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Revision Intellishade SPF 45 – 1.7oz.

Intellishade reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. SPF 45 with both UVA and UVB spectrum coverage. The mineral tint is a skin touch of pure color and helps to even out skin tone after treatment.

Key features

  • 94 percent of clinical study participants experienced smoother, brighter, more even-toned skin
  • Moisturizes and blends naturally with the color of your skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection
  • Fights photodamage which causes premature aging

Honest reviews


Good product for summer…

Why I say for summer is that I am very fair and I get a hint of color during the summer months, but I find even with the adjusting color it doesn’t adjust light enough to match my skin. I wouldn’t say it’s good for fair skin.

Irene Manton, MI


I like having a tinted moisturizer with SPF protection. I don’t need to use a foundation when I use this product since it provide me with good coverage.

Renae Green Pond, AL

Too dark for pale skin tones

I really like the concept, function and formula of this product, but the “one shade fits all” is too dark and too yellow for my pale (NW 15) skin. Probably isn’t great for oily skin because it’s very thick and somewhat tacky. Reminds me a lot of asian bb creams, which are a lot cheaper and suit pale skin better.If you’re pale like me, try Skin79 or Missha or Etude House bb creams instead.

Marianne Croton Falls, NY

Wonderful product replaced my BB cream

I use Revision Vitamin C ( which is great) and when I was ordering it, I noticed this and decided to try it. I am so glad I did. It goes on nicely, and quickly adapts to my skin tone. It has just the right coverage and in fact have stopped using my BB cream. I am anxious for spring to come to see how the SPF works.

Victoria Douglass, TX

contains 2 chemical sunscreen ingredients and aloe vera which breaks down in sunlight to damage DNA

If only it didnt contain these ingredients ^^ it might be a decent product. Raise the zinc oxide and leave out the chemical filters and the aloe vera please. It has a ton of silicones too, so if your skin reacts to silicones with acne, give this one a pass.

Lidia Gunlock, UT

What would I do without this?

There are few beauty products I am willing to pay serious cash for. (If you are curious, you’re welcome to check my other reviews to see which ones). This is hands-down one of the best skin care products I’ve encountered.- It is very thick. This is not a light moisturizer, but it is not greasy. Although, I do feel its necessary to dab translucent powder to matte the shine. (Pretty much EVERY SPF product has a shine to it, so this issue is not unique to this product.)- The color is fantastic. It really does blend in well. It looks like I’m wearing nothing at all. This is no foundation by any means, but I’ve tried a TON of tinted moisturizers. This one yielded the best, natural color. Even better, the pigment does not ball up like so many tinted moisturizers do. The color remains evenly on your face throughout the entire day. It conceals my scars, and fades any active acne spots.- The moisture level is perfect. I’ve used it in summer and winter. I’ve used it pre-Accutane, when my face was a volcanic, greasy mess. I’ve used it post-Accutane, when my face was tight and dry. The moisture was perfect every time.- Since I am on a budget, I don’t like to use this at night, or when I’m only hanging around the house. The tint is a gorgeous glow, so I use it before I leave in the morning. Fun fact: this stays on remarkably well when swimming. I live in Texas. We love our lakes and rivers. This will NOT last in a chlorinated pool. In natural water, however, I throw it in my tote bag and take it with me for fun in the sun.- There is no discernible smell.- It did give a slight and gradual improvement in overall skin tone and texture.If it helps to compare your skin type to mine, I’m Caucasian, with fair skin and freckles. Give it a try, it is a major time saver. If you’re poor like me, just use it sparingly.—One more thing. I did also try the matte version of this, and frankly I did not like it. The matte version balled up pigment on my face, and wasn’t nearly as even in application as the original product. Just something to consider if you are looking at the matte version as well.

Herminia Lincoln, ME

I definitely order it again

This is my first time to use this product and I just like the way it is..It just blend w/ my Asian color and my sister love it too..:) i recommend this product..

Tania Monument Valley, UT

Too Lightweight

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to wear foundation, but this is so light I have to use both. I won’t buy again because I have sunscreen. I was trying to get rid of one step! If you don’t need a lot of coverage, this would be a great product to have.

Avis Marion Heights, PA

The one thing you need on a desert island

I am not a professional however I speak from experience with years of skin troubles, dermatologists, estheticians and so forth.This is hands down the best sunscreen/day time mositurizer / BB type product available. I started this when dermatologists did not make a difference and I went to a specialist dealing with skin. It’s the best!

Jodie Wenona, MD

Great sunblock

This is a great sunblock that comes tinted in matte or regular. I have used for 2 years and it really works. Coverage is wonderful and the tint blends perfectly with any complexion. Came on time exactly as vendor promised. Would buy again

Yolanda Lost Springs, WY

not great

don’t like both the texture (too thin) and color (too orange), I’m amazed at all the 5 star reviews. Elta MD Lightly Tinted for Extra-Sensitive Skin is far superior sunscreen.

Charlene Pequot Lakes, MN