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Revlon Colorstay Aquatm Mineral Finishing Powder

Revlon colorstay aqua mineral finishing powder is a translucent finishing powder sets foundation and minimizes the look of pores and fine lines. A weightless loose powder made with coconut water, not oil, for a shine-free soft matte finish.

Key features

  • Loose powder that holds the healthy, hydrating benefits of coconut water
  • All day wear with ColorStay technology
  • Made with water, not oil, so there is no shine

Honest reviews


good experience

I loved this product. the seller was fast too. i do recommend it. its a little too light for my skin, and most skins I believe, since I have a light skin.

Lucinda Hope, NM

Good product with small faults to be aware of

The product itself is great, though a bit messy. That goes for most loose powders though. Also, the powder doesn’t clump much at all like a lot of powder products I’ve used (finishing powders, blushes, bronzers, etc.)When you put it on, it feels wet and cool, but it’s definitely dry to the touch. It might take some getting used to for some. I like it because regular powders make me feel kind of cakey.It doesn’t have much coverage, but it’s really not supposed to. It’s just meant to set your makeup so it doesn’t crease so badly or run all over the place, which is what it does. It also doesn’t appear to have any shimmer like some Revlon products do.However, I absolutely hate the brush it comes with. It’s about one square inch and maybe 1/3 inch thick. It’s flat kind of like a foundation brush, and it’s retractable. I think it’s far too stiff to be used to apply powder, and far too small to be used for powder all over the face. The shape also isn’t convenient for its purpose. Also, because it’s retractable, if you press very hard with it, the brush goes back into its casing. It’s synthetic, so you can’t really soften it that much. My suggestion is that you use your own brush to apply it, like maybe a kabuki or blush brush, or whatever you like to apply powder with. Not too big, though, since that will make the powder even messier. Maybe about 1 1/2 inch diameter for the bristles.Other than the brush and slight mess, though, I love it.

Ofelia Vega Alta, PR

This is the BEST!

I have tried a lot of finishing powders and this by far is the best. I will buy a different brand to try it out but always, always come back to this. Make your face look flawless.

Susana New Plymouth, ID

break out!!!!!

Revlon colorstay aquatm mineral finishing powder …It’s nice to feel the "water" on the skin after putting cc cream..I used this mineral finishing poweder for 2 weeks..My skin had a lot of break out on my cheeks and a lot white heads on my nose .. ewwI thought it’s my skincare then I noted that whenever I apply this mineral finishing powder .. I can tell my t-zone become very oily and shiny after 30 mins ~1 hour.After I stop using this .. My skin did’t have anymore white heads or break out..I don’t think I will repurchase this item again.

Leslie Eaton, OH

Revlon Consumer Product

I love it I put over make up and it sets it all day, it feels soft and baby fresh..but keeps make up on and professional.

Dominique Caledonia, WI

1st time user

1st time using a finishing powder so I have nothing to compare it to. So far I like it. But, I do not feel it locks my makeup on so I’ll have to try others and get back to you.

Latoya Prince Frederick, MD