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Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain, Crush, 0.1 Ounce

Revlon Just bitten kissing balm stain provides a gorgeous flush of color and the moisturizing comfort of a balm in a portable, self sharpening chubby crayon.

Key features

  • Balm stain provides gorgeous flush of kiss-proof color with the comfortable feel of a balm
  • Ultra moisturizing formula glides on and feels very comfortable
  • Smooth gel formula that is glossy on lips

Honest reviews


Not nude on my lips

I bought color precious, because it looked very similar to revlon lip butter in cream brlée, which i like and Which looks nice nude color on my bright, very pigmented lips, but revlon lip stain in precious oxidizes to a very orangey clay color on my lips. Very disappointing.

Margery Forbes Road, PA

Perfect Red

ROMANTIC! I love this shade. I love the feeling of this product on my lips. I think it must contain some peppermint extract or Menthol because its cooling and tingly! The thick pencil shape allows for precise application and leaves a dewy satiny finish. This RED looks great on many skin tones…but it especially pretty with my olive complexion. I plan on wearing this color for Christmas and New Years! I will get more of these Revlon Balm/Stains in other shades for sure! The texture and wear-ability is GREAT!

Brenda Bonita, CA

My everyday go-to lip color

I finally found the perfect lip make-up! Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain is emollient, a bit shiny, and has a pleasant minty taste/smell. The first time my husband kissed me, and I was wearing Balm Stain, I didn’t think I’d get him to stop! He’d kiss me, look at me and smack his lips and then come back for another and another. LOL What fun! 😉 I had previously tried the Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in Teasing Blush and it’s very pretty but it seems to me that it’s a bit drying. Now I start with the Covergirl, outlining my lip shape and then I fill in with this Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain. I carry the Revlon with me all day long and reapply as needed. Now my lips look fabulous all day long. I only need to reapply after eating. The stain lasts really long. I like never having to sharpen it. It’s not a regular pencil. It’s a roll-up! Love it! I’d give it more stars if I could.

Elisabeth Thurston, NE


I have three of these balm stains. I already owned lovesick [very bright pink/fuchsia color] and honey [fairly neutral pink but darker than I was anticipating, more of a brownish-pink] when I bought this one. Cherish is my favorite of the three. A wonderful light pink. Noticeable but fairly natural.

Callie Roseland, LA

Long Lasting

I herd of this from a friend and am glad I bought it. It is very easy to put on, mistake proof and stays on very well. Would buy again. Does NOT dry lips 🙂

Juana Tulare, CA

Cute color and feels smooth

I have the Kissable Lip Balm Stain in Darling and the stains in a couple shades, and I personally prefer the latter. Darling is a cute pink color, nice and neutral for work, but it leaves my lips feeling sticky after a little while. The color does stay for quite some time, but I hate having to reapply just because my lips aren’t smooth.It’s an okay product, but not for a high price. I’ve definitely found similar products for a lot cheaper.

Wanda Middleburgh, NY

looks more like a balm than a stain

I bought this thinking the orange color would pop and be a super bold stain, with rich saturated color.Instead, it was a bit more so-so, with translucent orangey color and creaminess that you’d associate with more of a tinted balm. It looks nice, but it doesn’t really pop off the lips, and it doesn’t last terribly long (an hour?). I wouldn’t purchase again. Too bad because I quite like the color, and if it was more saturated and performed more like a stain, it be a better product.

Nanette Jackson Heights, NY

I love it!

I saw this in a store, never heard of it before, and I am so pleased. I love that the stain and balm are mixed together….no put on the stain, then the balm…and it looks and feels great. I got my friends to buy it too. I got Crush, which looks perfect and natural on me, and bought one of that is a brighter pink, and still nice. I wear it for work, and casual and dress-up….every occasion. I’m glad that it is here at Amazon now, since sometimes you can’t find it in stores. This is the best!Update: I still like this product; I’ve bought a few more and the cap ALWAYS splits and breaks…a problem if you carry them in your purse.

Brandy New Point, VA

Simple and Practical

I like these because they are easy to apply and carry in my purse (slimmer than a lipstick case). They do have sort of a minty scent, they are balmy and moisturizing on my lips but don’t feel thick or gooey, just comfortable. They do leave a stain, so that you don’t really have to reapply unless you want to. You still look as though you have some color on your lips. I use Honey the most, as it is in the most usable color for me – sort of a med-dark dusty pink. The Crush is a bit loud for me for everyday wear, but it can be toned down with another light color on top. As for the Sweetheart, I’m throwing it away. It is ridiculously NEON bright pink. I will probably try a couple more, maybe Smitten and Romantic. I have a few of the Clinique Chubby and I like these better, for the stain and for the color selection.

Viola Dover, DE

Lasting color.

Again, I am an addict to lip color and glosses. I have a ton of lip product. I am very happy with this one. I bought it in honey. It is long lasting and has a pretty good stain. I compared it to Clinique, and it is just my opinion, but this “Revlon” is a better product for half the price. I just wish they would bring out more natural look colors. It isn’t very sheer, so the color you see is pretty much are going to get. I tried 2 colors and they are pretty true. Feels nice on your lips.

Denise Granton, WI

New obsession

This balm stain is so moisturizing and the color is amazing as well. It almost has a minty type of feeling on your lips, but it doesn’t burn or anything, it’s a nice feeling. The stain stays on for several hours after the balm has soaked in and/or wears off, but it came off easily with a makeup remover wipe. This was a nice change from some other stains that I’ve tried that are a pain to remove. It also stained a nice consistent color, not blotchy like some stains can be. It comes in many colors and I have almost all of them, but Honey is my favorite! Love this product!!!

Shana Oakwood, OK

color staying, moisturising ok

Not great for moisturizing the lips, the color is very staying, but I’m not sure how good that is. I have read somewhere that the more the color stays on you, the more chemicals it has. Whatever, its a much better deal than Clinique though. I love the color , bought the just bitten stain which is a very girly color, it brightens up your face instantly.Updating my review because I have ordered this twice afterwards, and i was surprised that this is really good for moisturizing, perhaps i got an older batch before. I m definitely buying this gain, easy no mess lip color.

Mitzi Quasqueton, IA

The color isn’t for me

It has a nice minty smell to it and goes on really smoothly but I’m not sure I like the color (Crush). I expected it to be a dark fuscia but it turned out to be an ugly plum color.

Amy Saffell, AR

“Honey” is a perfect shade for redheads!

I decided to try a little bit of this again after finding it buried in my makeup drawer. I’ve very recently changed my hair to a copper red color from my natural blonde and oh my goodness does this look good with red hair! It’s insanely hard to find makeup that flatters a fair skinned complexion with bright ginger hair so I’m incredibly happy I never threw this out! It’s a soft rosy color and it looks very natural which is something I really look for in lip stains/sticks. It’s moisturizing to my lips but it does wear off after a few hours and will come off a small bit on cups and straws, but no where near as much as a plain lip stick would. If you have lighter red hair, you should seriously try this.When I originally bought it about a year or two ago I had natural medium ash blonde hair and this balm just didn’t look right on me. It looked harsh and dramatic in a trashy way. It was making me look like Courtney Love, to be completely honest. I had a couple of other blonde friends try it out and they got the same kind of results.So if you have fair skin and lighter blonde hair, unless it’s a very golden shade or a strawberry blonde, I’d advise you against the “Honey” shade. Especially if you’re an ash blonde, STAY AWAY! The warmth of the pink will really clash and wash you out and give you an almost sickly pallor to your skin.

Noelle Belmont, NY

The color wasn’t really for me, but I can tell this is a great product

I got this in Honey, and though I’m not thrilled with the color on ME, it overall is an amazing balm stain. Be sure to google search swatches or example pics of each color because the photos here don’t do it justice. Honey is much darker than the pic and looks a bit like a natural nude pink only a few shades darker. I’m still giving this 5 stars because it lasted longer than I expected, felt great, and arrived in the mail quickly.

Mable Lisle, IL

True to color

I recently purchased this product in the color cherish and when i apply it, it stays true to its color and comes off exactly how it should be, it such an adorable pink. although i might add it is a little drying but no worries nothing a little lip balm before application cant fix!

Nina Fairfax, IA

Subtle color

The color on this stain is subtle, at least for me. It is wonderful to pull a whole look together though. I can’t say how long the stain lasts, but it’s better than nude lips!

Mia Auke Bay, AK


One of my favourite brands of drugstore lip stains. It truly stains your lips, has a long wear time. I wear it for hours and it;s still on as vivid as when I applied it int he morning, Wen i wipe it away i gt a nice stain. The colours are very vivid. It feels like a a balm so it’s not heavy and gross. It feels slightly minty, ans smells minty. It also keeps my lips moisturized. It doesn’t dry me out like other stains do. That’s great. Next time you try a balm, defiantly pick one of these up.

Sara Topton, NC

Love it!

I love the color, it’s so pigmented and it can be build up to opaque. The only downfall is that it doesn’t stay that long on my lips, maybe because I eat constantly but I was expecting more. I do recommend it!

Tori Woodlake, CA

Great color!

Out of all the lip stains I’ve tried (including ones from victoria’s secret) i like these the best. While they don’t last for a super long time, they go on smooth and i love the color. I would blot lightly after application and then apply a moisturizing Chapstick. i use the blue Chapstick afterwards. But i love the color and that it isn’t sticky like lip gloss, and it does stay longer than lipstick without transferring to your partner.

Catalina College Corner, OH

favorite product for summer

LOVE LOVE LOVE! the darker ones stain longer. its moisturizing and the burst of color is perfect for summer or spring.

Bessie Bloomfield, IA

Great balm-stain combined

I really really like the lipstick. The honey color is the most neutral color offered and its always out of stock in local drugstores. It’s always Amazon to the rescue! This product stays on better than any other one I’ve tried, at least half the day. I do reapply after lunch. I find the colors to be somewhat loud, but with practice am learning to love them.Sweetheart is intense pink. The orange color is neon orange. The honey is what I’d call mauve/beige. Mostly mauve.I think the key to success with these is to use a small amount and blend with finger or blot with a tissue. Then it sort of looks natural and not thick like lip gloss tends to be. The colors blend together very well and that’s my favorite way to wear them. I put on the pink or orange, blot it and then put the honey over it. Or put the orange and pink over it. Love them!

Patricia Arnett, WV

good buy

its really smooth, it has a nice smell, sort of like minty and its beautiful its like a barbie pink but a bit brighter but not too bright… its just great!

Reva Mammoth, AZ


I never got to use this. The cap must have been pushed so far down onto the tube that I couldn’t get it off. I tried pliers and still couldn’t get it off. I guess I will just go to the store and buy another because it’s not worth sending back….

Bettye Hawley, MN

My new love!

I just bought this in “Romantic,” a great red shade. I fell in love immediately. Unlike so many other lip colors that claim to be a “balm,” this one really feels like that is true. The stain went on evenly and it looks like a nice red, but not *too* intense (which always makes me feel like a clown). It’s got a little bit of a shine to it and, best of all, it tastes and feels a bit like peppermint. And with all these great qualities, this stuff is a little less expensive than most lip color I have bought recently. I will definitely be checking this out in more shades!

Alana Carlile, WY

Universally flattering shade

This is one of the best nudes I have very flattering. Later found out I have a few other friends with different skin tones who also love this! Would buy again if I run out.

Casey West Sacramento, CA

creamy, moisturizing, lovely color

Great pencil to carry around, keep your lips moist with a hint of lovely color. It glides on smoothly, blends with other colors, very moisturizing, but does not last long. You need to keep reapplying often as it fades away.

Cathryn Marion Junction, AL

Love Revlon Balm stain, hate this color

You can see on the product there are two colors that did not blend perfectly. I’m wondering if this is a quality issue? The product goes on terribly and highlights every single ridge on my lips while being just too matte pastel to look good. I love this line of products but this specific shade was a total miss for me.

Carole Bassett, VA

Soft on lips

Nice product and it is soft on the lips. Does not feel like a lacquer that some long lasting lip products do.

Beatriz Dierks, AR

Best drugstore brand stain out there

If you are looking for the best (like-your-natural-lip) lip color, “Honey” is the one for you. I am Asian but I am sure this color will go for any skin color out there. It comes on like a maroon color in the beginning but after one application and waiting out for half a minute to one minute and applying the second coat, you should be set for hours on. It actually looks better as the color starts to set on the lips. It’s perfect for going out everyday to going to work or party because it seems pretty natural. It makes your lips have that pop of color but not too much. The balm smells minty like menthol so don’t worry about a waxy, lipstick smell. After exfoliating and all, the product should glide on the lips smoothly. For an 8-10 hour day, I would say it’s necessary to reapply like one more time midday, unlike most others that cause splotchy fading, requiring for constant reapplication, which can be so annoying.

Melisa Kent, NY