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Revlon Eterna ’27’ Moisture Cream with Progenitin, 2 Ounce

Eterna ’27’ was used by hundreds of women in Europe and America for over 2 years before it was made available commercially. There is no other cream in all the world like Eterna ’27’ – at any price. And only Revlon can offer you this exclusive formula. Use Eterna ’27’ regularly and see why Revlon believes you will vastly prefer it to any other cosmetic cream.

Key features

  • Comfortable, fluffy cream for skin prone to dryness
  • Help keep skin smoother, firmer and younger looking
  • Reduce wrinkles and restore vital moisture
  • Designed for nighttime use
  • Designed For nighttime, For drier Skin types.

Honest reviews


Works for my very dry skin in a very dry climate

I have some dry patches no moisturizer seemed to be able to control over the course of a day. I know this is a night cream, however, I’ve been using it in the day mixed in with my sunblock and it lasts all day. I haven’t seen those dry patches in the last month or so since I started using it. I don’t know about wrinkle control just yet but I does work very well for me as a moisturizer. It does have a scent to it, I don’t consider it offensive but I grew up in a time when most beauty products had some scent to them some more than others so I don’t mind it. It doesn’t linger.

Ronda Ardara, PA

It’s ok

I read the rave reviews about using it for years through many generations and the benefits of using it. I am in my early 50’s so I wanted to get rid of forehead wrinkles and facial lines. I think I got better results in Ponds. This rich cream may need to sit on the face at night but I don’t do night creams-messy. It seems it blends in nicely with a little moderate rubbing but I just didn’t notice much difference in my apperance. It’s just ok with me not bad and not great.

Gay Marble, MN

My favorite!

Best moisturizing cream ever. Great for after peel ( use NCN Peel…The best!). Cant use during the day unless I put on olay regenerist over the top to combat the greasiness. Love,Love,Love!

Arlene Marianna, FL

Very Nice Product

I love this face cream. I Have used it for decades. It is just the right creaminess for dry facial skin. It has a pleasant smell, but not too fragrant. It lasts a long time and the price is very reasonable. It only takes a tiny little bit once a day – under make up or at night. Try it. Your face will love you for it.

Paula Colfax, IA

Not a modern formula

This stuff was expensive and didn’t absorb with a darn. No mater how little I used or how much I tried to rub/pat it into my skin, there was a greasy layer on my skin. When I woke up in the morning, my skin wasn’t particularly soft or hydrated. It has an "old lady" scent and just seemed very "old school" to me., Like something my grandmother would use. There are better products out there for my money.

Callie Sorento, IL