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Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation, Fair, 1 Ounce

Instantly revitalizes and brightens for radiant, flawless coverage. Protects against fine lines. Stone Therapy minerals help energize stressed skin. Vitamin C fusion brightens. Antioxidants and SPF 18 strengthen skin’s natural defense systems

Key features

  • Instantly revitalizes and brightens skin and protects against fine lines
  • Stone Therapy minerals help energize stressed skin. Vitamin C fusion brightens
  • Anti-oxidants and SPF 18 strengthen skin’s natural defense systems

Honest reviews


Not a fan of the brush applicator

I bought Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation (color 001 Fair) on a whim because it was on sale, and I was curious about how a foundation with a built-in brush would work on my skin. The answer: Not good!The brush twists to Off or On positions, so at least the foundation isn’t coming out of the brush all the time. But no matter how carefully I squeezed the tube, I always got too much foundation on the brush. And no amount of brushing made it blend in. I had to use my fingertips or a makeup sponge to blend it. If you’re going to have to do that anyway, what’s the point of the brush?The coverage was pretty sheer, even though the foundation felt heavy on my skin when I was applying it. I was expecting it to be a moderate to full coverage product, but it’s really not. Plus, it makes my combination skin very oily in the T-zone and emphasizes the dry patches. It offered no blemish or under eye circle coverage. The only thing saving this from being a 1 star review is that it didn’t break out or irritate my sensitive skin. It has a decent SPF 18, so I might use it as a tinted moisturizer under another foundation when my skin is really dry. Overall, this foundation just wasn’t for me.

Maryellen Ledbetter, KY

Good foundation.

I’ve bought the foundation to my mom and she absolutely loves it. The texture is gentle, it looks natural and doesn’t dry up the skin as much as other foundations do. The price is OK too. I would recommend the foundation.

Frieda Gwynn Oak, MD

NOT Full Coverage

I decided to try this foundation because it didn’t cost a lot, it offers anti-aging properties & it was listed when I filtered options for full coverage foundations. It is most definitely NOT full coverage. If anything, it is sheer coverage, as I can still see freckles/redness/uneven skin tone when I use it. I’ve learned my lesson to stick with what I know when it comes to foundation.

Margaret Hesston, PA

Best Foundation Ever!

I love this product, and the price of course! I feel like this is the only foundation I can use its the perfect amount of coverage. Its not Cakey or so covered you can see your skin. Its a medium coverage and the colors they have are perfect I look tan when I use it. highly recommend !

Josephine Rome, OH

Good deal

I like this foundation. You can run down to the nearest pharmacy, but this was a little cheaper just make sure you know your color.

Lucy Montezuma, OH

If you have a peachy pale skintone and/or icepick scarring, this foundation is for you!!

I bought this foundation based on a review from another customer saying that this really did a lot for her icepick acne scars. I really have to agree! This is an awesome foundation. I cannot for the life of me understand why all of the best products are consistently discontinued!

Jeannie Banks, AL

The Best

In my 50 plus years of wearing makeup this is the best foundation that I have ever used. 5 Stars

Alexandra Clintwood, VA

Good product but messy container

I lived how this shade goes on my face it really conceals perfectly nether the less its convenient tube is kinda messy and when left open oh dearrr not so good!! I wish it had another more less messy way of storage. Over all its a great product.

Lois Bessemer, MI

Great application

I like how easy this goes on and how little you need for it to cover your whole face. It’s light, too. I highly recommend this

Luz Keene Valley, NY


I got this product SUPER fast. Faster than my amazon Prime product I ordered the same day I ordered it from ThinkFashion, and they had previously sent me the wrong color I ordered. I was a little upset, but I emailed them that night I got it and I received an email from them an hour later apologizing, and they sent the right one right away.I’m very pleased with this item, I have a naturally greasy face, but you can’t even tell, and it covers up great and makes my skin look even. I would definitely recommend this for all ages.

Arlene Williamsport, KY