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Revlon ColorStay Overtime Liquid Lipcolor, Keep Blushing

8 hours of color and the shiniest shine – all in one double-ended wand. Looks fresh for up to 8 hours.  No touch-ups – even after meals. Semi-permanent lipcolor with color-lock technology won’t kiss off, feather or bleed. Glossy topcoat is enriched with 99% moisture, chamomile and soy extract for shiny soft lips. Made in Germany

Key features

  • Patented film-forming technology
  • SoftFlex technology
  • Chamomile and Soy Extract

Honest reviews


Stays on Forever: Revlon at Amazon

This lipstick really stays on for a full day and probably longer if you don’t take it off at night before sleeping. It also stays on coffee cups, spoons, etc. through a dishwasher cycle so check carefully when unloading the dishes to be put away or your house will look like a bad restaurant. I use Neutrogena eye make-up remover to remove it at night and I have read that some people use baby oil. If you want to go all day without worrying about your lipstick, this is the product for you. Sometimes I wonder what exactly is in it to make it stay on so long, but it’s probably better for my peace of mind not to know.

Judy Henriette, MN

I’m 80% happy

The colors are a little bit different that what you see online or the actuctual package. It needs to be used up in a years time or the color dries up. The clear gloss is fine so it can be used as a gloss even after that used up year!It does do what it promises. . . . . stays on all day long even after eat! I guess that’s what’s most important!

Sharon Rockford, TN

It does stay on, and

It does stay on and that’s a plus…no lipstick marks on glasses or cups. I have found that if I don’t entirely remove it with makeup remover, I will sometimes end up with a ridge of color at the edges which isn’t attractive, but removing that and starting fresh, all is well. I like the color very much…it has enough blue in it for me, but not too much.

Mariana Umpqua, OR

Doesn’t dry my lips out

Long lasting coverage. Doesn’t come off on my glass when I drink. Doesn’t dry my lips out. I’m very happy with it and have a wide variety of colors.

Terri Tioga, PA


This is wonderful lipstick. Goes on easy, dries matte, then you put the gloss side on and your lips look wonderful. This color is great, too, not overpowering. Lasts all day. Love it!

Claudia Carlinville, IL


This is my go to lipstick and the best long wearing lipstick on the market. I would give this lipstick my highest recommendation. Love it!

Lily Rich Square, NC

My favorite for years. Bought on Amazon

I wear lipstick from the minute I get up until I go to bed. I’ve tried many other kinds, but I always go back to this. It’s simply the best. It’s very long wearing and unless you eat something greasy, it stays on most the day. The darker colors have more staying power. The conditioner on one end has a glossy shine, but if you don’t like that, let it wear off. You will need it at first or your lips will feel dry. After the gloss wears off, you probably won’t notice it. I don’t. I really like that it has no fragrance. The only thing I don’t like, is I can’t carry it in my pocket without it coming unscrewed.

Lupe Gibsland, LA

Five Stars

love the color and it stays on long.

Anne Kaunakakai, HI

Drying but Lasts!

I love the color. The lipcolor lasts but it is very drying especially after wearing a hour. I find myself needing to wipe and reapply.

Raquel Woodworth, LA

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Infinite Raspberry Lipcolor

I’ve been using this lip color for many years. I like the raspberry shade of pink, the ease of application, the long-lasting color that rarely needs a touch-up. It stays "put" and doesn’t run into those lip creases we develop as we age. My only complaint would be the frequency with which I have to buy the tubes. Using daily, the color side of the tube honestly doesn’t last more than 30-40 days for me. I always end up with the clear gloss side being more than half full when the color side is empty. I think more lip color could be gotten from the tube if the applicator was as long as the tube of color. I always think there is more product at the bottom that I just can’t get to with the provided applicator.

Faith Orange Grove, TX

THE ONLY long-lasting lipcolor.

I’ve tried a lot of lip products, but this is the only one I rave about. The color really lasts a long time – like, I’ll put it on in the morning and it will still look great at the end of the day. Like I can eat, kiss, drink, and I’m still the only one wearing lipstick. Like, I’ll still be wearing lipstick after a shower.It doesn’t get stiff or cakey, and I can just add some gloss to freshen it up. The only things I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t work well with Burt’s Bees or other waxy lip balms – it can get lumpy if you use chapstick over it. Gloss seems to be fine. Also, it can be a P in the A to get off at the end of the night, so often I will look extra terrible in the morning if I’m too lazy to scrub at it.

Darla Fishers, IN

Wears well, but…

…I need a wider selection, or at least a few more color choices, in the Warm category. BUT I will say, this lipcolor wears very well. Use, when not using this product, the best available lipcare/lipbalm you can afford, however, especially overnight. Otherwise, you will probably get dry lips. I live in Colorado, so I know. ANYWAY, the colors: Scarlett is a very COOl red. I am a redhead/auburn-head with gold highlights and pale, warm-undertoned skin. I can’t wear cool lip colors without looking drained and sick. So, I’m disappointed with the Scarlett and one of the other paler colors of which I cannot remember the name. I am ordering the whatever Coral color now. I’m doing this online because local drugstores are often not fully stocked with all or most of the colors in this product line.

Alyce Ogden, IA

Love the product and the color (nonstop cherry)

This is one of my favorite cosmetics products. It truly lasts all day (if you follow directions) and the color is vibrant. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use this lipstick!

Henrietta Columbus, PA

My color

Every day wear without the heavy feel. It does last & last whether you use the top clear coat or not. Exceptionally natural looking only better. Difficult to find in stores and the prices found on Amazon are comparable so, I order in bulk when found.

Daphne Clark, NJ

great pigmentation, forms weird plasticky coating on lips

For a lip gloss, the pigmentation and staying power is pretty great. Once it dries, it stays put and doesn’t feel sticky (no more hair sticking to your lips on a windy day!).Just a head’s up: it seems to form a plasticky coating on your lips that tends to peel/flake off, instead of just fade away. If I gently rub my lips together when wearing this, it literally forms little clumps that flake off. I wouldn’t recommend this for people who tend to have dry lips. If that doesn’t bother you, go ahead and give this a try.

Erma Cherokee, IA

product works

This product works. I wake up the next day with it on. This is my second tube of this color and I have at least 4 other colors I have purchased. Does not run into lines around mouth, if you have that concern.

Edna Colliersville, NY