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Revlon Colorsilk Haircolor, Brown Black, 1-Count

Revlon Colorsilk Radiant, long-lasting color. Leaves hair in better condition.Revlon Colorsilk gives you natural-looking, even color from root to tip that stays beautiful between colorings. It is formulated to penetrate every strand with its gentle, ammonia-free formula and after-color conditioner with nourishing silk proteins. Hair looks silkier, shinier and healthier than before you colored. 100% gray coverage. Leaves hair in better condition. Available in a range of 40 brilliant shades*Colorsilk permanent haircolor can be used on natural, color-treated, relaxed or permed hair. TIPS: Watch the Revlon ColorSilk how-to video to learn how easy it is to get natural-looking, even color from root to tip.

Key features

  • ColorSilk Beautiful Color #81 Light Blonde by Revlon for Unisex – 1 Application Hair Color
  • ColorSilk Beautiful Color #81 Light Blonde by Revlon for Unisex
  • Deep conditioning color technoloogy penetrates every strand for beautiful, natural, stay true color

Honest reviews


Beautiful Color

The color is beautiful. My first impression was that it was a little more dark than I would have liked, but I have had multiple compliments, so I won’t complain. It made my hair a nice chocolate brown color.On a side note, be sure to look at the seller on this one. Other reviewers who bought theirs from Target only received one box. The seller I bought from was Amazon and package arrived containing 3 boxes of hair color as description states.

Rosetta Tallulah, LA

Does the job. Love the conditioner!

I’ve used colorsilk for years and normally stay with the medium to medium golden brown and always have very good results. No scary outcomes and my hair, after using the conditioner that comes with it, smells delightful and is silky soft. (They discontinued manufacturing the conditioner separately. Darn.) I think I’ll try the ash browns next time because the others mentioned especially the medium brown 41 seem to leave my roots a little brassy but not overly so or in an ugly way. This is probably because I have natural blonde and slightly reddish highlights in my medium brown hair. I don’t feel like I got the color on the box, but decently close to it and the results were mostly natural and even. Next time, I use two boxes because I have long hair down past my shoulder blades and while one box was almost sufficient I think two would be better.

Janie Vershire, VT

Best blonde, better than pro’s

When I turned into a teenager my hair did something weird. It darkened to a muddy red. I wanted golden or ashy blonde hair for years.I went to pros. I was bleached, dyed, toned…I tried at home kits, I used bleach washes & toners. My hairstylist made me leave on colors & bleach twice as long as recommended and I’d still be dissapointed. I tried and tried and could NOT ever get rid of red tones in my hair. My hair was FRIED after all this by the way.The only thing that ever worked for me was a boxed highlight kit and I’d have to purchase like 4 boxes to do my entire head.Someone suggested Color Silk to me and I thought “ridiculous, its THE cheapest stuff on the market” but I gave it a shot in light blonde.Wouldnt you know, I left it on for the recommended time and came out perfectly light blonde. No red, no brass… Just perfection. I’ve tried ash blonde, and golden with similar results. It is just spot on.Even better, my hair wasnt extremely damaged as I didnt have to over-process. Lovely!I did lower it one star as I think there is some harsh stuff in the package, it burns my scalp something awful. After trying this out I found, guess what, I dont really look good in true blonde. But at least I finally got to give it a shot.

Nadine Manhattan, IL

Absolutely Loved!!!

I think this is one of the better home hair coloring kits out on the market. The colors blend so well, giving natural looking color with no streaking. My hair holds coloring very well for some reason (have no need to color protecting shampoos or conditioners) and the colors always last a very long time, but I still like to change it up every 8 to 9 weeks. Overall, for the price, you certainly cant go wrong and the results are always fabulous – at least for me!

Christy Dennis, KS

Pack of 3 […]

I color my own hair, I use this particular color and brand. I was ecstatic to find that i could get it through Amazon thereby saving myself a trip to the store. I did receive a pack of 3[…]

Silvia Bolckow, MO

MUCH darker than the box picture

I have light (level 8) strawberry blonde hair that was just too orange for my liking, so I wanted to tone it down with an ash hue. This color looked like a good choice but it made my hair medium mousey brown (level 5), nothing at all like the box top. I knew it wouldn’t be the same hue over red, but I had no idea it would be SO DARK. It’s as dark as the brown behind the “colorsilk” logo on this box, only ashier (mousier). I’ll be using stripping shampoos for a while to lighten it down to the depth indicated on the box, for sure. Plus, it swallowed up my highlights making them invisible and my hair generally less shiny.If you are aiming for ash BROWN color depth/level 5, not ash blonde, this will work fantastically. (1 being black, 10 being white blonde)

Beryl Hovland, MN

One Dimensional Color

In my journey back to my natural brunette, I have had occasion to use this product in both the Dark Blonde and Dark Brown shades. Both are gentle and easy to apply although they require at least twenty minutes. There is no ammonia and the odor is inoffensive. The conditioning packet is effective and leaves your hair soft, smooth and shiny. Unfortunately, the color is one tone. There are no highlights or variations in color. The Dark Blonde is a wheat shade. The Dark Brown is more of a brown black, with the black being a bit too dominant. If you want to take a break from harsher dyes or are just seeking a gentle touch up, this might be the ticket. But I prefer color with some subtle variation in shade.

Bettie Melrose, MN

Last Up To Six Weeks and So Gentle On My Hair!

This product, I have used for a while now and each time I am very happy with the results:1) Natural looking color and it looks natural on me. Get lots of compliments on this color.2) Since I have baby fine hair that I want to keep in tip top condition, this is the best hair color I have found because it is very gentle to use.3) To make the color less runny when I use it, I place a torn large gallon sized zip lock bag onto my hair and the color does not run on my face or back.4) Rinses out clean and clear.Great product!

Ora Tangipahoa, LA


It ia easy to apply and it lasts a long time—make sure to time it though or it could come out to dark. Sometimes it is hard to find it in the sotres, so will order it.

Paula Salcha, AK

Light Golden Brown: richness, shine

This is a review for shade #54. Revlon Colorsilk is reliable and inexpensive. Plus it comes in the kind of containers that can be recapped. If I am careful to mark increments on the bottles, I can mix a smaller amount in a separate container for touch-up – which is what I need, to cover, well, areas that are now coming in white just at the temples and making me look old, can’t have THAT!The rest of my hair is not naturally all one color. Parts have always been platinum blonde but the underneath is darker, very close to this color. But this color adds wonderful depth and shine. It is really nearly a dark blonde when applied to my rather dark blonde hair but adds just a smidge of red that really brings up the overall effect. Instead of a bottle blonde, it creates a natural look, which is exactly what I’m after.Shades of color are impossible to put into words but I’m hoping my remarks might help you decide. It really is a quite-light and vibrant blonde-brown, lighter I think than the package illustration.Beware the conditioner that comes with, though. It is horribly perfumed and that perfume doesn’t wash out and in the past has kept me from attending functions where scents are not allowed because so many people have difficulty breathing when subjected to this kind of allergen. Now I simply throw away the little conditioner packets and use my own non-offensive conditioner.

Constance Perris, CA


I’ve used this hair color for years and love it. I like the convenience of being able to buy it on line instead of having to try to find it at a store.

Amelia Smithfield, NE


Goes on evenly. No ammonia smell. Gentle on my hair and skin. Leaves wonderful highlights and looks natural. Also leaves my hair feeling super soft. Love the shine.

Renee Lochgelly, WV

Great color at a great price!

I chose this after reading reviews, and I do NOT regret it at all. It’s a fantastic product, and it comes at a fantastic price. No more expensive salon color treatments for me!

Rosalie San Lorenzo, PR


This is actually my real hair color and works best to cover gray and look natural on me. I can’t find this color anywhere and was delighted to find it here.

Dee Clarendon, AR

My fav

I’d pick this little cheap one anyday over expensive brands. It is the only brand that doesn’t fade too fast! Love it 🙂

Jenifer Ellington, NY

Revlon Colorsilk Haircolor, Medium Golden Brown, 4.4 Ounces (Pack of 3)

Absolutely love this product and color. The brand I was using previously, make my scalp itchy and burned.This one is much milder on the is the color.

Elda Paul, ID