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Revlon Colorstay Aquatm Mineral Finishing Powder

Revlon colorstay aqua mineral finishing powder is a translucent finishing powder sets foundation and minimizes the look of pores and fine lines. A weightless loose powder made with coconut water, not oil, for a shine-free soft matte finish.

Key features

  • Loose powder that holds the healthy, hydrating benefits of coconut water
  • All day wear with ColorStay technology
  • Made with water, not oil, so there is no shine

Honest reviews


stays on

has a cool wet feeling when you first apply it. it stays on very long, much longer than any other powder, or pressed powder I have used. I’m not a big fan of the brush, but love that a brush is included. This way I can take it anywhere without having to take my brush. the only thing is that the particles fly around more than any other powder I’ve had, and the whole area around me is filled with them when I apply them with the brush that’s included. Makes me think what happens to my lungs breathing all this stuff in everything I’m putting them on… cancer? asthma? I hope not 🙁

Leah Kremlin, MT

A Wet Mess

I hate to write negative reviews, but I like to warn people before making the same purchasing mistakes I’ve made. Case in point: Revlon Colorstay Aqua Powder. I can’t wait to be out of this stuff so I can buy a different kind of powder. I bought it because the lightest shade looked like it would match perfectly to my super fair skin (it’s hard to find a powder light enough). It was light enough, but I was immediately taken aback by the WETness of the product. It feels SO weird and SO unpleasant as you’re applying it. I hadn’t paid attention to the “Aqua” aspect of its name before buying but, had I realized it had water in it instead of the usual oils, I wouldn’t have bought it. As a previous reviewer stated, the brush is pointless (small and flat). Also, you have to shake the crap outta the container to get even the smallest amount out. I never buy Revlon and I shoulda known better. Oh well. Lesson learned. Never again.[*big, fat thumbs down*]

Priscilla Cimarron, KS

You will either love it or hate it

After reading the previous reviews on amazon, I wasn’t sure whether I should order or not the product, but ended up trying it anyway. I’m glad I did. I really, really like it.Yes, it will feel quite wet. Imagine, spraying mist on your face from really close. That’s the feeling you get. Personally, I find that very refreshing and nice on my skin.It will give a nice brightness and finish to your skin. And it will last all day… at least on my normal-type skin — I can’t speak about other types.Some cons (hence -1 star):* the brush that comes with it is so-so. It’s ok if you need to apply and don’t have your own set of brushes, but I otherwise agree with another reviewer — it’s kinda useless.* you must be careful not to pack too much powder (especially if you use the included brush), because it’s rather hard to correct/remove the surplus afterward and will result in a very grainy and uneven surface.

Tamera Rosine, KY

Best Mineral Powder!

I am always unsure about trying new cosmetics-never know if they will work or not, am I right?! I am extra cautious purchasing new makeups due to the extreme changes menopause has so ‘graciously’ given my skin. (bleh!) Where I used to have flawless, oil-free skin on my face, it is now easily irritated, dry on the cheeks & oily on forehead & chin-it’s a red hot mess. I read several reviews on this Revlon Aqua stuff & decided to try it.Omg, I LOVE IT!! It feels SO smooth going on your face-a cool, almost watery feel! It didn’t overly-dry my face, didn’t make it oily or greasy looking & there is NO shine! (I’m not a fan of shiny face stuff, I prefer matte) It’s VERY lightweight, lasts for quite awhile & wow, does my skin feel GREAT! Not just immediately after application, either-at the end of the day, my face is STILL shine-free, smooth & looks simply radiant. I don’t think I will EVER get a different face powder again-this is PERFECT!!**I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone & everyone who would listen…GREAT product!!!!!!!

Francine Audubon, PA

Look for other Revlon powders, skip this one.

The cooling feeling on the skin that the powder creates feels a bit annoying and has no cosmetic benefit. It also tends to set heavily and can migrate into pores and wrinkles. I wont be repurchasing this product.

Edythe Bunnlevel, NC

Stays on all day – but the brush is kind of useless

This is a loose powder that does a good job of staying on all day, especially when used with Colorstay liquid foundation. The brush fits compactly into the top – but it is thin and flat, making it difficult to brush the powder all over. Imagine using a paint brush to put on powder and you get the idea – it takes longer. The brush also oddly feels wet after a few strokes – but isn’t actually wet. It’s a thick brush, with bristles tightly compacted together, so perhaps that’s the reason it feels wet at times.In all, I like the product and used it for travel since I didn’t want to carry around an extra brush. But for home, I’d purchase a large loose powder brush separately for this product.

Sophie Alfred Station, NY

Revlon ColorStay Aqua Translucent Finishing Powder

I am actually Tom’s wife whose writing this review. Some of the Revlon makeup was being discontinued @ Walgreens. Surprisingly, there was only one left in my color!! I only paid $3.99. I tried it for the first time this evening. I must say, I am quite impressed. I found the texture to be fine, cool, & refreshing. My skin literally looked airbrushed!! My only complaint is I wish the brush was fluffier. It’s nice to know that Amazon sells this for a very reseasonable price. :)Adding to this review: I bought a Kabuki brush. The Kabuki brush works great with this powder!!! Now the coolness & refreshing feeling spreads evenly all over my face. I just love this powder!!!

Stacey Tell, TX