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REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter, Pink Truffle, 0.09 Ounce

Color burst lip butter combines beautiful color with a buttery balm to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips. It has a pampering gel formula which glides on lips buttery smooth and instantly hydrates lips.

Key features

  • Pampering gel formula glides on lips buttery smooth and instantly hydrates lips
  • Medium coverage color with a high shine finish
  • Mango butter, shea butter and coconut butter naturally boosts lip moisture
  • Gives balm like feel to lips, making lips feel soothed, pampered, and conditioned

Honest reviews


FINALLY a budget-friendly lipstick with a high-end payoff!

If you’re like me you’ve been bombarded with print and television ads of actress Emma Stone (Crazy Stupid Love) repping Revlon’s newest product, the Colorburst Lip Butters. Released in 20 different colors with dessert-inspired names, the lip butters were presented as being ultra-hydrating and luscious as well as long-lasting. And, honestly, what girl wouldn’t want to look like Emma Stone?I picked up four of these on sale at my local CVS for around $5 each with coupon and promotions. The packaging for these lipsticks is a rectangular plastic quilted-pattern tube. The frosty color of the tube reflects the color of the product inside, which is nice and there is a clear plastic window at the very top of the tube so you can look inside and get an idea of what the color actually looks like (good move, Revlon).Pink Truffle is distinct in this line as it is the most lipstick-like finish of all of the other lip butters. I think the name is a bit misleading and this seems to be more of a rose/nude color than pink. It has a lovely opaque finish and is still very moisturizing. Pink Truffle is one of the most pigmented colors in Revlon’s lip butter line. It has excellent lasting power and even leaves a nice stain behind after a few hours. The nude base of this color makes it very versatile and I can imagine this being very flattering on all kinds of complexions.Revlon’s lip butters contain mago butter, Shea butter and jojoba oil, so they do live up to their claim of being ultra moisturizing. Considering this I was surprised by how pigmented they are as well. And, unlike many other department store cheap-o lip products, these lip butters don’t have an artificial fragrance or a rancid taste. They are comparable to higher end makeup brands.Right now these lip butters are getting a lot of hype so you’ll often find the displays raided at your local drug store. Keep checking! These are going to be a permanent part of Revlon’s product line!

Sharon Bloomburg, TX

Nice coverage, even better price

Let’s just say that Revelon’s Lip Butter performs like a lip balm but provides coverage like a lip stick. The price runs around $7.49, but I have seen sales for buy one get one half off at the local drug store. There are 20 shades but I picked up Pink Truffle and Sugar Plum. Both provide nice coverage and you don’t have to keep reapplying. Pink Truffle is a pink to natural color, while Sugar Plum has more vibrant deep pink to it. With all the color choices I don’t see how anyone couldn’t find at least one color they didn’t love.

Sadie Granite Falls, MN

A MLBB shade

This is a beautiful warm-pinky nude shade and a perfect nude for those of medium complexions. The formula is great, the packaging is wonderful, and this is my favorite Revlon Lip Butter Shade of the ones I have tried out (Berry Smoothie, Sugar Plum, Wild Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake)

Nadia Weatherford, TX

I’m in love with it.

Best lipstick ever, seriously! Before I would use Maybelline Color Sensational and I thought it wasn’t bad but ever since I tried the Revlon Lip Butter, I’m switching over. This one really doesn’t dry my lips and the colors are amazing, it feels like lipstick and looks like lip gloss, PERFECT. My only problem is…What will I do with all my other lipsticks? I only want to use this one now.

Christie Copper Center, AK

My perfect color!!

I’ve never been one on the hunt for that one perfect color, but have always known a range of colors that work for me and look good with my complexion. Those colors and within the rose pinks and the blueish reds. I am caucasian with darker blonde hair (strawberry tint) and I tan easily.Well, I have stuck with this color. It is absolutely the perfect color for me! It feels great on my lips and lasts well (though not for 14-hours or through eating a meal, like some).

Bonnie Waupun, WI

On my third tube

I have light skin and dark hair. This product’s shade is ‘mine but better’ of my own lip color. It’s an enhanced nude (for those who want something just a touch richer than your natural lip shade). The coverage is opaque, but the shade is awesome, feels great, lasts longer than a gloss, and leaves my lips soft.Have you ever seen the makeovers using neutral shades that just enhance the subjects beauty, and gives them a polished look without too much color? This is that shade. That said, the shine can hold it’s own with a smoky eye and lashes, so it works with a lot if looks, evidenced by my going through three tubes.My previous go to was Revlon lipstick in soft rose, and this is slightly nude-er.If I apply in the morning, I can usually get through to lunch before I *need* to reapply. It wears almost as long as traditional lipstick. Since it doesn’t leave me over dry, I don’t realize it’s due for a touch up until I take a look at it. It’s very comfortable to wear.

Shauna Glen Ullin, ND

Lighter than expected

The photo gives the appearance of a skin-tone lipstick color, but in person, it’s much lighter than it appears on the screen. So I use this lipstick as a base coat instead of alone.

Ester Little Falls, MN


I love this revlon colorburst lip butter..I have never tried it and I am so happy I did.I love the color. It is an amazing lipstick.I will buy it again once I use it all up.The seller sent this on time and I would buy from them again.

Iva Thayer, IL

Fun product to try out…

Feels fantastic on the lips! I do have to agree its more of a slight tint nothing like a regular lipstick…but a lip butter is a good name for it. The color isn’t bad at all.

Melissa Lydia, LA

Feels like butter!

I love how this lipstick feels on my lips. This texture is my favorite of any lipstick I’ve tried. You will love it to. I am a woman of color and have dark lips and this provides ample coverage without a lip pencil but if I use a lip pencil I love it even more. I am a perfectionist so I could just be paranoid. As I have the darkest lips possible, I’m going to say that anyone else is safe to use it with ease. I’m very happy with it, nonetheless. It’s pinkish with a brown tint, as the name kind of suggests. Nice neutral toned lipstick. GREAT feel.

Tammy Los Lunas, NM



Dessie New Castle, VA

Very nice

I have really enjoyed this product so far. The lip butter is smooth and leaves your lips feeling soft and supple. The case is attractive and small enough to fit into a compartment in a handbag. The colour lasts for a good while. Overall I really like this product and would recommend it to other ladies.

Mia Hot Springs National Park, AR

I plan on buying a few more colors

When I went to buy my first Revlon lip butter tube, I tried on a few different shades on my hand (just with the tubes that were already opened and looked like they had been tried on before. I’m not the type of person who would actually tear open a brand new one but if its already opened and looks used up a bit…why not try it out?) This Pink truffle appealed most to me and at $6.79 I thought i deserved it. I’m really glad I bought it. When i tried it on in the car, it looked awesome. Lasts a good hour or two on me but that’s no big deal. It literally takes about 5 seconds to reapply.Bottom line: I really liked this color. Feels great. I plan on buying at least another color or two soon. 😉

Brittney Bryant, FL

she loved it.

Bought this for my mother, she loved it.

Jodie Cambria Heights, NY

Just right

Gorgeous color, smooth application, very moisturizing. Just what I want in a lipstick! I’ve bought this in a few other colors as well.

Helene Valparaiso, NE

Nice color

THis is a great color and it is very natural looking, but I gave it 3 stars because it does not last on my lips and I have to reapply often so that is important to me, as I dont like to reapply make up at all throughout the day. I gave this to my mother who loves it however and she is happy with it. It feels wonderful on the lips and is extremely creamy feeling.

Deann Oolitic, IN

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter

I was looking for a moisturizing lipstick and thought " butter" would be good. It is okay but not much of a moisturizer. It doesn’t stay on very long nor does it keep my lips moist. I will look for something else.

Freda Redding, CT


This is the first Revlon lip butter I’ve purchased and I can’t say it’s my HG but it certainly does the job.The balm comes in very nice tube packaging, it feels sturdy and has a sleek look to it. Being more of a chapstick girl I almost feel awkward putting this on in public since it definitely looks more like lipstick. Not a pro or con, really, just a matter of the way I was brought up. :BThe product itself is a medium-weight balm texture, not waxy and not greasy. It’s not super moisturizing but definitely not at all drying. It doesn’t wander around on your face and is buildable. The color is a neutral pink brown with a reddish undertone. A very thin layer, blended with a finger, looks great to just make you look healthy (I am very fair, so someone with deeper skin tone could probably build up more and still look natural) or when applied from the tube it can be almost opaque, making it a great almost-satin lipstick.Best of all, it doesn’t collect in the corners of the mouth, bleed, or pill up when reapplying. Pretty much a foolproof natural/neutral lipcolor.

Pansy Spraggs, PA

Found it drying

I purchased this in Pink Truffle because I was looking for something hydrating with a tint. Due to the pigmentation I naturally have in my lips, this shade looked slightly brick red… definitely not pink … on my lips, which was fine. The color did not bother me. However, minutes after applying the lip butter to my lips I found it drying. My lips had a sheen from the lip butter which made my lips appear hydrated, but they felt dry. I really was elated to have finally had to opportunity to try these since I had seen and read so many positive reviews. I will be sticking to my nars sheer lipstick and clinique chubby stick because at least those don’t suck the hydration out of my lips.I will add though, since it is inexpensive compared to other brands, it might work for you and might be worth trying. I might have just been unlucky when it came to this product.

Katie Cayuga, NY

Makes My Dream of Pink Come True

I’m a black girl. Pink lipstick can be tricky. This color looks great and really natural. I don’t have giant bubble gum lips or big bright red lips. It’s what I’ve been looking for. I’ve bought so many lipsticks that are too white looking or too too red. I didn’t want the curse of having to wear shades of brown and purple.The lip butter goes on smooth and keeps my lips moist. I bought this color and four others.Thanks Revlon.

Carolyn Wooster, AR