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Revlon Cushion Grip Lash Curler

For a dramatic curl, with replacement pad. Cushion-Grip Lash Curler: Creates beautifully upswept lashes easily, expertly. Contoured design fits close to the lash line for maximum curl. Cushioned handles for a comfortable, non-slip grip. Spring action for just-right leverage. Includes two long-lasting curl pads. Can be used on bare or mascara-coated lashes. Precision crafted, fully inspected. Revlon beauty tools meet exacting design and quality specifications to assure exceptional performance. Over 45 years of superior quality. Made in China, Taiwan or Korea.

Key features

  • Creates beautifully upswept lashes easily, expertly
  • Contoured design fits close to the lash line for maximum curl
  • Cushioned handles for a comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Spring Action for just-right leverage
  • Includes two long-lasting curl pads

Honest reviews


Works Well Enough

I just recently bought this at Wal-Mart, and it isn’t too bad. It curls my lashes sufficiently. My only complaint is that I have to work a bit to get to the roots of my lashes, or rather anywhere past the tips of my eyelashes. Other than that it curls just great.

Caryn Forksville, PA


The picture shows the gold with black rubber eyelash curler and that the one I “purchased” but i received the silver with black. The colored eyelash curlers are not just for looks they each have a different curl effect to them. I perfer the gold one because its a vey well made. It gets into the eye perfectly and it it has good resistence when curling and the other dont. They are cheply made so when I found it here (drugstores dont carry it anymore) I bought but got something else. Do not buy cant even contact seller to return the item.

Aida Newalla, OK

worst curler I’ve tried

My lashes are pretty flat, and curling them is hassle, with results not lasting very much. That said, this iz by far the worst eyelash curler I have, as of yet, tried. I held the darn thing in place for two minutes, and in less than fifteen second the half of my lashes that did curl (or rather crimp) was flat again. Guess it’s off to the trash with it. ~$7 down the toilet.Long story short: THIS PRODUCT SUCKS!!! WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!!

Lucinda Copake, NY


I’ve been using this eyelash curler since I was 14 and I’m now 23. I’ve tried other brands that were 2 to 3 times the cost and I keep returning to this curler to get the results I want. I get compliments on my eyelashes everyday with the use of this eyelash curler followed by mascara!

Estella Panorama City, CA


This eyelash curler is just okay. Once in a while i was able to get a pretty good curl on one eye but the other did not come out looking the same. & sometimes my lashes would get caught & i’d pull some out! Not good! I would prefer a Tweezerman eyelash curler over Revlon any day!

Dollie Augusta, GA

Too big

I have an eyelash curler by Sally Hanson that I LOVE! I wanted to buy the same one to leave at my boyfriends house but didn’t see it at the drugstore so I just bought one that looked similar. This curler is not shaped for my eye at all. The top is too high and I can’t get it in the socket all the way. It’s also too wide, or maybe it doesn’t have enough of a cupped shape. But I can’t get all of my lashes in it from left to right because of it. Doing my best, and applying the pressure, I only get a little hint at a curl.Structurally it seems sturdy enough, and it’s comfortable in the hand, but do yourself a favor and buySally Hansen Eyelash Curler, Classic, Flirty Eyes 1 eyelash curlerit’s the best eyelash curler I’ve ever owned. They are not all created equal!

Gwen Hunter, AR

Wonderful Design

Using this curler gives me beautifully curved lashes with no pinching or crimping. I have used more expensive curlers that did not work as well, inexpensive curlers that came apart with the least amount of pressure and experimental curlers that did not work at all (specifically Revlon’s lighted curler).This curler works well for those that like to use quite a bit of pressure when curling. It stands up well, the curler hasn’t loosened or come apart. The cushioned grip is nice, but unnecessary. Overall, this curler works wonderfully.

Kayla Webbers Falls, OK

Just an average curler

This curler is your typical drugstore mechanical eyelash curler. It’s just average.For those with round eyes, like myself, I wouldn’t recommend this to you because the curve on this curler is for much more almond-shaped eyes.For those wanting actual curled lashes, I wouldn’t really recommend this either. The edge of the curler doesn’t really sink into the black pad when you press down, so your lashes are still pretty straight.All in all, I don’t really like these, but they’re good if you’ve got nothing else.

Latanya Albert Lea, MN

My favorite curler

This curler fits just right and doesn’t make me lose my lashes. I can’t just curl once, I have to curl in about 3 different areas on my lashes to get a nice curl. But this is how it is for every curler I’ve used so far.

Rowena Carsonville, MI

Want Long Eyelashes?

Do you want long eyelashes, but you don’t want to wear falsies? I will share a secret with you. Put on a light coat of mascara and let it set, then curl your eyelashes, and add a second coat of mascara. You will look like you are wearing falsies after this technique. This gold set does have good tension and fits right up to the base of your lash; which creates a great curling and lengthening effect.

Flora Rosemary Bch, FL


This did not curl my eyelashes. It is hard to squeeze because of the spring. It was a total piece of junk as far as I am concerned. I am still looking for a decent eyelash curler. I use Revlon makeup and think they have some excellent products, but this is not one of them .

Charity Rockaway Park, NY