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Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator, Bronze Light, 1-Fluid Ounce

For an instantly revitalized, brighter look and protection against fine lines. Moisturizing skincare treatment complex is infused with the one & only Botafirm science. To help minimize the appearance of fine lines. Soft, luxurious flow-through brush applicator.

Key features

  • For an instantly revitalized, brighter look and protection against fine lines.
  • Moisturizing skincare treatment complex is infused with the one & only Botafirm(TM) science.
  • To help minimize the appearance of fine lines.
  • Soft, luxurious flow-through brush applicator.

Honest reviews


Great product but…

I love this product but I strongly dislike the packaging which is why I deducted one star. I don’t like the brush being built in and not being able to truly see the amount that is being dispensed. I have found myself wasting product because I squeezed too much in trying to get it to make its way through the bristles. Having to always make sure it checked in the Off position is annoying as well. It’s a highlighter, you know? I just need to put it on and jet, not mull it over.That said, the product inside and the finished look are worth the effort.It gives my face a heavenly, luminous sheen without looking garish. No one ever says “You have glitter on your face, why?” or anything of the sort. It a very natural looking, ethereal shine that looks as good in photographs as it does in person. It also is not weak and runny like Benefit’s High Beam which is twice the price. It smells nice and it doesn’t break me out at all.Of all the liquid highlighters I’ve used, high end and low, this one shines.

Morgan Hastings, PA

Too much shimmer , not for me!

I got this based on the reviews , the product is good for my skin however, the shimmer is way too much and my favourite look is matt complexion , this is definately not for me , I am not a glitter liking girl..

Sondra Fairfax, SD

great product!

I would definitely purchase it again. I chose the pink one for my light beige skin and applied it after Revlon color-stay foundation and before NARS powder. They had my healthy flawless glowing look last a whole day(I do spry toner 2-3 times and add some powder one time to my face during a day). Be sure to use the illuminator only below the brow, under the eyes, along the nose and under the lip,then put some non-shining powder. Otherwise, your face would look oily.

Ruthie Black Hawk, SD


I love the shine boost it adds to my skin. I have Asian brown skin, I used it to add just a touch of shine to my nose, tip of upper lips and under eyebrows. Looks fabulous. I am thinking of ordering light pink shade as well, just to get that blush look on cheeks.

Mercedes Dennis, MS

Awesome product

I couldnt find this product in stores and a friend of mine used it all the time and suggested it. I was able to get it for a good price and it looks wonderful.

Gale Jamaica, IA

Revlon Face Illuminator, Pink Light

Revlon Age Defying Face Illuminator, Pink LIGHT…..I am going to try and give you a very honest review. If you have pale skin, this is just a pale illuminator and I think maybe a little over your regular foundation….or if you don’t use foundation just use this pink light and it might do you…………..if you have darker skin, this little pink tube is light. Now the tube comes with its own brush attached and easy to use, just turn, squeeze and brush it on. So I think its safe to say, this is a very light, pink illuminator …..

Ruth Elm Springs, AR

I hope they keep making this!

I use this as a contour and a little bronzer. Such a natural kiss…. Nice glow. I need to stock up.. Everyone discontinues the stuff I love!!

Ursula Hugo, CO


This illuminator works really well. I have light skin with some freckles but I do tan easily. The pink light is perfect and blends well on my skin. I would google a face guide showing you exactly where to put the highlighter/illuminator in order to best suit you! This is a great value for the price.

Norma Riverside, WA


I was reading a list of things to try on another person’s "amazon" list when I came across their review for this product. I generally do not wear foundation. I usually find a nice face bronzer loton like the one by Jergens. Well, I am turning 50 this June so I want to look youthful. As soon as I put this on this foundation, I received so many compliments. Everyone said I was glowing!!! It feels so good on. It is very light and buttery! Order and try I guarantee you will like it.

Valarie Minneola, KS

Love it!

I have been looking for a nice creamy highlighter and have tried many expensive ones before and this Illuminator is great! It leaves this healthy glow on my skin and it is not overpowering it is just right! I would say this product is better compare to some high end stuff!

Kaitlyn Manchester, NH


I couldn’t find this in any stores and bought through Amazon based on customer reviews. I got the bare light and really like it. I only need to use a little and just put it on upper cheeks and forehead after my foundation so should last for awhile. This color is very light, blends well and gives the healthy glow I was looking for. I don’t like the tip which is a brush but I just put it in my hand and apply from there and works fine.

Amie Chatham, NJ

Built-in brush application is messy

This product works pretty well for making skin that is on the dry side look moist. It has “illuminators” or these tiny little sparkly things in it that makes your face look more moist. It is subtle, but you can see it in the light. I chose the “Nude” shade because I have fair skin and trying to determine the correct shade when ordering over the internet is difficult. This shade really has almost no color to it, just a slight shimmer. I would probably go ahead and order a darker shade, just to give my skin a tiny bit of color and even out the tone, but there is a problem with the packaging. There is a wide brush applicator built into the tip that forces you to squeeze the cream out through the brush. It’s difficult to measure how much product you’re going to dispense so you can’t easily just use a dab having to go through the brush. The other problem is that a lot of product remains in the brush and is wasted sine the brush needs to be cleaned after each use to avoid ending up with a lot of bacteria on the brush. The whole thing is messy and takes extra time in the morning when I’m in a hurry getting ready. Since it’s only 1 oz to begin with, this tube isn’t going to last very long. I will probably go back to usingOlay Definity Color Recapture, Fair/Light, 1.7 Ouncewhich also adds a little glow.I was trying to find a product likeRevlon SkinLights Instant Skin Brightener, SPF 15, Pink Light 02, 1.5 Fluid Ounce (44.3 ml)which seems to have been discontinued (and the price more than quadrupled) that I used to use. This one had more of the illuminating ingredient in it and was packaged in a normal tube so you could control the amount you dispensed. In my opinion it was a far superior product.

Hazel Simpson, KS

Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator, Bare Light

I have to agree with the other people with reviews, product is as stated; would love to see better packaging by Revlon, the brush is not useful. However, overall great product. I have very fair skin. I wish this would have been a little lighter color, I wear it under my make-up. Hope this helps.

Goldie Chilton, WI

Works good.

I have very dark circles under my eyes and I have never found a product that gets rid of them…..this works much better than the yellow and tan concealers I buy. It isn’t perfect but with foundation over this it works pretty good.

Corina Secor, IL

Didn’t care for it

I don’t know if I may have used too much, but it was too glittery and pink for me. .

Roslyn Valley City, ND