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Revlon Colorstay Slim Lipcolor 320 Dreamy Dusk 0.11oz

Smooth and long lasting.

Key features

  • Lipcolor
  • Shine for up to 12 hours
  • Food and beverage proof

Honest reviews


Looks like its been opened??

Got this with two other products which just came loose in a big box, first time for that. And when i pulled it out i noticed the end of the lipstick had been smooshed up against the top pof the plastic clear lid. it has a wrapped on it which doesnt allow you to twist it up and down until being removed so im not sure how this has happened unless it was opened previously. the sides of the clear plastic top are also marks with the color. and there are big grooves in the actually lipstick like the tip has fallen off a few times and they pushed it together and resealed it. I managed to get pictures without opening it and im going to try and return it. Ill update on how easy that process goes. Total bummer. I didnt pay almost ten bucks for broken, squooshed, potentially already used lipstick 🙁

Greta Standish, MI

dont’ try to wear it everyday

The color was lovely. I tested it by kissing my husband and there was no transfer at all. However, this stuff is kind of hard on your lips. Mine were almost sore the next day. I’d wear this for special occasions when I know there will be kissing (reunions, graduations, weddings) but not for everyday. Pain is sometimes the price of beauty but I’ll pass this time.

Millie Levels, WV

love this

This has always been one of my favorites but it’s hard to find.glad I could find it here.good stuff will buy more

Georgina Pilger, NE

color stay is right!

I am totally in love with this stuff! it makes my lips the perfect shade of kissable plum.without leaving my lips dry and rough

Virginia Thorp, WA

Love the color

This lip color makes me look so sexy that I need to get another one before this one runs out. I use this every day no matter where I am going.

Sasha Roanoke, TX

Best lipstick ever

Revlon made a huge mistake discontinuing this lipstick. In my opinion it’s their best ever. Since the end of it, they have come out with many other "long lasting" ones that dry your lips, flake off, have to put a gloss over them to look human. I will keep searching for this on ebay or anywhere I can get it until the old supply runs dry and then I won’t buy Revlon again (unless they bring this back) simply because I’m really ticked at them!!

Mable Oak Park, MI

Wonderful Colors, Great Lipstick

I love Revlon Colorstay, it really does do just that – the color stays. I love that I can choose from tons of different colors, both in main stores, and at discounts places were discontinued colors are sold like Big Lots, Grocery Outlet , Ross, and Amazon (sometimes).In stores they are super cheap, same with Grocery Outlet and Big Lots. At least, super cheap compared to amazon prices plus shipping. I tend to buy mostly in store, as Carrie Bradshaw says "Shopping is my Cardio."They are great for personal use, they roll on easy and last all day. I do suggest you put lip balm under them that is colorless because they do get stiff from the chemicals that make them stay.As a producer they are great for on set use because of the various colors and how long they stay on without reapplication. I hate having to do a ton of makeup retouching both SFX and on set because it wastes time and money. Revlon Colorstay really helps me to avoid that.

Margo Mondamin, IA

My favorite lipstick for years!

I love this lipstick and it is my ultimate favorite and here is why. The color is extremely natural looking and it is the most neutral yet fresh and natural color I have found, it looks my lip color only brighter and richer. The color stays on all the way from morning to late afternoon, I even drink coffee and water throughout the day and it still stays on. I usually reapply about 5 pm if I am going to go out after work. The formula goes on rich and creamy. This lipstick goes on effortlessly feels light and natural, like a simple coat of creamy richness and is not stickky or cakey feeling ever. Now you know why I love this. It is not easy to find and I always have to search when I reorder, that is why I will usually order multiples when I do find this lipstick online somewhere. Thanks Amazon.

Roslyn Galesburg, MI


This is a very flattering red shade on my olive complection. It is not too deep or dark but dark enough show up! Absolutely love it!

Ruthie King William, VA

Photo shows color much darker and not very accurate, but porduct feels nice and is a nice color.

I dislike the inaccuracy of the color displayed online. The soft cinnamon is more of a brownish, cooperish color. Not a dark red brown as depicted in photo. I originally bought this to offset another one of the same brand because the red was a bit too orangey for me. I wont be buying anymore lip color online unless I’ve seen it in person before.Product does feel nice and glides smoothly on my lips. Feather lightweight feel, with great pigment.

Michael Noxen, PA


… are what got me to make this purchase. Although I do like the consistency and moisture, there is a sheen that is not, what I would ever call, satin. All around good color if you like some sparkle.

Marguerite Miller City, IL

looks amazing

I bought this because I wanted a simple look. it looks great on my fair skin. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Ann Richey, MT

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick

I liked the color okay, but this lipstick was NOT long-lasting at all, which frankly surprised me as I have always found the Revlon Colorstay products to be long-lasting. So, this was a disappointment, but the seller did send it quickly!

Ashlee Liberty Hill, SC

My standard color for many years. Great staying power!

Not sure why Revlon made the huge mistake of no longer making this stuff. It has great staying power without making your lips turn into paper! Soft cinnamon is a great color for my olive tone skin. I also like Pecan for a more natural look. VERY glad Amazon carries it. I stock up when I order.

Hilary Danville, WV


item is fantastic when used alone or blended with another color…got sooo many it and for the price you can’t go wrong…

Rosanne Holly Hill, SC

Great lipstick too bad Revlon doesn’t make any more

I love this color but unfortunately Revlon has discontinued this lipstick so I search wherever I can find it. It lasts a very long time without reapplication.

Leanne Flemington, MO