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Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer, Light Brown/Champagne, 0.026 Ounce

Dual-ended, propel/repel brow wand with a tinted wax on one end to color & set brows and a highlighter on the other end to accent & “lift” the brow bone area

Key features

  • Adds soft definition to brows while enhancing shape
  • Easy to get the professional looking results of beautifully enhanced brows
  • Wears up to 16 hours

Honest reviews


Pretty good but would wait til it’s cheaper to buy again….

I was initially surprised when I swatched this product on the back of my hand. The brown side is more like a brow wax in pencil form. The pink side was much more pink than I expected. I first thought that it would be useless to me but have found it works pretty good. I already use a tinted brow wax plus powder for my brows, so it wasn’t that hard. This pencil alone is not enough, though.As for people saying the pink side is useless, it definitely isn’t. Use it on your waterline to make your eyes look brighter and more awake. It can also be used as a base under eye shadow to make it last all day and prevent creasing. Use the brown side to keep your brows in place and as a base for your brow powder. It keeps the powder from wearing off all day.Overall, I’d buy it again. But only if it was half the price it is now (more than $8 at the moment).

May Troupsburg, NY

Perfect for fair skin brunettes.

This is the only pencil I’ve found to match my skin tone and eyebrows. I love it. That said, the pencil looks thick but it isn’t. It’s very small and you don’t get much for what you pay.

Wilda Tarzan, TX

Great brows!

Honestly a great, natural looking brow pencil. Doesn’t look caked on but it does stay on. The highlighter is good too. I really like it! It’s hard to find something that looks this natural. It’s a light "light brown" I’d say a little closer to dark blonde.

Tori Athol, KS

love these

they are great for a natural brow, and the wax keeps them in place, really is great for day to day. quick and easy

Briana Vincentown, NJ


Once I received this, I realized I had purchased it once before and wasn’t a big fan. After going back to blonde after a year of being red, I needed a blonde eyebrow pencil to replace my auburn one. This one has a nice color, but it’s just TOO waxy for me. It fills in my eyebrows ok, but on areas where there are no hairs (my brows are incredibly light blonde naturally and very sparse from plucking them to thin lines in the 90s) it doesn’t show up on my skin (and I’m the palest of pale!)I need a pencil that’s going to fill in AND shape, and this only does the former, if that makes sense. If you have full eyebrows that only need a little fill in, this might be ok, but if you’re trying to create a fuller shape, I wouldn’t recommend this.

Concetta Douglas, ND


This is a great brow enhancer. Most pencils don’t look real. This enhancer is really good, and makes brows look great.

Irma Camden, NY


My eyebrows are very thin due to years of over-plucking. This is the only brow pencil I have found that gives me a natural look. I work in a warehouse with no air conditioning and it still stays in place. I don’t use the highlighter end very often but it looks nice when I do. I hope Revlon continues to make this product!

Alice Lakewood, NJ

Love the highlighter, but the blonde brow color is not light enough

Revlon’s Colorstay Brow Enhancer is pretty great– I especially love the highlighter. Unfortunately, the blonde is a little dark from my light golden blonde hair; it makes my eyebrows look all-90s grunge and fake, but it would work on someone with light brown or dark blonde hair. I like using the highlighter on my browbones, the inner corner of my eyes, and down the bridge of my nose. Just don’t forget to blend, because the waxy texture tends to look crayon-like without it!

Eleanor Dayton, PA

Hard to find color for blonges

I am blonde with fair brows. This dual ended brow color is great for me. I use the taupe end for my brows and the pinky beige color to highlight my brow bone. Works great…. quick and easy. I use a quick brow to tame stray hairs and I’m done. Lasts all day.

Gwen Bunnell, FL

Half nice

The darker color is great. It works perfectly, is the ideal color match and does a great job of filling in my brows. The lighter color looks like a brown-gold thick smudge across my brow, so I don’t use it.

Tessa Indian River, MI

My favorite brow product

I can’t find this in stores – thanks, Amazon, for carrying it! It’s easy apply, the light brown/champagne color is perfect for my brown eyebrows. I have brown hair with highlights. Easy to apply. Good price.

Twila Carmel, ME


I find I want to give my eyebrows some definition that they lack, being blonde, so have been experimenting with a variety of these products. It is helpful to moisturize the area before applying these things, and actually it is a good idea anyway, especially in areas of the country that are dry or have notable heating seasons. (I’ve noticed that we may put moisturizers on our faces and somehow miss the eyebrow area, which needs it just as much.) So the color part of the stick goes on more easily and effectively. I don’t want my eyebrows to have that drawn-on look; rather want to color the individual hairs. This product works well.Now the nearly white waxy stuff on the other end of the tube – that is to play with. Hmmm. Maybe I can enhance that attractive look we eyebrowless-appearing natural blondes have. So I play with it, under or over the brows. Very soon I find that something written by another reviewer whose friend commented that she looked as though she had snow on her eyebrows, has happened. Well, that’s the better interpertation of how it looks, because when I checked in the mirror, the stuff gave the impression of a dandruff-like skin condition, ha ha. So perhaps it is wise to experiment with the waxy end at home when you have plenty of time to check the results rather than just the old dab-and-run routine.

Natalie La Belle, MO


This is my second time getting this and I love it. Both sides are great. I get lots of compliments of how good my eyebrows look and how pretty the highlighting under them is. I hear they are discontinuing this. I hope not. I really love it!

Tanya Atkinson, NE

Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer, Blonde/Gold, 0.005-Ounce

I like this product very much and I got it for a GREAT price. I like both products (the eyebrow wax and the brow enhancer) … they are both the perfect color and look very natural. I would gladly recommend this product.

Fannie Newark, DE


great product, goes on smoothly.. the color is nice and natural, not too heavy so easy to wipe off if you make a mistake, and you can apply it on darker as needed. That being said, easy to wipe off with its waxy-ish texture, it can easily smudge if you sweat or have oily skin.

Ingrid Burnett, WI


I love this pencil. The crayon is the perfect consistency for brows. It goes on smooth and is not oily like eyeliner or some other borw pencils. The trick is to use light sweeping strokes, not to press hard and try to draw a perfect line. If you do sweeping strokes it gradually blends into your brows and looks more natural. I recommed finding a color that best matches your natural brows, they have a couple options to choose from. The brush that comes with it is a great idea but I quickly lost it. 🙁 I wish the other end of the pencil was the brush instead of the brow highlighter…that would prevent me from losing it.Overall great product.

Michele Emigrant Gap, CA

Brown enhancer

I love this product, it makes my very very blonde eyebrows visible. The brow highlighter side is great, gives it a more lifted look. I usually just use the brow side, but sometimes I will use the highlighter.

Haley Willow Springs, MO

Great brow wax cream pencil

After trying many different types and brands of brow “pencils”, this is by far my favorite. It is a smooth almost waxy and creamy pencil that glides on smoothing out the brows and doesn’t leave it dark and artificial looking. The only drawback is the highlighter end goes unused. I would rather have more of the brow end and leave off the highlighter.

Tasha Greenfield Park, NY