complected and this color is good for me.

Melissa Cookville, TX

Perfect for my skin tone

This color went perfect with my chocolate skin tone. It is very moisturizing and glides on nicely, pair it with some lip liner and gloss and it last! I will get more colors. Very nice product.

Allison Garden City, AL

Nice color, goes on smoothly, no lanolin!

Lanolin makes me itch and makes my lips peel, so this is an excellent product for me. I like the range of colors, but Smitten works best with my very pale, pink-toned complexion.

Lucile Sedgwick, AR

Love this lip stain

This Revlon balm stain is great for the price. The color stays a long time, even after beverages, the lips may feel a little dry after 2 hrs but reapplying is all what it takes, and it doesnt build up more color. Dont be fooled about this particular one, SMITTEN. It looks purpleish but the color is a bright fuschia pink, almost like the Fuschia lipstick, also by Revlon . Not dark at all. The price is good and with the shipping it was the same price as retail without leaving home

Ernestine Winfield, TN

Great color and staying power!

This lip balm/stain great color and staying power. I have used a ton of lip stains over the years, and this one is by far the best. It is very hydrating and wears evenly. I have noticed with standard pen style lip stains that they dry out the lips and leave a ring of stain at the lips edges as they wear. This one does not do that. Also, I was pleasantly surprised with the staying power, because most stain balms do not have great staying power in experience. I will definitely by more of these. It is like a lip liner, stain, and balm in one. Revlon got this product right. It is a good value, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Shana Durham, ME

A stain that actually stains!

I’m not in love with the shade I purchased ("smitten"), which comes out bright blue-pink, but this product does as it advertises: it stains your lips. I apply it in the morning before work, rub it in completely into my lips, and by lunch time the color is still there. Perfect for busy gals who can’t be bothered to re-apply after sips of coffee or water. My lips do get dry with this, but a light coating of gloss on top of the stain just adds a pretty effect, so no complaints from me.

Roslyn Clifford, MI

My first Revlon purchase since I was a teenager…and it looks like it will not be my last.

I’ve tried so many different stains (all at super high price points) and none of them last more than a few hours (if even that long)…and they get blotchy and the color seems only prominent in the creases. I about gave up on the search for a quality stain.Then along came the super high reviews for this product. I am pleasantly surprised by this inexpensive option. I tried it on the moment it arrived (when I got home from work) and through a shower, face wash, and a night’s rest, I still has a soft, color on my lips. The stain lasts all day without bleeding or looking like a stain.It is more pink than true red. It’s a beautiful color and looks best on me when it has worn off a bit. The color is seriously gorgeous; it is just not perfect for my pasty white and freckly Seattle skin tone. However, I was so impressed with the staying power and the freshness it keeps over time that I purchased it in other shades (for a total amount of ONE of my less impressive stains) and am eagerly awaiting their arrival.It does transfer to my coffee cup first thing in the morning…but once it has completely dried, it barely transfers and does not dry out my lips. I haven’t need to apply lip moisturizer since I’ve started using it.

Jerry Port Costa, CA

great though bright

This is a great stain/balm combo, I’ve never tried anything like it but I really like the feel of it and hint of minty smell. Smitten is however a bit brighter than you’d think, I bought it and Lovestick and they end up looking really similar even though the pictures look quite different. Probably good to test out in person first.

Esperanza Bushnell, NE

Nice color, stays on

I really like the color of this lip stain. Gives me some color, but not too much. It stays on for several hours too. Very easy to apply.

Mallory Roundup, MT