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Revlon Extra Life Top Coat, 0.5 Ounce

Revlon Extra Life No Chip Top Coat extends wear of Revlon Nail Enamel to over 1-week while giving nails a smooth-as-glass finish. DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free.

Key features

  • UV Absorber
  • Patented plasticizers and acrylic polymer
  • Vitamin enriched formula

Honest reviews


Very nice!

I have used it on top of any enamel. It does seem to give an extra shine. I bite my nails from time to time, so I tend to still bite my nails here and there, therefore, I cannot tell if this really protects the enamel from chipping! Sorry!

Nell Elizabeth, PA


this is ok. it might help that your nails dont start chipping for an extra day or two. it does take a long time to fully dry. its easy for this to "glob" on

Dina Lawrenceville, NY

great top coat, really lasts

It is hard for me to find a top coat that I really like. Revlon Extra Life Top Coat lasts way longer than most other brands who offer top coats. Easy application and doesn’t make a mess! Love it! Great price

Victoria Lynnville, TN

Must have

i really recommend this product to people that have soft nail and nail chip real easy..this product really make your nail stronger and smooth looking …..

Estelle Tullos, LA

One of the best!

I am a nail design enthusiast, so I like to get every nail polish color that exists and having well manicured nails or acrylic. This is one the best top coats I have ever used. I cannot remember one that was so shiny and lasting. This really is no chip and delivers. I am a mom to a son, so I wash my hands a lot when it comes to cleaning messes and my kid is like I believe the messiest kid I know. So this really holds up well. My hand will dry out and even crack around my fingertips while this nail polish just looks about the same with some minor chipping after a week or so.

Margot Ekron, KY

Does better than nothing but not wonderful

It isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I am both unhappy, and happy with the product. I buy topcoats to keep it from not chipping, but it won’t ruin my day if it does. I just wanted a top coat that is better than nothing, and gives the nail a shine. This does just that! I do not think it is the best out there, nor do I think it is the worst. It is just good.

Adelaide Pindall, AR

A very good top coat

I have used 1.5 bottles of this product in the past year. It is the only top coat that I have trusted in a long time.The best feature is that my polish looks really ALIVE with this top coat and I get extra compliments because of the high shine. It makes good polish look GREAT.Usually I do more than a regular paint job, I prefer to add a layer of Shatter, some glitter polish, some Konad stamps and that sort of thing. These things need a topcoat to protect and seal them to the nail. When I add this Revlon top coat I never have any worry about it smearing or streaking the Shatter or Konad images.It dries quickly, though it is not advertised to do so. I have 100% confidence in it’s finish after 15 minutes.Over all, it reduces the chips and extends the life of my polish, however I do only keep polish on for 3-4 days anyhow. Although not a miracle product, it does a very good job and also keeps it’s original consistency from the first use to the last.

Myrna Saint Benedict, PA