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Revlon ColorStay Makeup, Normal/Dry Skin, Natural Beige 220, 1 Ounce,

SoftFlex comfort technology. Looks fresh, feels great all day; Moisture-balanced, oil-free formula; Natural flawless look; Won’t rub off with normal activity. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

  • Revlonintroduces the next generation from the #1 long wear brand, new ColorStayMakeup
  • Lightweight comFort, so you feel like you’re not wearing Makeup.
  • Exclusive ColorStay”won’t rub off”** Formula gives you the same flawless looking Skin, but now your Makeup looks Fresh and feels great For up to 16 hours.
  • Specially Formulated For Normal or Dry Skin, this oil-free Formula helps control Shine.
  • Medium to Full coverage in 12 luxurious shades, With SPF 20 protection*.

Honest reviews



A mi esposa le gusto mucho sobre todo la calidad y la textura, dice que dura bastante y aguanta hasta cierto punto la humedad

Sophie Southside, WV

Too light

I’m very disapointed, I think I have picked the wrong one. this one is really light but light like not for black skin but for caucasian I would say: it’s a kind of dark beige

Gayle Arrey, NM

amazing foundation

I love love love this foundation its definetely the best foundation out there(drugstore wise). I would buy it over and over again because its amazing especially if you have acne and need a foundation with a full coverage. If you are going to purchase it online I would buy it on amazon because it is the cheapest and the shipping is great.Again this product is amazing, I have oily skin and I buy the one for oily skin and it works great and my mom has very dry skin and she also uses this product and she loves it too. Best foundation ever and can definetely be compared to the makeup forever HD foundation and for half the price and maybe even more product, it is great. I usually use a stippling brush to apply it but even your fingers would apply this foundation amazingly because its so blendable and smooth. this is my go to foundation everytime i run out i buy it again because i dont wanna waste my money and try a new one if this is the best one out there

Amber Reno, OH

Good coverage, & last without coming off on stuff-

This has good med to full coverage . You can build up to what coverage you want, but it’s not a light one. I like it but you really need to moisturize & use a base so it doesn’t look dry and settle in lines etc. I think most all the long wear fuller coverage ones are like that. I have good results w/this when its not so cold & dry out. When my face is more moist , it gives a really good even color. Just have to be careful in the winter & put moisturizer on before this. For the money it’s a great cover up, concealer & compares well to higher priced ones. Will buy again & again ~

Jacklyn Ryderwood, WA

my least favorite foundation.

I don’t usually write negative reviews but this time I decided to share my experience, because I bought this foundation based on raving reviews and would appreciate an alternative views too. I have a normal skin and even though I bought one for dry skin, it still is too drying on my skin. color I bought is sand beige and it makes me medium/fair Caucasian skin look very unhealthy. I didn’t think it had such a great coverage and when it came time to remove it, only my Olay pro X cleansing brush could remove it, but then it turned the brush brown and ruined it… The worst foundation I have ever tried and I have tried A LOT!

Christa Beeson, WV

what the hell

i’ve used the normal to oily version of this with no problems and liked it. i have very dry skin and have to make sure i moisturize everyday so i figured this would be a good product. Boy was i wrong!! The product dried my face out so incredibly bad! My skin was soft and smooth, than i used this once and now its rough and flaky! Ive tried so hard to keep my face nice and this ruined it, so disappointed!

Sondra Euless, TX

It seperated after 2 weeks!!

I usually buy the Normal/oily version and this never happened with the other ones I used to have , will not repurchase this type again , I was looking for sthng less drying than the colorstay for oily skin foundation so I purchased this one but Yuk I couldn’t use it anyways …

Vickie Searles, MN

I like it

Amazing coverage and staying power even in tropical climates but I find it hard to blend well. I prefer the one for oily skin even though I dont think my skin is oily. I found that I need to blend the nude with the buff to get the right colour for my skin.

Estelle Blue River, OR

It does stay on… a little too well.

I was tired of having to reply my makeup throughout the day, so set out to find a longer lasting foundation. A lot of reviews stated that this foundation was excellent for that purpose. After using it the first few times, I was very happy. No need for touch ups through the day and even if I fell asleep with it on, the next morning it still looked pretty good. So it definitely does what it says it will do. My main problem with this makeup was not what it did/didn’t do to my face, but the effect it had on my makeup brushes. Since this makeup does so well staying on a person’s face, it would only make sense that it also stays on other objects just as well… even makeup brushes. It made my brush very stiff and inflexible after only a few uses. And when I went to clean it (normally one quick washing will do the trick) I not only had to wash it out multiple times, but also soak it for over 24 hours before it was “not so stiff.” After all of this, it was still not how it should be after cleaning it. Continued use with this foundation and the need for this type of cleaning, would eventually ruin any foundation brush. I just wanted to give people a heads up, that if you do use expensive brushes, I wouldn’t advise using them with this product, since the process to clean the brush out is not gentle on it. I have sense changed makeups and my brush did eventually return to its previous state (I stopped using the brush after the first and only cleaning process I had to go through). I probably will not be purchasing this product again. But can’t fault Revlon, the product does what it says it will!

Cherry The Lakes, NV

Excellent Revlon

I love this stuff. I’ve always worn it. My mother always wore Elizabeth Arden and I wish I could but can’t afford it. This suits me just fine.

Georgina Counce, TN

flawless look

It does very well, but i took a color that’s one shade lighter than my actual skin tone. Too bad. Any way i mixed it with some bronzer, now i’m rockin it everyday cause it gives me a flawless look.

Evelyn Hastings, MI

It had a pink tone to it

Well to start off, this was the perfedt skin tone for me but once I applied it all over my face it turned pinkish and I hated it. Pink is like my skinunertone and I taught I was going to hide it but it didn’t work out for me and I wil continue searching for a new one.

Belinda Scarborough, ME

Five Stars

Love this makeup. Cannot beat the price

Amie Dover, OK

Not for people with very light skin

I bought this in Ivory, which is their lightest shade in this product. It’s STILL a bit too dark for my skin, which sucks, because I love this product (hence the three stars). If you’re darker than I am, then it’s amazing. It’s very full coverage, and it does exactly what it says; it lasts all day. But it dries very quickly, making it hard to blend seamlessly.

Sheri Lamar, OK

cant find right color

is probably good makeup but too yellow. every color is. is costing me a fortune to find the right color. maybe I never will with olive-pink complexion. this is discontinued anyway so its just as well but I favor colorstay products

Verna Hayward, WI

This is the best cover up

Not only does this product cover flaws 100%, but it doesn’t rub off on clothes or run. I’ve been using this for years and my makeup kit is never without it. Smooth, doesn’t smell like perfume, and is well made. My skin is super sensitive and this works well. Highly recommended.

Hallie Linville Falls, NC

great product

this foundation is amazing! it has great coverage and best of all it does not leave me oily at all it gives like a matte finish!

Rosanna Southside, WV

Revlon makeup

wife saw this item and said it was an item she regularly used and the price was exceptional and I should order this for her. Was received quickly and was well packaged.

Priscilla Greenville, WI

Not all-in-one, but the best, most natural foundation I’ve tried

This is my favorite foundation, and I’ve tried a quite a few including some more expensive ones. The fact that it is liquid is nice, because it never looks cakey. It’s not too thin, but it doesn’t have great coverage so if you have skin problems like me you’ll need a concealer as well. After I’ve been using the product for years, I’ve seen it on numerous beauty lists as a drugstore match to higher end products.It has SPF 15 which is nice, but I also wear a 30 SPF moisturizer (eucerin) as well, because I’m paranoid about sun damage and because you still need moisturizer with this, especially in the winter.

Kerri Islandia, NY

jo jo baltimore

This is different from the normal/combo Colorstay! It is darker than the normal/combo shade, you have to work a section at a time, because if not you have no control over the amount of coverage, and once it’s set, you cannot move it! I’ve heard that the normal to dry fomula works better than the normal/ combo one on oily. combo skin! Please make sure you moisturize any drier areas of your face before applying this, because your skin will get patchy!

Cecelia Industry, TX

Ignore review for a few days please

I’m being asked to review this and I haven’t gotten it yet. Didn’t mean to rate so I should give explanation. I’m choosing to remain in the middle of the spectrum based on others reviews. I will update once I’ve received.

Claudine Middlebourne, WV

i like it

with the rave going on the internet about this foundation, it was a must try. i like it. i intend using till it finishes but will move on to a new foundation. i would recommend it to anybody to give it a try because you might love it.

Tracie Stanaford, WV

Best drugstore foundation!

This is my go to foundation. It’s the best drugstore foundation I’ve tried so far. I would say is medium to full coverage. It leaves a matte finish.

Mae Kopperston, WV

I like it!

I’ve never had a foundation that matched my skin tone. I’ve always had a too orange or too dark face. So finally! I have a foundation that matches me! I’m really pale, so I got this in buff. The first few times I tried it, I looked really flakey and gross. I tried applying less, or with different brushes & techniques. So I just gave up on that and decided to not use this all over my face, but just in the areas I needed it in. (Cheeks & Chin) So I moisturized, put some on my hand, and used my FINGERS instead of a brush. I just patted it onto the areas I needed it in, and built it where I needed too. The coverage is great! And it doesn’t irritate my skin at all! My skin has actually been looking BETTER! I have some dark spots where I had a breakout a few months ago on my cheeks, and they’re finally starting to go away I think! I like this, a LOT!

Carol Harlan, KY

I like this foundation

I bought this from Amazon because the big box store near my home is ALWAYS out of my shade. I really like this foundation. It has good coverage. But it can tend to be a little dry so be sure to moisturize before using. I usually put on a very light coat first with my fingers and then I add a little more with a makeup brush. The finish comes out smooth and has better coverage than a lot of higher end foundations.

Wilma West Covina, CA

Love This Foundation

Love this with a great concealer, it truly lasts all day. I don’t have to touch up if I use with a setting powder. I have Normal/Dry and the both formulas work great on me.

Anna Geneva, GA

Best Price Anywhere!

I’ve been using this makeup for years now and just recently discovered I can get it on Amazon and save about $6 per bottle. Great product and fantastic savings! The makeup really does stay on for 24 hours if not washed off, and looks great on my agdry skin

Yesenia Ramona, KS