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Replacement Heads

ToiletTree 2 Pack Replacement Brush Heads are to be used with the ToiletTree Products Professional Skin Care System. To change the heads on the brush, simply pull the current head off from the brush and replace with the new replacement head. The Professional Skin Care System, along with a daily cleaning regimen, helps assist the following: -Stimulates skin renewal. -Improves overall skin clarity and appearance. -Removes dead skin cells to expose healthier-looking skin. -Energizes skin and leaves it sooth, soft and radiant. -Cleans deep to help remove stubborn makeup. -Enhances absorption of moisturizes. For Best Effect: Replace your ToiletTree Products brush head every 3 months

Key features

  • Soft Facial Brush: Great for sensitive skin.
  • Medium Facial Brush: Often used for dry skin or acne prone skin.
  • Body Brush: Great for exfoliating dead skin away.
  • Pumice Stone: Removes dead skin from your feet.
  • For Best Effect: Replace your ToiletTree Products brush head every 3 months

Honest reviews


Awesome Clean Pores!

These replacement heads fit the Professional Skin Care System which I enjoy immensely. My face feels clean and smooth. Awesome!

Tisha Milltown, MT

Great brushes!!

I am so glad I listened to the reviews and bought these bushes, they are way better the then the brushes that came with the SPA SONIC. I ordered two packs, so I won’t be needing anymore for a while, but diffently will order thru this company again.Thanks

Bridget Fredericksburg, IA

Need for feet!

Just the right rotation speed and am taking my time using as to not make my feet hurt! I do recommend!

Haley New Hampton, MO

Medium face heads best for my complexion

I really like the Toilet Tree skin care thing. It is a great buy and works wonderfully. One replacement head alone costs $10.00, but buying ten at once brings the cost down to a bit over $3 each.

Shannon Goddard, KS


Great. Fast shipping. I love this brand and the exfoliator. It’s affordable and works well. I’ve noticed a difference in my skin. Thank you toilettree!

Valerie Ash Flat, AR