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Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup, Fair/light, 0.35-Ounce

Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup is the 1st-to-Mass makeup with the hydrating benefits of coconut water

Key features

  • Instant hydration with coconut water, made with water not oil so there is no shine
  • Luminous look that lasts all day
  • SPF 13

Honest reviews


Awful, and I think it’s replacing Revlon’s colorstay mineral makeup

I tried this because my normal mineral makeup by Revlon (the Colorstay foundation powder) is either discontinued or no longer sold at CVS/RiteAid hoping this would be similar. I flat out hate this product. 🙁 The packaging is better than the Colorstay foundation (there’s a little slideout brush that’s super soft) so it doesn’t get everywhere like the Colorstay version, but the coverage is awful. When you apply it to your skin it feels “wet” hence the aqua name I guess. It’s dry powder, but gives you the oddest sensation of wet, dewy skin, but doesn’t feel wet when you touch your face afterward. The coverage is next to nothing. I almost felt like I was just putting finishing powder on my face. It’s also very, very glittery. I hate glittery foundations/powders because my face is already oily. I don’t need extra shine. All in all this product was very disappointing. I will be returning it and stocking up on Revlon’s Colorstay instead if it is indeed being discontinued. This product gets 2 stars from me because the brush is very soft.

Tania Portage, IN

Totally different than other loose powder products

It feels cool when you first use it, but it does not fall all over place like most loose powder does. It stays on your face for a long time, all day! And does not rub off when you hug someone. I have not used a finishing powder like I did with Bare Escentials so that cuts down on another product that you have to buy. I really like it.

Diane Potecasi, NC

no thanks…

Not my cup of tea at all. I hate the way it feels! Not good coverage at all. Ive tried everything.

Alexis Weldon, IA

Unique and light, even includes a brush!

I was really surprised when I first tried this product. It’s a powder that once hits your skin, melts into a matte foundation with shimmer. It’s really a unique product that I’ve never seen before. The powder has shimmer in it so that the matte quality of it doesn’t make you look like pancake face. It’s so light that you barely feel it on your face. There’s not much coverage as it’s pretty sheer but I like that for the summer and spring when it’s too hot to wear heavy makeup anyway.I wish the brush was a little bigger or extended a little longer but the bristles are so soft! Love it.

Marcy Denham Springs, LA

Great powder

It was everything I expected it to be. I like the "wet" feeling when applied and the bit of shimmer doesn’t bother me (I have dry/normal skin) but it probably wouldn’t be ideal for oily types. The packaging is nice for on the go, but not necessarily for every morning. I personally like to apply my powder with a fluffy face brush and the package is no where near big enough to get a fluffy brush in. The brush included is nice for touch ups, but I wouldn’t use it for regular application. Another thing, this powder does NOT play nice with freshly applied liquid makeup. Either wait till your liquid has dried and set, use this for touch ups, or by itself. Otherwise you’re going to have a cakey, spackled mess on your face. I did mix a bit of liquid foundation (Revlon Colorstay) with my regular moisterizer (St. Ives Collegen Moisterizer) to fashion my own "BB cream" and found this actually applies very nice over that. You just need to experiment with this one, just like any other cosmetic.

Jeannine Lindon, UT

I cannot understand why others may like it

I bought this in because it contains this tiny, soft brush and looks like it will work. But, it really didn’t. The powder, although it felt dewy when you first apply on, is dry and cakey. It stick on there once your brush is touched to your face, and there is ABSOLUTELY No way you can make it look even. The coverage is realy nothing, and on the contrast to conceal it actually makes you look like you have larger pores than you actually do. The glitter is also a minus to me, as I aim to look like having naturally beautiful skin, not a fake “glowing” look.

Aileen Regan, ND


This is very good mineral powder. I love the "water-base" feel on my face. It was a good price with fast shipping.

Sheena New Plymouth, ID

Not the best i’ve tried.

I was really excited to try this product out due to all the good reviews and feedback it was receiving. I went to my local drugstore to pick it up just in case I didn’t like it it would be easier to return and I’m glad I did. I used it on top of the Revlon Whipped Foundation and as soon as I started to put it on it felt really wet. I know that it’s supposed to feel hydrating, but to me it was an uncomfortable feeling. It didn’t even feel like it was being spread out evenly. I gave it 3 stars because I liked the packaging, but other thank than I didn’t like it. It’s going back to the store ASAP.

Marta Marquette, WI

Must try

I never tried this before so I got it and I love it I will not go back to reg base the powder is the way to go feel soft and covers all the thing I don’t want people to see on my face feels like nothing is on my face love this great price love amazon

Katie Mikkalo, OR

Works for me

I am 55+ with very dry, flaky, sensitive skin. My face is very pale and some what ruddy with cool undertones. Only oily place I have is my eyelids, of course, sigh. I have tried all kinds of make up. Mineral , cream compact, foam ( though loreal has a mouse makeup I like and can use), liquid , light cover, heavy cover, you name it. They are to dewy, make my pores stand out, make my skin look dry and tight, or make my face burn. This is enough cover to make me not look blotchy , no way I can have photo Perfict skin, lol.This is not dewy or matt, neither works for me. As in all mineral makeup, it has a very light, if someone is so close they can look up your nose, sparkle, not even close to call it glitter. It fills good. Moist, not greasy (at least it does on dry skin). I look for all my makeup to have a LITTLE glitter/sparkle. Dry skin, older eye lids, very dry chapped lips. Matt makes everything look worse as does shine/heavy shimmer or frost. A little sparkle makes the light take the eye away from those things. Just do not wear as much sparkle at 50+ as a girl between 16 and 30 can. Light shine lipgloss or lipstick with ‘diamond dust’ in it works great for dry mature lips. Looks good for any age, just depends on shade and amount of shine.

Muriel Monticello, IN

Can’t Find It Anywhere Else!

I think this product has been discontinued in the stores around me, but i love it! I love the cool feeling it has when it goes on. The color matches true! The brush is high quality and does leave bristles like other products do. Will definitely buy again!

Tamika Ridgeville, IN

Good Coverage

This makeup provides good coverage; it is buildable but I like a more "natural" coverage to let my freckles show through. That said, I have to be very careful not to put too much of the product on the applicator or it’ll appear too heavy [SIDEBAR: I do not use the little brush that comes with it, I use one that came with Pur Minerals instead]. This formula doesn’t irritate my skin like other mineral makeups do. The main issue I have with this is the packaging…you can tweak the coverage to suit you and I think for a "drugstore" brand this is probably the best mineral makeup out there, but the packaging leaves something to be desired. My shipment was received well before promised and intact!

Effie Eaton, TN

use only as a foundation setter, not as a foundation..

I use a concealer liquid foundation and set with the aqua powder and my face looks flawless..regular powder makes my face feel dry and u can see the lines in my face…but dont use by itself its not good coverage..

Charmaine Ruby, VA