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Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 1 Fluid Ounce

ZIA Skin Basics Daily Moisture Screen With Organic Cucumber And SPF 15. Description: Squalane, Jojoba and Shea Butter moisturize and support cellular renewal. Cucumber and Matricaria Extracts calm inflammation and soothe skin. Aloe and Vitamins C and E fight cell damage. Daily Moisture Screen SPF 15 simplifies your life with this lightweight complex that moisturizes as it protects. Aloe and rice bran oil provide light, non-greasy moisture to soften and nourish skin. Daily Moisture Screen SPF 15 contains soothing botanicals and antioxidants that defend against environmental stress and irritation while SPF 15 sunscreen protects skin from UVA/UVB rays. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Key features

  • Reviva labs hyaluronic acid serum
  • Gain and retain skin moisture
  • Reviva Labs has now compounded a higher level of premium Hyaluronic Acid into a precious fluid that can help raise skin’s moisture level to fill-in furrows, plump up tissues and tone-down age lines

Honest reviews


Amazing Serum

I have had the pleasure of batting 1000 with my Reviva purchases. I am an Olay convert and will never being going back lol. I love this serum, it is so smoothing and firming. It absorbs super quick and is easy to wear under your day or night cream. Every product I have tried I have loved, I cannot get enough.

Aurelia Schuyler Falls, NY

The results were positive

I waited awhile before purchasing, I am so glad I finally bought it. I used it right after my shower when it arrived today. My skin was a bit dry, even after using a good cleansing product. I put on the get, my skin was soft and smooth right away. I thought it would be sticky, it is a gel. But, it absorbed very well. I felt it working. I research main ingredient in this gel. I found some that were pricier, by quite a bit. But, why pay more? This really works. I tried it on the ends of my hair. It was only so-so.I applied it on my hands, and noticed a great difference.

Lesa Neah Bay, WA

Reviva Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1 oz

I have been using this for a few weeks since I purchased it and made sure I used it regularly before I posted a review. I think this product is good, but not what I was expecting. I have used other hyaluronic products and they seem to give me immediate results. This product is to be used alone or with regular moisuturizer. I would recommend it as a day or night lotion. As for results I am not sure how long you would have to use this product to see the desired results you are looking for.

Ingrid Alpha, MI

Great product

A little goes a long way. It feels great. I think it does help my skin retain water, am seeing some less fine lines and seems to help around lips. Dries nice. Love it- a tiny bit goes a long way. Have been using for a month now. I also use other moisturizers over it and or sunscreen and it seems to do fine. I plan to buy again.

Maureen Falcon, MO

Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Reviva Labs Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a nice product for use after a peel. I purchased this to aid in recovering moisture after I do at home peels and I like it. The serum is silky and easy to apply. It does not have a scent that to me which is great and I understand that is has some anti-aging properties as well which is always a plus.

Deana Polk, OH


love love love love LOVE this stuff.

Lesa Dunn Center, ND


excellent products. feels very silky on skin. This apparently is one ingredient that helps mature hydrate. I use several of Reviva Labs products and highly recommend them

Irene Airville, PA

Good Moisture + Absorbs Quickly!

I tried this product several months ago while I was also using the Skin Medica Hydrating Complex (hyaluronic acid) brand. Reviva labs is significantly cheaper and works just as well as Skin Medica! It is more of a gel-like substance (skin medica is “watery”), but the product absorbs very quickly into the skin. I also apply this to the tops of my hands a minute before I apply hand cream (which helps to plump my skin). I liked the Reviva brand so much, I ordered 3 additional bottles! This is an inexpensive, but good alternative to the hyaluronic acid products available.

Ginger Washoe Valley, NV

Great non greasy moisturizer

I use Retin-A so my skin is very dry. This product provides all the moisturizing I need, soaks in quickly and leaves no oiliness.

Marva Jefferson, CO

Hula ironic acid

It’s fine, even though rated with high marks I prefer Oz Natural’s version better. Not as good as Oz Naturals.

Nanette Whiteman Air Force Base, MO

I started using this with my microroller-WOW!

I started using this with my microroller-WOW! I’m addicted to this stuff, especially when I use it in conjunction with my new microroller. The results are almost instant and it will have you looking in the mirror and smiling at yourself again.

Desiree Oakfield, WI

Not impressed

I was searching for good moisturizing serum with anti aging effect.. I use it with my derma roller sometimes but i didnt like its texture it absorbs and leave some residues which is annoying,, im not sure if its the product i got or its the formula

Diane Dansville, MI

Goes on smooth

I like this product a lot. I have purchased at least 5 of these this year, so I can safely say that I love the results. I do not use it every day, it depends on my activity. I do use it every other night on clean toned skin before applying a nigh time moisturizer. When I do wear it in the day time it is under my daily sunscreen of foundation. The product does work. I can say with honesty that my skin looks more plumped out with the use of this product. I also do my best to take care of the inside too. Juicing, clean lifestyle and plenty of water. I really consider this product a must have for the promotion of healthy looking skin!

Jenifer Port Alexander, AK