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Revision Teamine Eye Complex, 0.5 Ounce

Teamine eye complex helps create a younger-looking eye area, attacking the causes of signs of premature aging both on the cellular level and at the skin’s surface. Years of research have indicated that teamine conditions and treats the eyes in four ways, reducing dark circles and puffiness, firming and tightening sagging, loose skin and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Key features

  • Fights signs of aging to create a younger-looking eye area
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Firms and tightens sagging, loose skin
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

Honest reviews


I Was Skeptical

Since I use every skin product on the market, I was skeptical that this would make a difference under my eyes. The skin under my eyes was sunken and dark, with a pronounced ridge where my cheek bones started. I felt so old. I consulted a cosmetic surgeon, who suggested I try this product before doing anything drastic. When my hair dresser took me aside to ask me if I’d had work done on my eyes (“They look fabulous!”) I knew I’d found something that worked. I’m no longer using heavy concealers under my eyes, just my normal foundation. Nothing’s perfect, but for me, Teamine works very well.

Lidia Avoca, IA

Not instant magic, but works all the same

My dermatologist recommended this to me for puffiness, and was very explicit that just a light dab each day was enough – and despite the small bottle it should last over a year.Although I’ve read other reviews that say it hasn’t worked for them, it has for me. It does not work instantaneously (but then again – I’m on the “dab will do” plan. But after a week what had become perpetual puffiness because of allergies, etc. are virtually gone! Wake up each day now – and think, gee – it’s working. I can actually feel a difference in the texture of the skin around my eyes. Don’t know how well it works for dark circles, since mine were never that bad.I will say I tried theNew Olay Regenerist Derma-Pod Eye Anti-Aging Triple Response System, and found it useless. So, this has definitely beaten that!BOTTOM LINE: Worth a try for puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles. Works for some, and it’s worked for me. But don’t expect miracles in a day.

Herminia Lorenzo, TX

Cruelty free, works and does not cause break outs

First off, Revision (who makes Teamine) does not test on animals. I refuse to buy from companies that support cruelty so it’s nice to know that Revision does not support such stupid, cruel and psychotic methods such as animal testing.A few things about me, I am poor and a major skeptic. I always look at reviews online thinking to myself that people from the company or those that are paid wrote them. Search “Dark eye circle cream” and tons of products will pop up promising to help. I have tried a few products and normally would never spend this much money on anything for my skin, but I was feeling generous to myself the day I bought it and I am glad I did.This product is excellent! I have been using this for about a year now and it has drastically improved my under eye area. My problem is that I have sunken eyes (which Teamine can’t help), but I was really upset because years of using heavy useless eye creams had made the skin underneath my eyes resemble chicken skin (almost like a bunch of little pimples). I was so frustrated because it made me look so much older and tired. I thought that there was nothing I could do about but the Teamine has worked wonders. I also have dark circles (not so much anymore since the Teamine).I honestly have seen a dramatic difference since using this cream. It also does not burn or sting my eyes like many eye creams do. I can’t tell you how many times I would wear eye creams and the slightest bit would get into my eyes and cause them to get all puffy, red and watery making them worse then they did before. I also like how I can wear the cream 2 times a day. I LOVE this since I feel like I am working at my problems double time and I like the way it feels under my eyes.Another added bonus for those of you that are like me that are not a teen anymore but still have bad break outs, this product is for you. I have tried many eye creams and they all broke me out. Why? Because I started to put it together that most eye creams say to wear at night, which means the cream will always end up rubbing on your pillow and ultimately rubbing off on the rest of your face. I get severe cystic acne, so I am so afraid to put anything on my face. Other eye creams (since they are so heavy I assume) would cause me to break out. Not Teamine though, since I have been using it for several months now, it has not caused any extra breakouts.Basically, this is an excellent product. Go into it with a good attitude and know that it may take time, but for many it works.

Lora West Columbia, SC

The best

I have used it for years..always got it through a plastic surgeons office at $ can’t find this at most any department store. I went without it for 3 mons and my eye area went downhill. I am back to stay. Ladies ( and men too) this is the best eye cream I have even found and I use only the best products and it’s top on my list. Puffiness and dark circles ( which my dark circles are minimum) stay under control. It lasts a long time as it only takes a tiny bit for the whole eye area.

Leila Alamo, ND

It works!

I have hereditary dark circles. As a kid, I always had them, and at age 12 I started using concealer and would never leave the house without my under eye concealer for the next 10 years, and during that period of time I tried EVERY PRODUCT ON THE PLANET to try to reduce my dark circles, and nothing worked. I started using Teamine around age 22 when I read a pamphlet on it in my derma’s office. I can’t remember when I saw the improvement but I didn’t have to use concealer anymore after some time. I used this for years and loved it. At some point after a few years I stopped… and started trying other things again, probably just to see if technology had improved since I stopped looking around, and I found myself piling on the concealer again. I resumed use of Teamine, and the dark circles have already stated to dissipate after only a few days. I only had to pat a light layer of concealer today, and I hope that eventually I can get to the point at which I don’t need concealer anymore. I’m scratching my head as to why I ever stopped using it. It’s the only product that works, and trust me I have tried them ALL.

Sally Lindley, NY

Best eye cream I’ve tried

I have tried dozens of eye creams (Origins, Arbonne, DHC, and practically everything at the drugstore) and this is the most effective cream for me. I noticed it at my dermatologists office and they recommended it. Amazon had it a lot cheaper so I bought it here. After a few weeks, i noticed results. It really reduces dark circles and puffiness. The longer I use it, the more results I see. It definitely is designed to use over time, morning and night consistently.

Phyllis Orlando, KY

Puffiness is gone.

I have had puffiness and bags under my eyes for years and I have tried alot of eye creams but no changes. I had given up until I saw this recommended on Maskcara,com blog and decided to try it. Ladies, all my puffiness is gone, I cannot even believe this. I do apply a little bit more than is recommended though. I am really very happy to find something that finally works!

Leah Alum Bridge, WV

Great for under eyes!

I love this stuff. It seems to really work for under eye circles. The reason I give it only 4 stars is the price is a bit much. I’m sure it won’t stop me from buying again though.

Lottie Fisher, IL

Good for dark circles but I still have puffiness

I have been using Teamine for about 5 months. I bought it mostly for the puffiness under my eyes although I do have dark circles as well. It has lightened the dark circles but never really took away the puffiness. I am still on my first jar and use this twice a day so a little does go a long way.

Melisa East Lynn, IL

My Dermatologist Recommends This

This is one of the very few beauty products I’m completely sold on. It REALLY does reduce the dark circles and baggy look under my eyes; with regular use. My skin was noticeably improved after about a month of use. This is the one expensive skin product I will not go without.

Ava Onarga, IL

doesnt work

I used this for a good 6 months before deciding it doesnt do diddly. I make my own eye serum that is more effective at fading dark circles than this. And more moisturizing and lifting too. For a lot less money. Pass.

Cora Lake Huntington, NY