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Revlon Color Stay Whipped Crème Makeup, Nude, 0.8 Fluid Ounce

Revlon color stay whipped crème makeup is designed to move with your skin, this bouncy, mousse-like formula feels lightweight and comfortable, so makeup looks flawless and feels fresh throughout the day, without rubbing off. New time release technology formula helps keep skin looking flawless all day.

Key features

  • Time release technology formula helps keep skin looking flawless all day
  • Wears for up to 24 hours
  • Creamy, bouncy, flexible formula feels light, smooth and comfortable on face

Honest reviews


Super easy to apply, stays on all day

After this product was recommended to me as amazing, I decided to give it a try. I’ve used it several times now, and I’ve really been wowed.It is very easy to apply, goes on smoothly without leaving lines/marks, can be applied with anything (brush, sponge, hands), and it feels great on the skin. The end result: natural looking skin, great coverage that lasts throughout the day. (Obviously, make sure to great the appropriate shade for your skin!) I find it very easy to get the “magazine cover” look. In short, I love this product.

John Bascom, FL

Great Foundation for Summer

After seeing numerous positive reviews of this product on YouTube and other sites, I decided to give it a try. I didn’t quite know what to expect. This is first and only creme foundation I’ve ever tried. All the other foundations I’ve ever used have been liquids. This product lasts all day, and I don’t think the price is too bad. It’s not dirt cheap, but it’s definitely not the most expensive drugstore product out there either.I really don’t like the jar that this product comes in. I’ve read other reviews that complained it isn’t very sanitary. But that is not why I don’t like it. First, the jar very small. You get less than an ounce of product. I used this product every day for about a month and half. I threw it out this morning. The jar was over 3/4 empty. This product comes in a jar that is make of very thick glass. this makes it really hard to determine which shade is right for you. I have a light/medium complexion with cool (reddish) undertones. You are able to see only a sliver of the actual product. When you purchase this foundation, it comes with a plastic seal. So you can’t even open the jar to what the color is actually like. I normally don’t have any problem finding my right shade. I sure did this time. I purchased this product in shade 220 Nude. I’ve used other foundations where nude was an exact match to my skin tone. Not this time. It wasn’t just a little off, it was WAY off.My skin is super oily and super sensitive. I also have quite a bit of redness and bumpiness on my face. When I opened the jar, I got a little nervous. The texture of this makeup is very strange. Even though this product is described as a creme, in my opinion it’s not. But it’s not really a liquid either. It’s somewhere in between. It took me a while to figure out what the texture of this makeup reminded me of. It reminds me of a thick, wet, mud. It is not easy to spread, and it is super easy to apply too much. If you do, you can definitely tell. It takes about a hour to fully set and absorb into the skin. But even after it sets, it still feels very thick and heavy on your face. It looks and feels like you are wearing a mask. It doesn’t allow the skin to breath at all. It didn’t break me out, but it made the bumps on my face really stand out. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Even after it’s given time to absorb, it still doesn’t look very natural. It also has a very matte finish. I don’t mind a matte finish as long as it looks natural.I loved this foundation up until about a week ago. Within a two day period, I had two separate people (my aunt and my mom) tell me they didn’t think this foundation was right for me. My aunt said that it was very thick and pasty looking. My mom told me it was too light, too thick, and really made the bumps on my face stand out. At first, my feelings were hurt. I thought this makeup looked great on my face. But after I stopped using it, and went back to my Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte liquid, I realized they were right. In my opinion, the Boots is a much better foundation than this one. The Boots is a perfect match for my skin, lasts all day, gives me a smooth, natural look, spreads and blends very easily, and costs only a few dollars more.Because of the bumps and redness on my face, which has always made me feel very self-conscious, I thought I needed a full coverage foundation. But I’ve tried several full-coverage foundations (this one, Amazonian Clay, and Estee Lauder Double Wear) and haven’t liked any of them. Full coverage foundations tend to be very thick and heavy. They aren’t easy to blend or work with. A full coverage foundation can look pasty and mask-like very easily. I’ve realized that I would probably be better with a medium coverage foundation.If you need a lot of coverage or aren’t concerned about a natural look, then this product is for you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it. I do, however, highly recommend the Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte Liquid foundation. It is available for 14.99 at Target. I’ve tried quite a few foundations, and I keep coming back to the Boots foundation. I will not be repurchasing this foundation.EDIT: 6/19/14I really like Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Foundation. But that will be my fall/winter foundation. It just doesn’t work for summer. When it’s very hot and humid, it melts away and looks pretty much awful. When I used this foundation in the past, I wore it when I walked in a 5k. I got rained on and was sweating. Afterwards, I was almost afraid to look in a mirror. I thought my makeup would look awful. Amazingly, it didn’t.I’ve learned a couple of important things since the last time I used this foundation. First, this time around, I purchased a different shade. I remembered 220 Nude was way too light, so I went two shades darker and purchased Shade 240 Natural Beige. I read somewhere online that shades that have beige in the name tend to me more neutral. That is what looks best on me. I would describe my skintone as light-medium. I’m not extremely pale, but I am the lightest medium shade usually. The Natural Beige worked was a much better match for me than the Nude.2nd, I’ve learned that when it comes to applying this makeup, less is definitely more. You really don’t need to use much at all to get really good coverage. It also works best if you apply in sections with your fingers. One or two small dots in each area is really all you need. If you apply too much, it will definitely look cakey. But if you use it sparingly, you can achieve great coverage, and a very natural finish. It’s also important to blend it in very well.This is a great foundation for summer. If you apply it right, you can’t even feel it on your face. I wore it today, and it was very humid. I went for a walk, and then spent quite a while hanging my laundry out on the line. I was sweating quite a bit. This foundation didn’t melt or run at all, even though I was literally dripping with sweat. This foundation will stay on until you take it off. This is definitely going to be my go-to summer foundation.

Erika West Wardsboro, VT

Lovely product, ruinous packaging

This is a very creamy, easy-to-apply, very natural-looking foundation, and it looks and feels great on. The problem: the threads on the jar’s lid cracked and stripped within 3 months of my purchase, and I wasn’t even using the product every day. With no threads, the lid has no no way of screwing onto the jar and staying on it to close; I had to toss the whole thing. You’d think that a company as old and respected as Revlon would have slightly better engineering and packaging than this. I’ve never experienced this problem with any other makeup line: Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Benefit, L’Oreal, etc. I am extremely disappointed, and will never buy another Revlon product.

Eloise Niotaze, KS

Has the staying power I like!

Now that my skin has changed due to menopause I’ve been looking for a foundation that is moisturizing yet won’t rub off easily. For the price, this is a wonderful product that’s comparable to the more expensive brands. I’ve been using it for several months & I must say, I’m not disappointed at all. I would highly recommend any woman to give this a try.

Kristi Cromwell, IA

Best foundation of all time

I came back to Revlon Colorstay after years of searching for something better. This has been the best full coverage, long-lasting, oil & fragrance free foundation out there for decades now, especially for the price. I’ve tried countless high end products, only to be disappointed in their performance. This foundation in Buff matches my fair skin perfectly (w/o the dreaded pink/orange tints.) If you wait for the foundation to fully dry after applying, & then dust some powder on top, it will last ALL day w/o budging – it’s truly 24 hours. I should also note that I have oily skin w/cystic acne, multiple blemishes, & some pretty hefty scarring. Colorstay hides it ALL so I can walk around smiling confidently. YESSSS. :-))If you find this foundation to be a bit heavy/un-breathable, or if it clogs your pores, you may want to try Maybelline’s Superstay liquid foundation. It is equal to Colorstay in its coverage, & is just as long-lasting (I know – hard to believe!) However, the Superstay tends to flex more with my skin, dries faster than the Colorstay, & it’s yet to clog my pores; as it feels much more lightweight & breathable. It is also much easier to blend while applying than the fairly sticky Colorstay. I did not notice any difference between the Colorstay Whipped Crème & regular Colorstay liquid foundation, however (other than the Whipped jar container, which is awesomely convenient for dipping makeup sponges into!)

Alfreda Pearcy, AR