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Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer, Clear, 0.85 Ounce

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer features a clear unique formula that smoothes and refines skin texture for a virtually poreless appearance

Key features

  • Silicone based formula
  • Fruit complex of avocado, apple, watermelon, and acai extracts
  • Oil-free formula

Honest reviews



I bought this the other day at Target and I am pleasantly surprised. I have tried a few other primers but they all have a thicker consistency, which can feel a little heavy on. I liked the fact that this is clear! It goes on smoothly and blends in with my foundation perfectly. My skin feels very silky smooth and my pores do look a little smaller, but not as flawless as I had wished for.

Corine Ware Neck, VA

Didn’t work for me

Unfortunately, this primer was a waste of money. It didn’t make my skin look any better, didn’t reduce pores, it didn’t make my foundation look any better or stay on any longer. I have an oily t-zone and this made me shiny, and I looked greasy by the end of the day. I think I should stick to more matte primers. Also, it caused me to breakout. I was hoping this would be great like the other reviews said, but it didn’t happen for me.

Rosalie Reno, PA

It’s works well

It’s not the greatest primer I’ve ever used, but it works well. It doesn’t make my skin break out which I appreciate.

Carmela Vance, SC


This primer is amazing, My hubby said that I can finally buy a face primer so I looked around amazon and found this product. I have sensitive dry skin, so I have to be very careful with the products I put on my face. Products that are too oily clogs my pores and products that have no moisture at all dries my skin out and causes red rashes and hives all over my face. This primer is perfect, it smooths my face creating super soft skin. It does wonders on making my make-up last all day and it smells divine. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO TRY THIS PRODUCT:)

Eugenia Arlington, IN

Revlon–Bring this product back!!!!!

Revlon’s Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer (Clear) was the first primer I used. I do not wear make up on my face, but I found this product great for holding in moisture and giving my face a “finished” look. I love it. There is no other product like it on the market and I was sad to find out that Revlon no longer makes it. Other primers do not give my face the clean finished look that the Revlon Beyond Natural does!

Coleen Turkey Creek, LA

Great Primer

This is a great product… it goes on smooth and evenly and sets pretty quickly. It creates an even palette for makeup and smells wonderful and is affordable on any budget.

Geraldine Port Norris, NJ

its alright :/

i prefer urban decay primer potion…. . . . . . . . . . . . .c. .

Nona Cedar Springs, MI

Amazing all the way

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this primer! I used it lightly under my BB cream and it was amazing! It made my face feel very airy like I had no makeup on, way better then with just bb cream on cause that always made me feel a little sticky. My mom said it made me look like porcelain flawless!!

Megan Caledonia, MI

Very light

This is the first time I’ve used primer, it’s definitely strange at first! But it smells amazing and for me, it seems to do a good job of filling in pores so that my foundation doesn’t have to. Also, this stuff smells like an expensive shampoo, very nice.

Carissa Morton Grove, IL

I’m so in love.

I got this today,I was so excited to use it.This is my first ever primer,it makes my face feel soft and smooth,it makes my pores look less abrupt,and it isn’t thick or sticky.The consistency is a dream.

Mary Lodge, SC