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Revlon Just Bitten Kissing Balm Stain, Adore, 0.1 Ounce

Revlon Just bitten kissing balm stain provides a gorgeous flush of color and the moisturizing comfort of a balm in a portable, self sharpening chubby crayon.

Key features

  • Balm stain provides gorgeous flush of kiss-proof color with the comfortable feel of a balm
  • Ultra moisturizing formula glides on and feels very comfortable
  • Smooth gel formula that is glossy on lips

Honest reviews


Awful product.

I bought this product after many positive reviews on youtube from “famous” youtube Gurus, im starting to believe that they were paid to tote this product.I spent $14 on this lip balm and it wasn’t very pigmented (i bought the darkest red shade) but my biggest problem with this balm is how it doesn’t stay on my lips, it collects immediately into both corners of your mouth and smears all over the place.It does fade, almost instantly (it lasted about 25 minutes for me and i didn’t even eat/drink anything during this time)The product also gets on everything, once it smears (every time, and yes i am applying it right) it stains the skin outside of my mouth so i have to try and cover it up with makeup, it turns pink and i walk around with pink stain in the corners of my mouth.On the other reviews they showed it staying dark red for 8 hours, even after eating, even after adding coats of this darkest red shade it never became as dark as the reviews.I feel really duped for believing the reviews and i wish i never wasted my money on this product.This doesn’t even show up as red as the reviews showed them, extremely disappointed wish i could get my $14 back.

Kristina Hartford, KS

Holds up and looks great.

This lip stain looks great and lasts a long time. Not drying. Color is good. Highly recommend this product for sensitive lips.

Callie Plainview, AR

Love it!

Lip stains are the way to go for minimizing retouching. This stuff is low maintenance beauty. And the color is beautiful and flattering to many skin tones.

Jeannie Mount Vernon, AL

Love This!

Since first trying this lip stain, I’ve bought several more in different colors. The colors are beautiful with a sheer stain that doesn’t dry out my lips like other lip-stains do. It’s smooth and keeps my lips soft without being overly glossy and stickey. It’s also a great lip product for chapped lips because it doesn’t have that cakey, peeling obvious chapped lips look that lipstick has when wearing…It smoothes and soothes lips reducing the look of dry, cracked flaking lips while still being able to have color on them. I use them everyday and love them. They even work great applied over regular lipstick.

Ava Sterling, NE

Revlon Just Bitten Kissing Balm

I have purchased so many lipsticks over the years I have a whole drawer full of has beens. I tried this one on a whim and love it. Not only is the color beautiful and stays on, but it makes my lips look a lot fuller. Highly recommend and will buy again and again.

Carol Alpha, MI

Lipstick that Doesn’t Feel Like Lipstick

I’m a Clinique Black Honey devotee who’s always on the hunt for something cheaper that doesn’t always break on me. (Why Black Honey doesn’t just come in a regular tube I’ll never know).Although not perfect, this is a great substitute.Here’s why:-The color is very similar to Black Honey but with a bit more red. It reminds me of Revlon’s Goldpearl Plum, if you’re familiar with that.-The texture is dry. Not stay-on lipstick dry, but it’s definitely not gummy or greasy, which I hate.-The format is convenient and easy to apply. Just rub on the stick and you’re good to go. It doesn’t bleed much. You could even get away with applying it without a mirror.Things to be aware of:-It has a bit of a pepperminty taste and smell to it. It’s pretty mild but it’s there.-I said this above, but it’s worth saying again – this is a dry formula. If you have chronically chapped or dry lips it’s definitely not for you. You could probably put a balm over it if you want but I’ve never tried that.-It’s called a stain but the only thing that’s stain-ish about it is its staying power. It doesn’t have the watery texture of most lipstains. It’s more similar to Clinique’s Chubby Sticks.All in all, I like it and plan on buying more.

Vonda Indian Trail, NC

Lasts longer on my lips

They haven’t invented the lipstick that will last on my lips more than two hours, but this is one of the better ones. Nice color and it feels nice. Needs a sharpener however.

Karla Hurley, MS

A versatile rust-red

I love the slight shimmer and foolproof application of this balm stain. It’s a warm brownish-tinged red, and I think it’s a knockout color on people with yellow undertones in their skin.

Sheree Crouseville, ME


I’m not a huge lip stain fan, but this new revlon lip product is amazing since it feel so comfortable on the lips and is very moisturizing. this is better than the horrible covergirl outlast lip stain.

Marla Evadale, TX

One of My Favorite Lip Colors

I have been trying to find a long lasting lip color and it has been an exercise in futility. Some lip stains dry my lips unmercifully. The color stays, but my lips are shriveled, cracked and chapped. Very unattractive. Others are moisturizing and look pretty when first applied, but quickly wear off. One lip stain dried out my lips and then wore off after only 20 minutes, leaving pale, chapped and shriveled lips!Revlon Just Bitten Kissing Balm was a last resort and my expectations were pretty low. When I applied it, the color was gorgeous, and my lips looked moist, plump and soft. The real surprise was that it lasted longer than any lip color I have ever used. After 2 hours, my lips were still a pretty deep berry color. The next morning, I got out of bed and went to brush my hair. Imagine my surprise to look in the mirror and see some color still on my lips!I have found a new, must-have item for my makeup bag. I might try others, but this is a keeper!

Chasity Closter, NJ

got two in the mail

i swear that i only ordered one! hah! but i got charged for two and received two… it’s an okay color 🙂 and i like the fact that it’s not too glossy. it really has more than enough pigmentation. i might try a slight orange color or a coral next time since those colors look good on me too. thanks seller

Sheri Meadow Bridge, WV


I started using this as my lipstick & cheek blush when recommended by Shop Smart magazine. They are right. It lasts and looks great.

Marcella North Bend, NE