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Revision Brightening Facial Wash, 6.7 fl. oz

This rich, luxurious cleanser removes the day’s make-up and impurities, leaving skin feeling clean, smooth, and hydrated. Alpha and beta hydroxy acids and natural skin-brightening botanicals help exfoliate and brighten the skin. Your first step to achieving glowing skin that will radiate with health. Ideal for all skin types.

Key features

  • Brightening facial cleanser and wash
  • Removes make-up
  • Brightens skin

Honest reviews


Great Face Wash

I really like this face wash, because I like to use a facial wash that has suds and isn’t drying. This product provides both for me. I’m not sure if my face is "brighter", but I will continue to use it!

Lenora Jacobs Creek, PA

very nice – effective

This product was recommended by my esthetician because I have dry skin, and because I want a face wash that will help boost cellular turnover. I would only like it better if this were safe for removing eye make up but I’m guessing that’s because it contains glycolic acid. Otherwise, the scent is nice, the texture is nice, etc etc.

Jeanie Burbank, SD

Best face wash ever!

Best face wash ever! I love this face wash! I’ve been using it for years! I used to buy it at my dermatologists office, but it’s a lot cheaper on here!

Marta Silver Star, MT

Great face wash!

I love this face wash! It makes your face feel squeaky clean without feeling dried out. I would definitely repurchase this item!

Rowena Barranquitas, PR

Might not be good for sensitive skin or on Retin-A

I bought this product based on the great user reviews. I have been using Sisley and Obaji face wash products and found them a bit dry (although I am not unhappy with them). On a search on, this product popped up as a 5-star face wash. I thought I would give it a shot. The first day when I used it, I was so happy with it. It cleaned well, smelled good and did not leave my face dry. And then I used for a few more days and it started to feel a bit dry after wash. And strange allergic-like reaction happened that I had little bumps and redness on my face. I stop using it immediately and luckily, my face returned back to normal after a few days. I was just curious so I read the ingredients: there’s a 2% Salicylic acid which is great for younger/acne skin but, I guess, not for sensitive skin. My skin is sensitive and also recently on Retin-A. I maybe react to other ingredients but I am not equipped to understand all the long-name chemicals in this product. I am writing this review because on, there’s no product info, other than: "Brand new in a sealed box. Full size 7 oz. Buy now and it ships now. Enjoy Better Skin, an authorized medical dealer!" I hope this will be helpful to those who have sensitive skin.

Jewell Broadus, MT