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Revlon Grow Luscious By Fabulash, 001 Blackest Black, 0.38-Ounce

Grow Luscious Mascara is a first-to-market, all-in-one mascara and lash enhancer. The lash enhancing phyto-peptide formula complements the natural growth cycle of the lashes to improve the overall appearance and condition of lashes with each use. The jumbo, oversized brush with lash extending fibers instantly lengthens and plumps lashes. The result, longer, fuller lashes that grow stronger day after day.

Key features

  • Lash enhancing formula complements the natural growth cycle of your lashes and improves their overall appearance and condition with each use
  • Lashes not only look instantly longer and lusher, they will also grow stronger day after day
  • Oversized lash-extending brush

Honest reviews


Worst mascara I’ve tried in a long time…

This is the worst mascara I’ve tried in a long time. The only reason I tried it is because I’m in the prcess of switching mascaras because the one I was using was tested on animals and I don’t like that. Anyway, the one I loved before was the falsies by mabelline (so I’m looking for something similar), but this luscious lash is no good. I bought blackest black, but it looks like dark gray and the mascara itself is really thin. I usually like them thin-medium so I can apply at least 2 coats, but this one doesn’t look like I put anything on my lashes (except for the fact the all look clumped together at the base). You have to keep layering coats for it to make the slightest difference and then it flakes and clumps really bad without making lashes look much fuller or longer. Another thing I don’t like about this is the wand is big that it makes it hard to get all the lashes and makes it easy to get mascara on eyelids. I usually like pretty big wands, but this one has an odd shape and it’s giant. I would have considered keeping a mascara that was lighter in color and thin for really natural looks, but I just can’t work with it. I’m not sure if it helps lashes grow because I stopped using it because I hate it. If you want something that helps lashes get fuller, longer and stronger buy rapidlash. Haha good luck if you buy this mascara though.

Kristi Science Hill, KY

holy crap… I love this!

well I never bought any mascara that didn’t say something like “mulitplying” or “volumizing” but I’m now obsessed with getting my lashes as long and lusterious as possible, so I thought that for my day to day I should give this stuff a go. I didn’t expect to like it. I usedMaybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Flared Washable Mascara, Blackest Black 286, 0.31-fluid Ouncefor a while as my go to mascara, but I neglected to notice that it left my lashes clumpy and though it made them thicker, it also clumped them together and made them look very glued together. This actually makes them look fluffy and seperated, and defined and BEAUTIFUL 0.o I love it… and its good for my lashes? Win win.I dont know what the other reviewers are saying about running…personally, I wear lots of make up on my eyes. If something runs, its all running, and I’m not too concerned about that I’ll just reapply it, you cannot worry about everything 😡 but honestly I haven’t had the problem. I’ve not been using it too long, but I did cry in (yeah I know lol XD but any girl knows its totally a testament to how good a mascara is lol) it and washed my face in it, and I did a deep pore cleansing mask with it on, and during all of this it never ran or melted…I wonder if maybe the formula changed. A few people mentioned the formula was pulled off the shelf and put back on, so I’m wondering if I got the new formula and therefor do not have this running problem.Either way, I LOVE the look, I LOVE the feel (so soft and light, not flakey or glopy like my other mascaras at all) and its also good for my lashes… what is there exactly to lose? ^^ I think this stuff is a keeper.

Germaine Ripton, VT


bueno esto fue un regalo para mi cuñada no me ha dicho nada al respecto, aparantemente le gusto al menos parece que lo esta usando bastante

Lucy Bullville, NY

love love love

i thought buying the expensive brands were better because of the old adage “you get what you pay for” but this isn’t the case here. i love this mascara because it’s not too “wet” like some others i have tried where they tend to clump the lashes easily. and i actually prefer this traditional type of brush as opposed to those newer silicone ones because it grabs every lash and separates them beautifully. i really don’t buy the promise that this mascara will help my lashes grow longer but they do look the best they have ever been but i also credit that to a great curler (another revlon product).

Araceli Royal Oak, MI

Great Mascara!

I do shop around for different products pretty often, but this is one I will stick with for awhile. I was noticing my lashes getting thinner before, and now on my 2nd tube of Grow Luscious, I can say they seem thicker rather than thinner. I tend to sleep in my makeup and wash it off after my morning workout, and can say this mascara stays on until I wash it off. But, it’s not difficult to remove and doesn’t get hard and crusty either.My routine is layering — Hard Candy 1000 Lashes primer, then Grow Luscious. For day, I add a second coat of Grow Luscious and get very nice plush long lashes. For night, or for extra confidence, I add MAC False Lashes mascara as the final coat. That lets me combine the conditioning of Grow Luscious with the super long lashes look from MAC. Both are awesome!

Johnnie Taylor, PA

My go to mascara

Mascara is by far my favorite makeup product, and when i find a mascara i love, i will stick with it. This will be my 2nd tube since I discovered it. It has a big round brush with the regular bristles on it (i cant stand the plastic bristle wands). So it makes my eyelashes look nice and full. I also love Revlon because they don’t test their products on animals. So i highly recommend it! To me it is very similar to the Maybelline Full and Soft mascara which is what i used for YEARS! But, i had to switch to Revlon since Maybelline tests on animals.

Dominique Sulphur Springs, TX


I was very excited when I saw the advertising for this product, a mascara that actually makes your lashes grow longer! I purchased, and have to say I only used it a couple of times, although I keep wanting to try it again because of the promises. First, the wand applicator is HUGE. WAY too large to do anything with my tiny eyelashes, I constantly bump my lids, smearing the mascara onto my skin. It also does not do a good job of separating lashes. Whoever designed the wand applicator should be fired. Next, this mascara flakes off throughout the day. I notice a bunch of flakes beneath my eyes by lunchtime and smears of color throughout the day. Although I still have an almost full tube, I have discontinued use. A great idea, poor execution.

Irene Land O Lakes, FL


I would say this mascara is no better than any other. The brush is HUGE and difficult to manuever, yes it is “oversized” as it claims, but I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish by that. While trying to get my outer lashes I would hit my cheekbones with it. I got the “Black Shimmer,” but as far as I could tell it didn’t shimmer. I was expecting some extra shine or something, but there was nothing noticeable until I took it off and looked on my cotton pad. It looked like different colored glitter there. But I couldn’t see it when it was on my lashes. If I knew it was just some glitter I wouldn’t have bought it.My tube was greenish, not this aqua color, and it was not waterproof, and as this one does not state it is waterproof, I’m listing my review under it. So far I still like Maybelline Stiletto Lash the best.

Terri Rogerson, ID

one of my favorites.

i love this mascara! i remember reading some negative reviews about this mascara clumping up too much, but i personally love the clump! haha it really does thicken and lengthen my lashes, but mostly thicken.

Eugenia Mclean, TX

Not Good…

The brush is pretty big and normally I like big fluffy brushes, but this one was too stiff for me to work with. The worst part of this mascara was not it’s performance. It lengthened pretty well, volume was OK. The worst part was that this formula caused my eyes to burn and water. Will not be repurchasing.

Kara Zacata, VA

Great daily mascara

I have been using this mascara for about 2+ years now. This is a great daily mascara, I say this because I had realized that after years of using mascara it can break your lashes or seem thinner. So I was looking for something to maintain mine. I have curly, full lashes, not super long though. This mascara doesn’t harden and stiffen then. It doesn’t smudge for me or run easily. I use about 2-3 coats. I love the Black Brown and Black Shimmer. Doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. The brush is big and bristly which is great. Its not one of those super defining mascaras. Its more of a volumizing one with some lengthening to it. To use it right I think you have to find your technique 🙂 Cheers.

Guadalupe Dillonvale, OH

Good waterproof and smudge proof mascara

Don’t know if my lashes have grown (maybe a bit), but love how this mascara goes on. It may not be perfectly water and smudge proof, but it’s pretty darn close.

Jocelyn Beachwood, NJ

Perfect mascara

It’s the right combo of thick and natural- the shimmer isn’t very noticeable but the over all look of the lashes is very nice.

Yvonne Distant, PA

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Decent mascara by Revlon. It’s a little clumpy for my liking, but does the job. I usually use it as my backup mascara to carry around in my purse when I’m out.

Queen Sabana Seca, PR

My Fave

This is my favorite Mascara of all time! I watched a tutorial on makeup on Youtube and she recommended it. It holds plenty of mascara and even makes this old lady of 70 look like she has long lashes. The tutorial suggested using 2 mascaras on top of each other, but I didn’t need to. It’s great!

Marci Sylvania, PA

Really good stuff….

I really like this mascara! It lengthens and give volume to yourlashes and for me really defines your lashes. The only reasonI gave this stuff 4 in stead of 5 stars is because it runs outreally quickly. I am not sure why, I have gone thru this mascara3 times faster than I go thru most. I keep buying it anywaybecause I like it so much, but I would like it more if it lastedlonger!!

Adrienne Empire, OH

Best to use as top coat

I like the thickness of this brush for top coat of mascara. I use a smaller, more concentrated brush for my base layers to make sure I avoid clumping and apply even coverage throughout my lashes. I always finish off my look with a coat of Revlon Grow Luscious mascara, adds great length for a polished look

Mamie Fulton, SD


What can I say, it’s not harsh, leaves my lashes long and lovely. Will buy again because its hard finding good mascara

Harriett Camp Creek, WV

One of the better ones

I havent found the perfect mascara yet…its kinda like searching for the “one”…but this is pretty close.Clump free, allergy friendly, does make your lashes grow, good for every day or dramatic look with a few extra layers, comes off easy. It does tend to smudge a little, even the waterproof one, when you are working out or are exposed to moisture. The best part is I did get compliments on my lashes a few weeks after I began using it — so I think it does work.

Monique The Lakes, NV

Wonderful Product

This is a wonderful mascara I’m older and my eyelashes are in need of extra help this product seems to be doing just that. I will continue to buy this and would recommend to everyone.

Mary Diaz, AR

Five Stars

love it

Madeleine Ibapah, UT

An okay mascara for me

This was an okay mascara for me, didn’t really do much for my lashes. May work well for others, but did nothing for my lashes.

Kim Bond, CO

revlon grow luscious

mascara absorbs into the blood stream!!!!! Be careful what you put on your eyes!!This mascara dries your skin underneath the eyes out big time!

Florence Stanton, TN

Awkward Wand

This formula may help lashes grow, but the wand ruins application. It is a large, awkward wand. Normally, my lashes are shaped such that I can get a nice cat-eye effect, but this wand is so large that it’s impossible to apply mascara more heavily anywhere–not towards the inner eye at those tiny lashes, not in the center where it should be easy, and not even towards the outer lashes where it really ought to be easy to apply more. The consistent result is mascara on the lid skin above lashes. As said, this formula may help lashes grow, but that only works if you can actually get it on your lashes and want to apply it each day. I don’t look forward to using this one and end up using other, older mascaras. This is a last resort mascara now and will be thrown away as soon as I feel I’ve gotten at least a little more of my money out of it.

Juana Orange Springs, FL

Love it

I truly love this mascara. I’ve been using mascara for years but have never found a product I was completely satisfied with until I found this one. It doesn’t clump or run, and it makes my eyelashes look longer. They look so perfect that they look like falsies 🙂 I didn’t buy it with the intent of actually making my natural eyelashes grow, I just bought it to use as a regular mascara. I haven’t paid enough attention to my eyelashes to notice a difference – I never had particularly thin or short eyelashes to begin with, though. Other people have stated that it smudges – I didn’t notice this at all. I actually noticed that it’s a little difficult to get it off with my makeup remover pads (and I didn’t get the waterproof version). I am definitely guilty of falling asleep with makeup on, and I haven’t yet woken up with big black circles under my eyes from this mascara. Keep in mind that this also may be due to the fact that I don’t coat my lower lashes (I’ve been told it’s an unofficial makeup “rule”, but my eyes are already huge as it is and my eyes just look odd with the lower lashes coated). It looks fine the next day. Some people have also said that the applicator is way too big; I don’t really think it is at all, but that may just be personal preference. It is absolutely everything that I was looking for and I’m so glad that the search for the perfect, cheaply priced mascara is over!

Luz Continental, OH