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Revlon Double Ended Brow Brush, Premium

All Revlon brushes are expertly crafted using ultra soft, premium fibers and natural birch wood handles for professional quality results

Key features

  • All-in-one lash and brow grooming tool
  • Combination brush/comb has an angled brush to fill and contour eyebrows and sturdy comb to groom and separate lashes and eyebrows
  • Great for declumping mascara

Honest reviews


Nice product

There are 3 seperate surfaces on this brush, so you can use it for different purposes. Well made and convenient.

Flora New Effington, SD

Perfect brush

This is well made – I’ve bought cheaper one on Amazon and the the little comb teeth broke off on it pretty quickly. This one is still perfect even after a few months of daily use, and I love the tip with the eyelash brush on the end instead of it just being a plain handle – it’s great for making sure your lashes look good after applying mascara, to unclump any areas needed (works better than the comb or brush for that purpose). Spend a little extra and get this brush.

Gilda Mililani, HI

Multi functional brush for your brows and lashes

Love this brow brush. It does double duty, brushes your brows and the tip brushes your lashes. I especially like using the tip after I apply mascara, it separates the lashes and removes the extra mascara that clumps. Awesome product!

Jasmin Colerain, OH

Triple Crown Brush

I’ve needed this for a long time, but was too lazy to buy it. If you need to tame your eyebrows, this is the brush for you!

Ethel Altheimer, AR

Use it every single day

No matter what mascara I use, I am extremely particular about any clumping whatsoever in my lashes. I want all of my lashes to be seperate, and this is perfect for combing out my lashes between mascara applications. I don’t use the brow brush much, but I do use the mascara wand end to comb out my eyebrows after applying my eyebrow pencil.

Marisol Spreckels, CA

Love it

Ha this is so sturdy. I love the quality of this, Its actually very useful as a spoolie and saves the need for me to buy another one as it is 2 in 1

Stella Key Colony Beach, FL

My favorite grooming tool

This brow/lash brush is my very favorite eye grooming tool! It’s an all-in-one implement that I use every day and it is very well made – the comb and brush are strong and don’t lose teeth/hair as other of my former brushes have always done! The eyebrow grooming end is the best one I have ever found. This tool looks like it will last a long time – I highly recommend it!

Nan Nicholasville, KY

Works fine

This is a great brush and lash comb/brush. It’s well made, does what it says and works fine. Let’s hope it lasts as my previous brushes have all broken off.

Lupe Kingsville, MO

NICE – cute item

I found out about this item from a You Tube makeup video, the girl used this after she applied her eyebrow pencil to smooth it out. She used the swirly part and it did help tone done the look so it does not look so fake.

Randi Mc Leansville, NC