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Revlon Amber Waves RV671AW Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Revlon Amber Waves RV671AW Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer has 800 watts of power. It has Ion Technology with 3 heat/speed settings. There is even a cold shot to set your style

Key features

  • 800 watts of power
  • Includes an adjustable soft bonnet
  • Has Ion technology
  • Has 3 heat/speed settings
  • Includes a compact/convenient storage case

Honest reviews


Great! Does the job!

I purchased this locally and I absolutely love it. It is great if you have Short to Normal/Shoulder Length Hair. I don’t think it would work well with long hair unless you plan to sit with it on all day. Its a wonderful compact dryer with a sleek design. Great for travel!

Eileen Seaboard, NC

Cheap plastic bonnet….scratchy

I owned this dryer already and wanted to get another one because the cap was getting brittle around the edges and was scratchy on my forehead. The hose also kinked up and wouldn’t go back in. I found that it dried my hair well and left it soft and shiny. I figured that for the price, it was worth ordering a new one. The first time that I used it the plastic around the ring that attached to the hose separated, causing an air gap. I also noticed that this one is ALOT louder than my other one. At least before I could watch TV, now it’s just too loud. I’m afraid it’s going back. My only dilemma is, which one should I get. None of them have very good reviews and are either less wattage and/or more expensive. Unfortunately, I gave away my old one when this one arrived.

Cornelia North Liberty, IN

should have bought this first!!!!!!!

.I have (thick/fine) waist length 2a brown wavy hair, and I have used this product once. It took approximately one hour to dry my towel dryer (very towel dryer) hair while rolled inConair 62502z Medium Spiral Rollers, 10 Pack, Colors may vary. The bonnet seemed very large and roomy (though I was, admittedly, using a very small curler). The bonnet did not heat 100% evenly but it did heat throughout; I repositioned 3 times. Of the three heat settings, I preferred the middle—high was too warm for extended use (though not as hot as other reviews led me to fear), “cool” was too slow drying. Definately loud (quite light the bonnets at the salon or louder)–watching Tv not agood option Bc of noise. Wished for longer hose, but this was manageable. Hose will detach from bonnet for easier positioning, and has adjustable elastic, still I had difficulty pulling it over head without upsetting rollers. This was a major improvement from the sillyHairware Portable Dryer Bonnetthat I purchased previously (horrrrrid thing that ripped atfirst use and whose seller never responded!). THIS did give me the hands free drying I wanted. Its not the holy grail of dryers, but I’m content.

Josefa Mount Dora, FL

Too hot!!

I have been searching high and low for a decent hair dryer and was hoping this would be it, but I’m so disappointed. The dryer gets way too hot, even on low. The next setting is cool, but that’s not warm enough to dry my hair. I have to keep going up and down on the dial that I’m afraid will evenutally break from all the adjustments. I also don’t like the fact that I have to keep adjusting the bonnet so that certain areas can get dry. Drying hair should not be this complicated!!I am probbly going to keep this dryer for the simple fact that I need one. If anybody out there knows where I can purchase a Carel (not the new ionic one, it also gets too hot) hair dryer please let me know. I’ve looked everywhere.***UPDATE*** I am not keeping this dryer. In fact, I boxed it up today and off to the UPS store I went! I will never be satisfied with this dryer, so why keep it? My fragile hair and skin just can’t tolerate the heat this thing puts out.

Enid Lukachukai, AZ

Looks better in the pictures

After my last soft bonnet dryer broke, I was desperate to find a replacement. This looked great on paper (or should I say screen.) Especially the 800 watts, I haven’t really seen any soft bonnets with this much wattage. However, 800 watts means nothing if the heat doesn’t reach the front of the cap. Also the cap was flimsy. The lo and high settings dispersed the exact same amount of air. And the “convenient” travel case meant the dryer was a pain to assemble. Needless to say I immediately returned it.

Earnestine East Wilton, ME

Good for a replacement

I purchased this to replace one that I purchased from Sally’s years ago. The motor in this one is strong. And it drys / sets the hair very quickly. The only downside is that the base vibrates a lot. You will need to watch it to make sure it doesn’t vibrate off the edge of the table/counter because once it is on and placed on it’s feet it moves.

Ruth Drake, KY