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Revlon Curl Collections Quick Styling Hot Air Kit

Revlon RVHA6002C 1 & 1-1/2 inch Hot Air Styler Brush has 1500 watts and Ionic Technology. The barrel is ceramic with two brush attachments to make styling your hair easier.

Key features

  • Nano Ceramic Technology provides high even heat and maximum hair conditioning.
  • Tourmaline, Ionic Technology helps with faster drying while leaving you with shinier healthier loking results.
  • Ion Generator Switch with Indicator Light
  • 1″ & 1-1/2 Thermal Brush Attachments with Concentrator
  • Attachment Release Button for an easy switch

Honest reviews



sooooooooo hot ,i can’t hold it with my hands when i start using it i shocked of the big noise and hard heat ,plus i noticed the my hail become like some one firme it by shaver.i think its not health at all “`& it cause lot of damage

Thelma Ringwood, NJ

Really Very Happy

I have a minor disability that makes it difficult for me to use a roller brush and a hairdryer simultaneously, and this styler just takes the cake. It is loud, but I can’t relate to the complaints about it being eardrum-shattering – it sounds like a normal hair dryer. Also its design is not made for quick drying, but I’ve found that drying and styling is much easier when you blow dry in sections (I have long, fine hair). I was thrilled with the results and although I’m aware these things die out after awhile, I’d be willing to buy another just for the convenience of it.I took one star off because it really does become very hot, but it’s not an issue. There is an odor when you turn it on high heat, but I’ve been using it daily and it hasn’t broken or sparked or exploded, so I think it’s fine.Overall, extremely happy with it.

Amalia Sioux Rapids, IA

Great for thick, wavy hair

Awesome product. We have long, thick hair and this helps us dry and style and get rid of the frizzies pretty quickly too.

Clarissa Iola, IL

End keeps falling off

This is the worst drier/brush ever!! The end twists on but it twists the same way you blowdry your hair so when you put the hair around it and pull, it twists off!A load of rubbish! Am amazing their testing didn’t reveal this flaw.

Ruby West Enfield, ME

snags hair

I had a hot air brush for 15 years that was awesome. Unfortunately this did not make for a great replacement. I bought this 3 months ago and although it dries, at least once a week sometimes more my hair will get caught in the barrel. At first I thought it was caught where the different ends attach, but it is actually when the metal barrel meets the plastic. It is screwed to the plastic and it has a little give so when you pull it through your hair it will catch. I am no longer going to use it, in the market for a new one.

Lynnette Woodstock, AL

LOVE this!!

This makes my fine hair full and smooth looking. It works so much better than other air stylers because the bristles are hard and they grip your hair. I like it so much that I’ve bought several of them just in case they stop making them!

Brittney Vermilion, OH

I really like this – not sure why the bad reviews

This is my 3rd one of this model (long story, but the others didn’t fail). I have had the same positive experience with each of them. Really not sure why the negative reviews.1. It’s a higher wattage than most of the others. That made a huge difference for me. The noise wasn’t as high pitched, didn’t sound like it was working as hard, curled better. I also tried the Revlon 1200 watt sister to this product. This one is definitely more powerful. I never heard the high-pitch noises others complained about–with any of the 3.2. Large brush. I have only used the large brush. I have long, medium thickness, fine hair. The bristles hold my hair nicely while I curl and dry it. My hair does NOT curl around things easily. It even flips out of some curling irons. The bristles kept the hair against the brush nicely. The other thing to note is that the barrel is one continuous piece of metal. Some barrels (like the smaller one in this set) have sections that come together to form angled curves. This leaves my hair kind of kinky and shows bends where the hair was against seams. The big barrel/brush doesn’t do this since it is all one piece. I cannot speak to the smaller brush.3. Smaller brush. While I have not used this brush, it does have a unique feature that may appeal to some: If you twist it, the size of the barrel changes from small to a bit larger. In essence, you can adjust the size of the barrel to various sizes. Kind of a neat touch.4. Dryer attachment. Haven’t used.5. Settings – nice assortment for an inexpensive dryer. High (hot), low (hot), cool (a high setting)Two cautions:- If you have long hair, be cautious not to let the vents at the base suck your hair in. It causes an awful burning-hair smell and made one of mine less powerful (#1 back to the store)- Don’t drop a brush. The brushes secure onto the body with a notch. I dropped one on our tile floor and it broke the notch. No way to use the brush if you cannot attach it to the base. (#2 down the drain)If you aren’t sure about it, they sell it at Site-to-Store function online at Walmart. Super easy to return if it isn’t what you like.

Jami Highland, WI

1500W = Good Volume & Body but Needs a Release Button

I like that it is 1500 watts. It adds a lot of body and volume. I don’t like the non-turning barrell that allows you to easily unroll the heated hair without getting stuck. Releasing the hair you’ve put on the curling rod can be difficult if you have long hair. If it had that feature (as some of the other models) it would be perfect. The smaller barrell must be for short hair because it doesn’t do anything but get stuck in my long hair. I don’t like the plastic it is made of and that the bristles don’t bend. Again, if it turned to release the hair, it would be a better design. The last one I purchased did turn to release. This model is an improvement with the heating wattage only but not the design.

Consuelo Daviston, AL