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Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream — 1.5 oz

Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Renaissance Cream. Description: For Skin Accustomed to Our 5% Glycolic Acid Renaissance Cream. High Potency 10% Glycolic. For Mature Skin. Contains a unique polymer form of glycolic acid. Actual strands of glycolic that enter the skin’s own natural polymer structure. They penetrate more effectively to induce better exfoliation. 10% Glycolic Acid Cream is for skin that has become conditioned to our 5% Glycolic Acid Renaissance Cream. Its high-potency action exfoliates faster and offers fine texturizing benefits for aging, sun-damaged, or blemished skin. Free Of Animal Ingredients and animal testing. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Key features

  • For skin accustomed to our 5% glycolic acid renaissance cream
  • High Potency 10% Glycolic
  • Paraben-free

Honest reviews


Perfection In a Jar.

This is the best face cream I have ever come in contact with. After first use you will notice the difference. After a week you will be shocked as to how amazing your skin looks. I am amazed at how well this product works. Reviva makes great products that are all animal cruelty free, I have not been disappointed by anything they make.

Bridgett Cambridge, VT

Good, Except for Those With Oily Skin

Let me first say that I love glycolic acid products. This stuff cleared my pores out in no time and after the pores were clear they started to shrink. It also helps to clear up and dry up acne pimples(the ones on my forehead are gone, gone, gone after only a week). My laugh lines are virtually none existent now too. I used it before bedtime and couldn’t wait to get up and look in the mirror every morning.The only reason I give this a four stars is that it makes my skin so greasy and I already have oily skin. I have learned my lesson to read the ingredients though before I buy and I see that this has added oils in it. I have found that I can get oil free glycolic acid (Yay!!), so that is my goal.I do recommend this product for women who have normal to dry skin though. I didn’t find that it burned a lot, but I had already been using a glycolic acid product. It just tingled a little even when I washed my face before I used it there was virtually no burn. If it weren’t for the oil in it (or if I didn’t have oily skin) I’d say this is a girl’s best friend.

Lara Longview, TX

Great product but you have to know how to use it correctly

I am 31 years old with extremely acne prone skin and cystic acne. The oils in this product are 100% noncomedogenic and this product does not cause me to break out. I tried this product because I want something natural to help with acne marks and fine lines. I jumped straight to the 10% based on these reviews. The first time I used this I was breaking out terribly and so upset. I woke up in the morning and all of my acne was flat (no longer inflamed) and the redness reduced. I thought it was a miracle. So I kept using it every night (which was too often!) and had bad results until I figured out how to balance my usage. If you use it too often without adjusting to it, your skin will almost get a thin, hard, dry, red layer on top and no surprise, this will cause you to break out (which is why the company recommends starting at the 5% level). If you take a day or two off the red/dryness goes away and you can start over (I never peeled, but did have dry flakey skin from overusage until I found my balance). I found that from the start I could do 2 nights on, 1 night off. Now I am up to using every night and that has been the perfect balance for me. I would recommend starting with every other night if you haven’t used the 5% version first. This product dries up pimples and gives your skin a nice glow. It hasn’t 100% stopped my acne, but I have had severe acne and it is MUCH improved. I would compare the “miracle” effect to the effect you get from a slight sunburn on acne, it flattens acne and makes your skin look great (people with acne you probably know what I mean), however unlike a sunburn this is not damaging to your skin. As long as I do not overdo the usage and use a good moisturizer, it is great for my skin. I definitely recommend it.

Savannah Los Indios, TX

did nothing; would not buy again

I read the reviews and researched this item along with the 5% one. Decided to go with the ore potent one expecting it to have quicker results. nNothng has changed in the condition of my skin…the allergic food reaction that has resulted in cystic acne just below my collar bone are still there. I am dissapointed in this product and will not buy again.

Imelda Sturgeon Bay, WI


This is agreat night cream; it really makes a difference in terms of smoothness and wrinkle reduction and the price is great too compared to all the expensive creams I have tried.

Clarice East Baldwin, ME

Love it, love it, loooooooooveeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, I just can’t describe how I love this face cream! All the blemishes and pimples are gone, my face is so soft and never looked better. Would recommend to anyone!

Amalia Skyforest, CA

Not bad

I haven’t used this long enough to honestly rate this product. Nevertheless, so far, so good. Waiting patiently for a positive result.

Milagros Orick, CA

Don’t like

Pretty sure it caused my face to breakout so I stopped using it. I do not recommend. It is Very cheap.

Leanna Johnsonburg, NJ

Have problematic skin?

Let me first describe my skin: a lot of scars from acne and sun damage (used to be a sun worshiper), combination of oily/dry skin, large pores….all-in-all, bad news skin.I do take care of it now; I clean it every night- I don’t care how tired I am, I’m doing mini facials, I use Proactive on regular base so it balances PH of my skin and I use Olay moisturizer at night/ L’Oreal BB cream at day.I like mild glycolic acid; it does my skin the way that if feels new and refreshed. I used 30% glycolic acid for mini peels at home and I was very happy with the results. However, THIS cream is just fantastic. I put it on every night and my face is peeling especially on the places around my nose and at the corner of my mouth. It’s gentle and even though it stings a little I don’t mind- I know it’s working when it does. I already can see the results and I’ve been using it for only 2 weeks. I cannot wait to see my skin in a month. The pores on my face are visibly smaller and blemishes are lighter. I had a huge patch of sun damage on my forehead; it’s almost completely gone.I’m getting ready to order 2 more jars.

Annabelle Hardin, IL

10% glycolic acid night cream

love this stuff. read this is the minimum % that should be used for beginning. have used. stings a little. use about 3 times a week. love it. prepping skin for my first 35% glycolic peel. will purchase from seller again.

Nikki Milford, UT

didn’t meet my expectations

After seeing all the great reviews and recommendations, I decided to purchase this product and was so excited to try it out when it came. I had great expectations and I was sad to see that they weren’t met. I’ve waited months to write this review because I kept hoping to suddenly see dramatic change (maybe Im just not seeing the change myself at all). On the first use of this cream, I put on a very thin layer to see how my skin would react – it was fine, i felt a verryy slight burning sensation but that’s normal. Woke up next day, skin looked the same. So I waited two days until I put a thicker layer on at night – in the morning my skin didnt have any noticeable changes. I have skin with small bumps/blemishes around the nose area and hyperpigmentation spots here and there from pimples/zits. I’ve used this product for about 3 or 4 months now and I can’t notice any differences to my skin .. sadly i’m very disappointed :/ Maybe my skin is just too tough for 10% glycolic acid.

Trisha Wayland, MA

not the results I was hoping for

I bought this product when I was pregnant to take the place of my benzoyl peroxide products (I was told glycolic was ok during pregnancy). My skin, which has always been acne prone and oily, was breaking out horribly. I was of course hoping that this product would solve the problem, but all I can say is I guess it kept it from getting worse. If I didn’t use it for a couple of days I noticed even more break outs, so I know it was doing something. I had used glycolic products in the past, so I didn’t find the 10% too extreme; I would definitely not start with 10% though. And on the parts of my face that weren’t broken out, I did notice smoother skin after using the product.

Socorro Thornfield, MO

Glycolic Acid cream burns

This is okay. I will not use it in the summer because of the increased photo sensitivity. I wore SPF 40 during the day while using this at night for 3 weeks and it caused parts of my chin to burn. I now have three distinct discolored marks that I am trying to fade with pure aloe. People with sensitive skin should use with extreme caution. The seller is great. No complaints on the seller and how quickly I received the product. The cream just did not suit me.

Dawn Cunningham, TN

Good Glycolic Cream

This is a pretty good cream for the price. I have noticed my skin being smoother. I have had a few breakouts and sometimes it tingles when I use this cream, but all in all I will buy this again. I also purchased the MD Forte and it has the same amount of glycolic in it, but doesn’t tingle and is triple the price. Although, I do really really like the MD Forte, if this has the same amount of glycolic and is cheaper it wins out, but the tingling and burning might be the ph level which most creams don’t list. I hope with continued use I will get compliments on my skin like other reviewers.

Rosalyn Blackwell, OK

I feel a little sting but not as much as I hoped.

When ever I buy glycolic cream I know it’s good quality when I feel a sting because I have really sensitive skin, but this cream only barely stung at all. I usually buy Alpha-Maximum 10% Glycolic Acid which works like a miracle cream but I haven’t been able to find it in stock. Overall, this cream is just ok.

Karin Greenville Junction, ME


This cream works great for wrinkles! This is 10% potency which is what I use now but I started out using 5% first since it can make your skin ‘tingle’ if you aren’t acclimated to it.

Doreen Ponca City, OK

Great product.

I love this cream. It is pretty strong, though. Be careful at first. I can only use it one or two times a week, and I need to keep it off my neck because it’s just too harsh for that delicate skin. Also, it will eventually bleach out your eyebrows and the hair around your hairline. Nonetheless, this cream keeps my skin looking fresh and is having good effects on the areas that have a few lines. I used to get a glycolic acid peel every month, but that got expensive. I think regular use of this cream is nearly as good.

Yvette Sandy Point, VA

So far so good

I have acne prone skin… 45. I find it takes a combination of things to keep my skin on track, and this will be helpful. It feels a little tingly when it first goes on, but then my skin gets nice and soft.

Natalia Deland, FL

The jar may seem small, but within it, great power is contained.

I bought this for my mom and she loves it! With use every night, this has helped to reduce fine lines and age spots. her skin looks much healthier too! I have even used it a few times and it really makes a difference. Over the course of a couple days, it improves the look and texture of skin (wrinkles take a bit longer). It helped to reduce some of the hyperpigmentation I have and is great for use on sensitive skin. Also, a small amount goes a long way, so this jar can last for months. Just follow the directions and be diligent and it should work for you too!

Elba Fort Bragg, NC

Exfoliating. That’s for dang sure.

My skin is extremely sensitive. It’s as if I was carved out of rice paper and hives. I needed an exfoliator, Natalie Dee suggested some glycolic acid, so I bought it.I tried it every other day after getting used to it, and it is simply too much for my delicate, easily angered skin. I broke out like a pubescent teen. So, I’ve switched to once a week, tops, and for now, my demon skin slumbers.Be careful, sensitive ladies and gents, this stuff is pretty powerful.

Deidra Byron Center, MI

Definitely an adjunct to improve aging skin

The usual form of Glycolic Acid in a cream for exfoliation and cell renewal is 5% and for those who have not yet approached that era of aging effects on skin that percentage is adequate. But for those who have `mature’ or sun damaged skin this night cream containing 10% Glycolic Acid is by far superior. The treatment should be used nightly after thorough cleansing and the use of an alcohol free toner for best results. It goes on very smoothly without a greasy since, tingles a few seconds and then goes to work. (it is fine to put a moisturizer over the cream if the tingling is prolonged). The results are very rewarding and noticeable after only a few days to a week of use. For those with lentiges or actinic (read senile!) keratoses, the treatments take a bit longer to notice. But this product does indeed work and it is a safe product to use. Grady Harp, July 13

Marcella Grover, WY

Impressive results lightening darkened skin spots after just a few weeks of use!

Perhaps nothing else influences the perception of age and health as much as the appearance of our skin. Glycolic acid, one of the mildest forms of alpha hydroxy acid, and a naturally occurring compound in sugar cane, aids in exfoliation and promotes healthy cell growth to replace the outermost layer. As a precaution, I purchased Reviva 5% Glycolic Acid Cream first to acclimate my skin to it’s effects. I used it at night after gently cleansing the skin to allow it to penetrate more easily. To err on the side of caution, I left that milder cream on only 20 minutes at night before rinsing it off, making sure there was no excessive reaction or burning, and gradually increased the time until it was left on all night. I noticed results even after a single week of use with my skin feeling softer. When I felt my skin had acclimated, I ordered this higher 10% concentration and followed the same gradual exposure schedule. My main concern was darkened sun spots on my forehead that I hoped to lighten or even eliminate. After about a month of combined and gradual use, I am astounded at how effective this cream has been. The spots are at least 50% lighter and I feel certain that they will, in perhaps just weeks more, be gone completely. In addition, the overall tone of the skin is more even and uniform as well as being more supple. No over the counter product will miraculously make fine lines and wrinkles vanish, no matter what promises are made. But what it has already accomplished has made me wildly enthusiastic and I can easily recommend it. I bumped into a friend at an airport this week that I hadn’t seen in a few years and she seemed baffled, asking what my secret was to looking younger than before. So that was a much appreciated testament that I attribute to the exfoliation effects of this cream. Everyone’s skin and sensitivity is different so I would encourage the same gradual exposure as I patiently built on. At least one reviewer here expressed upset at actually being burned with this stronger concentration after being happy with the 5 % solution, emphasizing the need for caution and not being in too much of a hurry but appreciating that this is still acid and respecting it’s potential. I might add that I now apply it liberally and apply over it some oil, presently preferring Moringa Oil, and keep it on while I sleep. One perhaps obvious footnote, is that I make certain to wash my hands thoroughly after applying it to avoid touching or rubbing my eye in my sleep and the pain and irritation that would be certain to cause. I give it a very hearty recommendation, especially considering it’s comparatively modest price compared with some exorbitant designer creams or treatments at an esthetician.

Shana Corrigan, TX

read and follow directions

Like every thing in this world read the instructions first. I have now used this product for 2 weeks and I have noticed a difference for the better with my face.

Katy Southwest, PA

Just ok

It seemed to break me out after using. I was only applying every other day in the interest of acclimation. I had better results using a glycolic wash previously. I think maybe this was just too strong and staying on my skin a longer period of time did not agree.

Mamie Brownfield, PA

Effective natural exfoliant for hyperpigmented, acne-prone, dark brown skin!

I use Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream as an exfoliant to help fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my acne-prone, dark brown skin.Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream is a lightweight, cream-colored, moisturizing cream. The oils used in the formulation — sunflower and safflower — are non-comedogenic.Every other night, after cleansing and toning, I apply a small dab of Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream to my skin (avoiding the eye area). I do not apply moisturizer on top of the cream.After using Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream nightly for the past couple of months, I’ve noticed the following changes in my skin — increased softness, increased smoothness, decreased pore size on cheeks, faster healing of acne and **decreased hyperpigmentation**.Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream works! It’s a staple in my natural skin care routine. I buy it from Swanson Vitamins.FYI – You must use a sunscreen because use of glycolic acid makes your skin photosensitive. Also, use of glycolic acid is not compatible with waxing or sugaring as a hair removal method.Ingredients: water, 10% glycolic acid polymer (sugar extract & rhubarb extract), pumpkin extract, peach extract, sage extract, comfrey extract, chamomile extract, witch hazel extract, vitamins A, vitamin D, vitamin E, safflower oil, sunflower oil

Sybil Dublin, NH

This is a Find!

After reading all of the encouraging reviews, I bought this. I use it everyday on my chest and back of hands. The difference it’s made to the texture of my skin is wonderful. I use it on my face and neck once a week, it’s strong – which is good. It works! Great purchase!

Delores Sheyenne, ND

Not very pleased or maybe it’s not for me..

I am a 20 year old african american girl. Okay so I know this product is for acne, your pores or whatever, but I heard you can use this for razor bumps as well and I have razor bumps in my bikini area.. So I tried this applying it as directed before bed.. It didn’t sting at all the first time I used I applied it.. and I also applied it on my face. I have a very smooth face with like 1 or 2 small blemishes but it’s not big deal.. But I haven’t seen no changes.. I started applying this for three days every other day and now I use it everyday! If you apply this after you shave, girrrrrl your s*** is going to be burning!! Lol. Just make sure you apply a moisturizing cream afterwards.. Am I doing something wrong with applying this? I use black soap to shower and wait 30 minutes and then I apply the cream on the affected areas and have seen no changes.. Help!**Update April 24,2013Okay so after my poor review in February, I started seeing results in March when I used it everyday for like a week. My face got brighter and I had a glow to me. I experienced no pimples by using this product. I stopped using it on my razor bumps because I got burned smh. I currently just had a MAJOR breakout using the Neutrogena Oil free acne wash the orange one. That face wash murdered my face!! I have normal skin but I had some pimples by my chin and used the face wash for like 5 days and my face broke out so bad smh. I’m starting to use this glycolic acid again so hopefully it will clear my face up. I never have pimples maybe just one or two so hopefully it works again!

Lula Niantic, CT

night cream

a little strong for my likeing. really dried up my skin and lines appeared more visable. I will not re-purchase.

Judith Rockaway, NJ

Best product EVER!!!

I have purchased many many products and this one is the ONLY product that my 41 yr old skin has responded to. I am a redhead with fair freckily skin and adult acne.Well…. I use to have acne. Not anymore!!!! Seriously!I will continue to use this product and brand.My routine is to put it on morning and night. And I am telling you I have not seen better results EVER!My freckles are fading, and my skin is smoother than it has been in YEARS!!!! Also my once HUGE pours are also decreasing.I love this and will use it for as long as they make it.I already have another extra bottle on hand- am considering getting a couple more- lol!!!

Vicky Lenoir, NC

A Nice New face

I can see a remarkable difference in the tone and feel of my face. It looks fresh and young again. I have been using this nightly for about a month now and I am really please. Expect you experience a minor exfoliation of the skin ( nothing drastic) . So this has become my nightly moisturizer. I will keep using it.

Joni North Monmouth, ME