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Revlon Jean Nate Deodorizing Silkening Body Powder-6 oz

Jean Nate Body Powder Original 6 oz. Go one step beyond any clean you’ve ever known with Jean Nate Silkening Body Powder. Puff on this luxurious body powder for soft, silky skin as the sheer citrus fragrance refreshes your senses.

Key features

  • Size: 6 OZ

Honest reviews



Finally! I’ve searching for a powder/powder puff combo for a while. Nothing is quite as lovely for your girlie bits during a hot, sweaty summer! The scent is delightful: light and fresh. The puff is generous and “poofy”. Thank You!

Sophia Gorum, LA

Smells Like Original-Unlike the Splash

I’m puzzled why the Jean Nate bath powder still smells like the original formula, whereas the Jean Nate Splash formula is blatantly different (much more cinnamon and much less citrus than it used to be).In any event – I was very happy to find that the Jean Nate powder still smells like the original formula, and it’s still marketed in a sensibly sized container with a large puff, making application simple.I used Jean Nate years ago when I was very active in sports of all kinds. I later lived for a while in a very arid climate, where body powders are unappealing.Now that I’ve moved to a humid climate, I decided to start buying body powder again, and am so happy that I can get Jean Nate. It’s a staple to me. You can apply it in the morning or before bed, and the scent is not overwhelming or disruptive, but very pleasant and relaxing, yet refreshing at the same time.

Ethel Scottdale, PA

Oldie but a Goodie

What more can I say. Jean Nate has been around for years and years and that alone should tell you how well loved this product is. I was looking for some dusting powder to freshen me up during the hot summer months in Houston. When I searched Amazon and found this, I was thrilled. You can’t go wrong, this has been tested and approved by many many people. The price is right too.

Tanisha Crookston, NE

Happy Camper!

I had forgotten about Jean Nate’. Recently read about it and started using it again!Use the Splash (keep in the refrigerator), and layer with this powder as I did years ago. Came very quickly, packaged well! LOVE the puff! We all need some pampering in today’s world!

Lourdes Garner, IA

Remember mom!

This sent brings back memories of my mom. I bought it for my 20 year old daughter who needed a new puff and I am so glad I did.

Amalia Blandville, WV

Oh what a lovely smell

This scent takes me back to my high school days. Along with Villager clothes, Aigner purses, Bass Weejun shoes and Madras plaid accessories, this was a must have for the girls.

Myra Harbor View, OH

Refreshing scent

I enjoy this refreshing after bath powder. The fragrance makes me think of lemon bars with confectioners sugar dusted on top; it doesn’t smell exactly like that, but that is what comes to mind. The yellow container is so cheerful in the bathroom.

Lenora Bridgeport, WV

Bought as a gift

This was something mom has been using for years, and when it disappeared from the shelf of the local pharmacy I thought I would give the Amazon purchase a try, and voila have it again. It is authentic, the same exact thing, and comes nicely packed in the Jean Nate box ready for gift giving or just for storage purposes.

Sierra El Sobrante, CA

I love this powder!

Easy to use, smells wonderful and doesn’t make a mess all over the floor like the sprinkle powders! I will buy again!

Aimee Catheys Valley, CA